On discussions...

Recently, I noticed that people crash each other in discussions like they are fighting to get the golden crown of ultimate illumination. This is not only noticeable in forums and the likes but also in real life moments as in conferences, classes, work and even in the core of the family (or whatever is left of it in these days…)

There is no longer that thing of allowing others to state his/her point without ending up insulting/swearing or worse. Or just not reading and say: “No, I don’t agree. Why? Because.”

As I say, nobody bears the ultimate truth. I’m not saying the last divine message, I can be wrong, everyone can so, why getting pissed if someone attempts to counter what others are saying? That person could simply not listen to such arguments but then comes the infamous ‘claiming for attention’, tension scalates and the fights begin.

This isn’t really the place to post this kind of stuff but it’s the only real journal I ever did so here it goes.

It makes me feel so bad when I see people I estimate go and fight each other for no reason whatsoever (and sometimes for stupid and irrelevant matters…)

I HATE discussions. I try my best to avoid them or just switch topic. Many might say “that’s the coward’s way”. I say that’s the wise way. Nothing good comes out from a discussion. Even the people you love must can turn into Lucifer himself when it comes to win a discussion, they all show the horns and flames. If you want a non-religious analogy, it just brings to surface the worst from us.

I remeber a conference where many classmates ended up confroting the professor and exchanged several gross insults. I left the classroom as soon as we did the middle pause and never went back to the theory classes (which weren’t obligatory). And it seems it was the best choice because not so long after, the same professor insulted a random girl just because she was carrying a grudge over the course.

Aristotle’s Rethoric has a lot of good information about the use of the word and its power. It’s an interesting read.

Another phrase: someone who screams is never right. Strong arguments are best said not under pressure but with the patience of a good reflection.

Sure, we can and we WILL get angry, we can’t help it. But what we can do is to expell the anger in a different way (dunno, there are games, kicking pillows, screaming to the sky) instead of seeking discussions in vain.

I guess I’m too naïve. sigh

But, before engaging into a discussion, wouldn’t be better to step outside, to move away, put music or just escape its area of effect? Many insist and insist and insist with the “I HAVE TO WIN” in mind or just for the sake of annoying the other.

What can you win? I think the only thing to win is our own stupidity and realise all that time was wasted on nothing.

Lisa from the Simpsons (hehe, I usually end up quoting the good ol’ Simpsons) said it: it’s foolish to try to change people’s mind. It would’ve been imposible to tell the medieval people our current astronomic knowledge without getting burnt for witchery.

So, peace. And just put music or see things with a wider perspective (the strategist in me speaking here)

Sorry for any typos… didn’t have time to spell check. Might do it later.

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