A Chronicle of Boredom (Rant Aftermath)

After all that ranting (which you can read here ) I was finally able to go to the customs and pick up the frame print. Now, what a lame thing I got the letter on saturday as that put me on anxious mood for two days and I couldn’t sleep pretty much today.

Rest assured, I finally came back home with the framed print. Just I wish things could’ve been a bit easier. I’m not blaming bad luck or that crap, perhaps I have to blame myself and anxiety (but, come on, who the hell wouldn’t be anxious when you are expecting something? apathy is obviously not my style).

So, today we had an unusual cold… but that’s how spring works. I decided to go early (around 11am, these guys open at 10am). After a boring 1-hour bus trip to the other side of the city, I finally reached my destination. Blam. First weird thing: the place seems kinda empty… if not… abandoned? What the???!!!! As I approach I discover the central was closed till 2pm because the personal was on strike.

WHY IN HELL THEY DON’T F————- TELL THIS ANYWHERE? The postal office has a damn website, they should use it (note: they don’t…) I wasn’t the only one pissed. So yeah, it was already 12pm, time for lunch so I decided to go back home and eat something. After ANOTHER hour, I finally got back home. I assure you I almost lose faith and stayed but I decided to return for the package. You only have 3-4 working days to pick it up the before paying some stupid and obscene “storage taxes” and whatnot. When it’s about paying, they open the doors quickly. When it comes to get stuff that it’s meant for YOU, they can gently leave you waiting for four hours.

So yeah, this is what happened later. I left at 2pm, got there again at 3pm to find out there were 100 people before me and had to wait till 5pm to JUST deliver my letter and declare I was there to retire the framed print. Don’t worry, I had fun at least. People united in boredom! XD There was an old man mumbling the system has stayed the same (only with a couple of computers) since the ‘50s. A german guy who couldn’t believe he was there for a measly 300g letter, a funny asian couple who just wouldn’t stop cursing in (I think) korean and a taiwanese who truly showed me what patience is.

Sadly, this is endemic to Argentina, probably our worst side. It’s like we got trapped in a wormhole we can’t get out from (or they won’t let us). It’s 2007 and we are forming a disordered line of 200 people just to declare and hand over a little piece of paper!

I didn’t get to the best part: another 50 mins of waiting to be called by a customs officer, open the package, check if it was ok or it had drugs, a bomb, or something (you know, these aussies are bloody terrorists, mate!). Once that was done and I signed all the boring papers I was finally free to go back home.

I left with the sun up there in the sky, I came back with the sun burying deep in the horizon. 6:10pm. So I kinda lost 6 hours in waitings/travelling.

Funny note? I reviewed yesterday’s newspaper and the back note put in big letters how difficult is to make public stuff like getting your passport, document or PAYING A TICKET (yes, a freaking ticket/infraction for passing a semaphor and such)… sadly they forgot to add that it’s a pain in the ass to recieve a package from another country.

I heard bad stuff about Australian Post but please don’t let it turn into a troglodite XIX century service for the love of god. Same with trains. I heard stuff like: “OMG PEOPLE TRAVEL ALL CRAMPED” and such. You think you saw it all? See “El Tren de los Cartoneros” and you will see what a destroyed train system is. This link might hurt some sensibilities but we are used to see this weird contrasts. For example, I read stuff about the australian aborigins, do people take them into account? I’m fearing they might suffer something similar… which is bad. :(

- rant over -

So, after all that lame complaint you think… how did I even get here? If you endured all my boring blabbering, here comes the nice part:

RED BUBBLE ELVES YOU ROCK!!!!!! I cannot believe it! The framed print is freaking amazing, the resolution, the quality of the material (and how polished the wood-like thingie is!), and even how it survived all the journey back in time to this place!!!! Yeah, the bubblewrap resisted, everything was in order. My family just won’t stop staring in awe at the picture, like, “wow, aussie quality” (come on, laugh!) But yeah, we are more than happy with the results.

And that is what matters! Despite all the crap, this alone is positive enough to outcome and totally destroy the crappy part.

So, there you have it. The history of an odyssey and a lot of waiting, jejeje.

AS Over and Out. Yeah, yeah, I will quit the ranting for now. I’m working on something I’ll upload soon.

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