The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 2)


Andrea nodded. She closed her eyes and sighed ominously.

‘The night is too young for sighs.’ Mary complained with her eyes literally frozen on the stars. ‘Why can’t you enjoy the scenery? Come on, Andrea, you don’t get to see this frequently! Look, the different colors of the stars are visible today. They aren’t clusters of white points.’

If only she could get excited with such things. She couldn’t. More mundane matters kept her heart and mind busy. A couple of days ago she got dumped by someone she liked for years. Of course, you cannot blame on the shifting tide what was inherent to the human nature. Names, personalities, everything changes but things essentially remained the same: a tiring cycle of repetition. He wanted someone less complicated and more obtuse, prone to manipulation.

“The chemistry of life”, Mary thought. “Fake and failed chemistry of life”, she

‘I won’t tell you to forget. That would be mean but I’m glad you got it easy…’
Mary wasn’t precisely skillful in the emotional field and she cleared her throat before continuing. It was highly embarrassing and uncomfortable for her.

‘He could’ve used you in the worst of the ways.’ She continued. ‘Like, you know…’

‘I can’t get those insults of my head.’ Andrea interrupted her. ‘You heard what he called us. How he treated you.’ Andrea reminded her. ‘I couldn’t believe it!’

‘Don’t worry. You’ll forget when the time comes… I say now.’ Mary joked. ‘Come on, we have other things to worry about. Believe me, except for this damn heat, the mundane will soon be our least concern.’

How futile. You couldn’t argue with Mary. That’s what she learnt and what other annoying guys found out rather quickly… and painfully. It was like trying to stop a hummingbird. You would just get defeated by its incredible speed and gravity defying swings. Plus she rarely argued with Mary. Usually, she knew where to stop and when things were about to go to hell.

‘So, how about you, Ms. Smart? What are you thinking?’ Andrea asked on a last attempt to see if she could break through that mind, a mind that seemed more like an overloaded set of steam works in constant motion rather than a regular human brain.

‘Important things. Deeds and plots to weave, Andrea. But it’s in times like these when I wish I could be a guy, away from our girly worries, freed enough to dedicate to other matters instead of ripping out each other’s hairs and nails like feral cats.’

‘They have it easy, eh?’ Andrea commented, scaring a firefly that decided to land on her dress.

‘The irony! Yes. They have it easy. The world will fall apart sooner or later and I’m not going to leave it before I can find the answers, the right keys… Oh, sorry, I’m really being a bother. I wanted to cheer you up and I ended up boring you with my nonsensical speeches.’

‘It’s ok. If only we could find the key to enter in some sort of peaceful state. I don’t want to forget but I want to think about something else for a change. Like you said, to focus on a higher deed.’

‘Winners don’t use drugs. I’ll do my best to help you. After all, we are part of the same club. And you are also a weirdo.’

Andrea sighed again and stared at the majesty of Orion, the only constellation she could identify because of Orion’s belt. Mary knew exact location of all the stars without even bothering to read the names assigned by the astronomers.

‘A club of two. Sounds like we are two disgusting and horrible witches.’ Andrea murmured after a moment.

‘Sorry! I didn’t mean to imply that weirdo means ugly. You are really pretty.’ She couldn’t believe how easy was to say that. ‘Moreover, if you could take away that outdated hat and perhaps changing that dress for a more revealing outfit… ’ She quickly added to skip the complicated moment.

‘What the hell? Says who? The one who loves to dress in a similar fashion! If it weren’t for your eyes and hair I could swear you are my long lost twin!’ Andrea exclaimed before attempting a little smile and moving around with the fireflies closely following her movements. ‘You are crazy, you know that?’

Mary thought the little flashes of light from the tiny fireflies gave her friend an interesting feeling. She looked like a magician ready to cast a spell and the veiled sadness of her expression granted Andrea a peculiar solemnity unlike any other person she met before.

‘Yeah, that’s what I heard about me.’ Mary replied, winking at her. ‘You know how boring they are. Fire a missile at me if I ever become one of them. This eagle wants to fly high, to the sun! Else we will end up like Anna the Viper (with her ophidian skills when dealing with people) or Donna the Kangaroo and her tribe of mentally primitive marsupials, always jumping from man to man and disposing of them like regular excrements…’

‘That’s gross!’ Andrea said, clearly amused.


The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 2)


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Artist's Description

Second fragment of this madness.

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