We go tech!

Ok, I think I’ve been listen to too much traditional ’80s heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Grave Digger and others… So I felt like making a quick poem/insult/tribute to the masters of those old awesome songs:

We go tech!

Jump, jump
Solve, solve
It’s 105

Uh oh, this is the dominion,
Of the arithmetical beast,
Better get out of here,
Before it shows its fist.

Told you to move, mate,
This isn’t the right place,
X, Y and Z, what a mistake,
Zero is your bet!

Pure mathematical corruption?
Are these numbers real?

I will tell you something,
Get away! Get away!
Kick the numerical madness…

Before it gets too late!

Uhhhhhhhhhhh (here goes the solo =P)

(more solo)

The numerical madness!
The infamous beast!
The pythagorical lands!
The geometrical sickness!

Into this wicked dream of numbers and signs…

We go tech!
We go tech!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (second solo)

We go tech!
We go tech!

(BIG, HUGE explosion at the end!)

End? Maybe, maybe not, who knows?

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