Of blackouts, fury, alarms, worries and the middle age

I’m worried. But also pissed off. Supremely pissed off. Yes, I want to put a freaking planet-sized ion cannon and blast some planets away.

Anyway, like Australia, it’s summer here too (yeah, I’m in the south as well, no “Santa”, it’s “Papá Noel”… not that I care really, I didn’t celebrate Christmas at all and I won’t enter in details of how much I dislike that date) and, yes, the temperature also reached suffocating levels, touching its peak yesterday with 43ºC. While I know Australia can get hotter (and considering the water issue there) I shouldn’t complain that much… Right? Wrong. Sadly, Buenos Aires isn’t Melbourne (despite sharing some bits bits of europeistic influences) and while some places are nice, many others are plain dumps or worse. In short, this damn concrete jungle with 3rd world grade asphalt that melts under the sun and causes your shoes to get stuck while you pretend to cross the street turns into a little hell on Earth when the sun is up. It’s 19:06 and it’s still up…

Though heat is my least worry. I kinda like summer… when it doesn’t reach over 30ºC. And I’m kinda a vampire anyway, I avoid the sunrays like the plague. Like I say: “I walk in shadows”. Me ninja.

So if the melting asphalt and the sun aren’t the issue, wtf is wrong with him? You might ask.

GOVERNMENT. Yes, always them, mate. More especifically: Blackouts. Freaking power supply issues randomly popping up. We already had three cuts today. I’m expecting another one this night, probably two so I’m trying to type as fast as possible. We had two yesterday, one in the morning, one at the night. They tell us the system is collapsed so they randomly select zones and shut them down, sometimes water and gas included. Hopefully they didn’t cut us the water so I could take a shower at least. How can they do this when this month the bills came with a 400% increase on everything (some infamy called “ABL: Alumbrado, Barrido y Limpieza”… this means “Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning” although the lighting works wrong, they barely sweep and if they could clean all the dog sh!t it would be nice because I’m sick of jumping like a roo to avoid stepping over piles of dog crap that ignorant and careless owners never clean)

All this stuff, plus being computerless, forced me to pick my good old pens, my good old notebook and try to write again. Back to the middle age, Johnny. And, again I throw this question: what do we are without electricity nowadays? Not much. But I won’t go deeper into that topic.

Adding boredom to heat, fury to alarm I ended up worried: I cannot freaking write. And I don’t see any signs that might change and that’s absolutely scaring me. It’ll be more than a month since the last time I actually worked on a daily basis (I’ve been writing on a regular basis since 2001…) on any written work. I feel I almost wasted December and that I’m kinda wasting January as well doing absolutely NOTHING. (hell, I’m not even working)

On top of that my father, an obsesive-compulsive engineer that can’t be 5 minutes without doing something, is practically half of the day on my back and usually doesn’t take me seriously at all.

Remember that frame print I had the luck of getting from a comp? Ok, for what… They (he and his sister, ergo, my aunt) almost made me feel like I failed instead of winning.

I sometimes discuss dreams with a friend and, well, dreams are a rich field for ideas and good material for a lot of surrealistic stories. For example, today I had a weird dream regarding sand and obscure boulevards (go wonder) and all my father can say is that “I’m always dreaming with kangaroos” and that “a flying ticket isn’t salvation”. No it’s not, but it would mean some freaking real vacations for me and probably a on-field research of the RooLand publishing (well, maybe the gaming too) market.

Regarding artistic and written expressions, he actually recognised me there, but more because he was highly surprised I could do the stuff I made with Photoshop+3dsMAX and sometimes a combination of them and Chaoscope. For writing, he still thinks I only write “those little stories”. Those “little stories” are six f——- novels for f—— sake…

The news never really help as it’s almost ironic they are usually showing something about Australia and these days weren’t the exception with that huge show at Sydney Harbour and the fact that you guys got to new year before everyone else (something that all the news have been showing through this week…)

But, well, I think I’m lucky I actually discovered (again, thanks to the same friend) this site and all the amazing aussies around (I won’t start naming them because the list is quite long!) and the fact that I actually improved my english and even managed to literally get honours during my english courses at Univ! But if I keep adding stuff this will turn into a long novel and that’s boring… Seriously, stupid heat….

Well, there it is, my rant against the government, heat and blackouts plus my seek for inspiration, redemption and salvation.

Ok, that’s it for now. Ah yeah, being in front of a desk with pen and paper reminded me of the old middle age monasteries… Pity we had the blackout, else I would’ve put a gregorian chant album :P

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