Dream of the Techno Tree

Well, I started a series of digital renders that revolve around a huge biomechanical tree that has several strange floating creatures orbiting it. Of course, there is a short story about it too, although that needs a looooooot of tunning.

Here are the two “scenes” so far:

Close up of the Servants of the Techno Tree

Branches of the Techno Tree

I might add a third to make a trilogy (you just can’t have a series of pics without a trilogy ;D)

As a final note, I reuploaded the “Branches…” one as I noticed I screwed it up with the sun flare and the axis of the horizonal blue line was totally bad when I zoomed in. The sky clouds looked pretty awful as well (too white and “plain”). I also added the rebuilt flying creatures, which look way better than the originals. The use of raytraced shadows for the sake of fluff and quality is yet another improvement.

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