Pan's Labyrinth

After I posted my little piece of “poetry” (which hopefully had a positive effect I think!), it’s time for something philosophic and movie related.

If you checked the title, yes, I saw this movie today. My brother hated it, got bored but liked how the infamous military people are portrayed (and reminds us of the tragic memories of our country, which jumped from military regime to democracy like a mad rabbit thanks to obscure background plans, cold wars, the US need of preventing the “latins” to become a united threat to them, etc, etc, etc, long short story…).

I loved this movies, the mix of dark fantasy with the crude reality and the intriguing rhythm (along with the amazing Faun and the Pale Man) literally made me want it last longer. Weird as it is, you could even tell these guys could speak in english at times thanks to the amazing image quality, so hard to see it movies made in our language. I’m not going to spoil it for those who want to see it but it didn’t win three oscars to art, cinematography and makeup for nothing. It feels alluring, and quite sad too.

Highly recommended but do not expect a super-mega-hyper action-packed no-brainer thriller with the super-hyper-gratuitous(sp?)-ultraviolence worth of horror movies.

I’m also linking to the official site since you can hear the entire soundtrack (which is beautiful!) and contains great wallpapers1:

I will never look at my palms the same way!

1:Of course, I’m talking about computer wallpapers, you have plenty of wallpapers to buy at RedBubble! ;D

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