Flower of forgiveness

I am not an expert at poetry (in fact, I’m not even sure that what I’m writing is properly done…) but I’ve been through a series of horrible days and I feel an urge of exorcizing this damn melancholy and sadness with a quick and probably quite (if not very) cheesy poem:

Flower of forgiveness

Ten thousand golden glories

Obscured by one black mark

One hundred victories

Made unworthy by a single fall

All the flowers in that field,

Budding like unstoppable words

They block the breath with their pollen

To protect one jewel hidden well

Oh, take the ships,

Scan the land,

For my dreams

Oh, field of flowers…

Is the land of the souls?

Is a place full of love?

It’s a site of feelings

One flower, destiny

In this realm of small mirrors,

Where each leaf is a reflex

A soul bounced,

Came back harmed.

Sail, sail, go up,

You don’t need wings,

The mind is enough

It will lead, to the skies.

From there, look down,

All the carnage, the lies, the mad,

In the middle of those flowers

You finally found the important one.

Tears cannot make it grow,

Ephemeral they are,

Yet powerful and might

But you see them leave fast.

Do not rip it out!

Gently take the earth with it,

Let the flower survive

And forgiveness be the guide.

A single smile,

May joy and happiness rise

With this flower on my hands

Sun shyly lights this life!

Dedicated with all my heart to the person I respect and admire but I stupidly hurt without really taking into account a lot of facts and, obviously, the horrible consequences. I’m sorry!

I warned this was going to be cheesy!

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