A night at the movies (pseudo review and randomizer)

nah, I don’t go to the cinema anymore. Last movie I saw was Cellular with my bro and I’ll skip any comments about it.

Today the weird happened. I randomly tune a channel and stumble upon a movie that I know it’s going to be about opression, slavery and such. Three aborigine girls are separated from their mothers and forced to go to one of those horrible religious place along with many many other girls while a british “gentleman” (Mr. Neville the Devil, aka Mr. Blondie) is supossed to be their protector or something. More of a slave-dealer to me.

Anyway, you might already know which movie I’m talking about. It’s aussie though we only realised it was aussie when the dude opened at fullscreen a map that clearly said “WESTERN AUSTRALIA” and “MELBOURNE” near that. We first thought it was the native americans (the real americans along with incas and aztechs and the other tribes/cultures), then, as we saw so much desert and “exotism” we thought it had to be South Africa and the appartheid or something like that but no cigar. It was RooLand © I started to realise as soon as one of the actors started talking and pronouncing words in that… well, “particular” aussie way =P

Yes, Rabbit-Proof Fence. (here stupidly called: “Cerca de la Libertad” = “Close to Freedom”)

Excellent movie. Great music and ambience. Pity I didn’t see a single kangaroo. “They don’t realise how much good we are trying to do them” (or something like that). When Mr. British said that… argh…

So it’s based on a true story right? They showed the two girls (grown old) and explained such a horrible treatment to the aborigines was applied till 1970! Something about the “Stolen Generation” too. This reminded me of the ugly “Campaña del Desierto” (Desert’s Campaign) that one of our presidents carried back in the 1880 decade if I’m not wrong. They forced all the aborigines to retreat or be killed without mercy, using other aborigines, renegades and gauchos as the front line force.

I won’t rate it as I liked it a lot and ratings don’t really serve much of a purpose.

Funny facts:

It was my father who started watching it. Then me, then my mum and then my bro joined a bit towards the end. Needlessly to say as soon as he noticed the words “Australia” he was all “tsk tsk I should’ve known”. Like it’s my fault the freaking movie is aussie. Anyway, he loved it. Which was good ’cause he held still during the entire movie.

9 weeks walking… holy crap. I get lost just by thinking about the immensity of the territory…

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