Rise, Phoenix, rise!

… and I’m not making reference to Phoenix Wright.

Well, I needed to make a little reminder, not only to bore people but to track my progress as a so-called “artist” (right?) So, well, throughout the last two weeks I uploaded 4 works after what I felt was a loooooooooong time without doing jack sh!t (around a month were the only thing I had was either rage, urge-to-kill or just pure and plain blocks)

So, yes, I put up:

The Architect’s Shroud of Existence

Stellar Gateway

Macropteryx Giganteous

For a reason my friend always see pokémons in my creatures… Dunno if I should be alarmed. I don’t like the idea of Nintendo lawsuits on my back.

AND, the rejected and hated creature, the bastard child of the flock, the black sheep, the Slowpoke, the Ashley from RE4, the Tageri from Ikaruga…

Obelisk of Ascension

I took that one to a contest over here (had to pay and broke my a$$ with a printed frame…) but, sadly, no luck at all. So, yeah, if they think they have the unique copy of my work they are absolutely f——- wrong. Grr, I’m just angry at the moment.

Ah, I tend to spend hours trying to arrange either the lights, the fractals or the meshes and their respective textures. With 3D art, even placing the camera and the lights is a complete art by itself like choosing the point of view on a normal painting was also a crucial task. * goes philosophic *

Over and out for the moment. Stay tuned, I’m still working on something weird (as usual), surreal or just plain odd… yet epic. =P

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