YAY! Madness for sale!

Yeah, now that teh almighty Bubble allows people outside from Oz to sell art… I promptly check what things in my ‘catalogue’ (or mere list of mental distorsions and anomalies) can be placed for sale, in addition to my first T-shirt design. Now you can wear or hang on a wall a compendium of sick and insane imagery that has been twisted, altered and gently edited many many times on photoshop till it finally achieved its completely surreal shape! =P

Now, the candidates I selected were the following (all in ‘small’ size… I forgot to render them at the SUPPA-HIGH-POWA resolution, nor I think I will or my computer dies in the process!):

The Ethereal Monk stares at the Portal Click Here

Embryonic Planet Click Here

Mother of the Stars Click Here

Spectral Faunae Click Here

T-shirt, “Speech of the Seer” Click Here

Ok, hope you like those I selected and, well, comment and such! (buy only if you want and dare to take the risk of carrying those insanities around… or placing them on walls) This is also more to remind me what I placed for sale. My memory betrays me at times. I know, lame :D

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