Timeline Shift

‘Moëbius Strip! Existence is a Moëbius Strip!’ Professor S. Morgan kept repeating to his students.

‘But, Professor Morgan…’ A girl tried to protest.

‘Look outside! Stare at that window for god’s sake. What do you see?’ He asked, vigorously massaging his forehead.

‘I see the giant scaffold built on the moon for the new battlecruiser Titan.’ A guy commented.

‘I see a little bird on that tree!’ A girl pointed out, trying not to laugh.

Morgan sighed. Bunch of fool younglings…

‘You would’ve lost your eyes long ago if you didn’t have ‘em fixed to your head.’ He murmured. ‘Is that cryptic? Can’t anybody really tell me why I think existence is like the Moëbius Strip? Jeez, people, I hope you won’t behave like this for the exam.’

‘Professor, this subject doesn’t make any sense!’ Someone complain at the bottom of the classroom, causing other people to laugh.

‘Then get out of here and enlist for that battlecruiser, kid. This place is not for you.’

’That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think, sir?’

‘I think I’ve been assigned a troupe of spoiled brats and sissies who can’t even make up a decent thought! That’s what I think. Go and tell it to the director if you want. But you all subscribed to my subject. I expected to have a couple of thinking people but…’

Morgan sighed again, extremely disappointed. He wanted to say they gave him the worst batch of the entire university but that would’ve been too mean.

‘I will say it once. Then you can all go back home to your calming drug-consumption or whatever you kids do nowadays. Got it?’

Everyone nodded, eagerly awaiting the hour to live.

‘Existence is like the Moëbius Strip. We think we found a new route, a different evolution, but the only thing we are doing is treading the same path over an over in a repetitive cycle. As long as we keep running through this strip we will just perish and fade away from existence. But existence will continue, it might seem to have an “end” but all the ends lead to a beginning. No, not a new beginning, perhaps a previous point on existence. Who knows?’

The classroom remained silent, trying to wonder what was wrong with Professor Morgan. The old man noticed this and decided he finally lost them as well. He has been losing so many students, why couldn’t they look further the tip of their stupid noses? Fashionable fools. All their cared was about “the moment”, “the present”…

‘The present, time it’s a vain concept that we create to ease the uneven facts of our lives. It gives us some control over the succession of events. We can tag, remember, write about them but we will just pointing out a random point of the same strip.’

He coughed, trying not to yell at his mindless students.

‘This is my last request for today. Everyone please stand up and face at the moon we can see now. You can clearly visualize the lights of the Titan, the structure of the magnificent scaffold and the intricate network of satellite links. They grant us artificial stars during daylight. Now, a bit further, don’t stay just with that. Can you see it now?’

By the time everyone realized what was happening, Professor Morgan already left the classroom. A short message was written on the huge display used as blackboard.

‘Thus the life ends when the planet killers arrive. But everyone is too busy with the dance of chaos to perceive how close the moment is. Class, dismiss… into eternity!’

Below this message, another one popped up as the panic began to overflow the people:

O Omnium Domine et effector ac praecipue huius figmenti!

Morgan was right. The end was drawing near. Behind the moon were the planet killers and soon the sky turned orange as the explosions infested the space. In a matter of hours, the alarms began their hypnotic work, luring the world into a tailor-made apocalypse.

The Titan battlecruiser, amongst other ships, were gone. All the pride of the humans got mopped by the infamy and speed of the planet killers. One day later they took care of the satellite network that defended the Earth’s orbit. The final curtain was down.

Later on, legends spoke of a planet that had a moon and was wiped out during an interstellar war, all its citizenry ignorant of the terrible fate that awaited them. The authorities hid and hid everything so much that by the time the truth was struggling to surface, it was just too late.

However, existence can be tricky because, somewhere in a forgotten millennia, some people found a message carved in stone:

O Omnium Domine et effector ac praecipue huius figmenti!

It was signed with two symbols that were interpreted as the initials of the author. Who could’ve…?

‘Existence is like a Moëbius Strip.’ A voice said to a classroom. ‘We travel the same path over and over but sometimes we can get a different output. It’s an unstable stability; it’s our doom and our salvation. Keep moving, walker. The route never ends…’

Timeline Shift


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Regular lecture at Univ, right? Right? Wait and see, traveler. Wait and see.

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