Ranting Day

Yeah, newspapers, insomnia, finals and other things turn me into a ranting mob.

Where should I begin? Well, I already mentioned in a previous entrance the waiting matter so now let’s complain a bit about thievery and insecurity.

Today I stepped out of our apartment only to find that our neighbour’s recently bought car already had its glasses broken and the stereo gone. I reach my aunt’s house and, joy, the front door has been forced and now it takes some strength to close it properly as the lock seems to have been hit and budge a lot. Now, how dangerous is to be struggling to close a damn door in an area that IS dangerous? Not good. In movies we have Spiderman and Batman and the super heroes/heroines to save our sorry asses. In reality, we are always one step away from getting robbed, stabbed or shot (or all at once…)

This leads me to the core of the issue: insecurity has become pretty annoying (though not sure if “unbearable”, I know it’s even worse in some areas) and it’s starting to take me more and more effort to get out from home. For example, I absolutely stopped going out at night due to this. Some will say, “coward”, “pussy” and all that crap. Watch how someone is getting robbed at the front of your home and then think about stepping outside.

These new “generation” of “thieves” are no longer such thing. Recently, we have a gang of 12 people, kids from 8 to 15 (YOU READ WELL, 8 TO 15) that have been robbing around all the stores within a 12 streets radius. Now, tell me if that isn’t crude and sad. No, it’s worse. They consume glue (pegamento, they carry it in small bags and keep aspiring it as their improvised drug), they assault people totally drugged… all at 50 m of one of the most important malls of the city.

Police? They caught ‘em many times, releasing them hours later. They are minors, they can’t be judged. Though they already threatened people with guns and knives, attacked a girl from pharmacy, stole my brother several times and also followed my mother a couple of times too.

So this is getting pretty shitty… However, “shitness” has many levels and degrees and we still don’t have to travel in armoured cars and such but, seriously, it’s getting out of control.

Another example, at my Univ, which, by the way is public and practically allows anyone to enter in the building, thieves also stalked in some of the corridors and threatened and robbed several people. Again, it could’ve been worse.

That’s the problem. It can always be f——— worse. But I don’t want that. I just don’t want it to happen! It isn’t good at all to say “it could be worse”, I give jack s—- about that… I wish politcians could dedicate more to solve these issues instead of counting votes for october.

I’m SICK of getting outside and being forced to look over my back to make sure I’m being followed or something. To be avoiding some people because they are drugged or something (I was heading to a work interview and a stupid guy almost kicked my face with his dirty shoes because he was just… dunno, playing kicks and hitting the air. Seriously, that’s absolutely screwed.)

Oh, then we have the issue of the general “unclean” state of urban ambiences. We humans dwell in cities because they are supossedly safe. Seeing them from a satellite only shows ants nests consuming the world and absolutely ravaging the environment… That’s not too safe.

About dirty things, streets, if they aren’t broken enough to make my 69 grandfather trip and break his leg and watch in awe how nobody helped him (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KILL APATHY DAMMIT!!!! If nuclear strikes don’t kill us all, then apathy will), or the fact that a bunch of people have dogs but they don’t hesitate to make them Sh!t EVERYWHERE. I mean it. Everywhere. make two steps and you stepped over some dirty and smelly dog poo. Disgusting. Shows the personality of the owner I guess. If you can’t clean your dog’s crap how could you be a clean person yourself… I sometimes think I was boring in the wrong time, planet and species.

Well, to keep surviving I guess… sigh And don’t get me started with inflation. Government has already been dennounced (sp? anyway, I know my text is full of mistakes, I rushed like mad with this) for altering the inflation and prices indexes. Things have gone UP bad. Seems like there is no escape as well, because you check how anti-immigration are many countries, how nazi and fascist a lot of people is turning as soon as they see an “outsider”, how…

Crap, I’m hating everything at the moment.

Over and out. I remeber the title of a thread at the forums, about if you wished to be a kid or not. I don’t know, ignorance can be a bliss but, and I also mentioned this in someone’s journal entry, kids can and are some of the cruelest beings. Then you wonder about all that stuff called “childhood traumas”… It totally defeats the purpose of really trying to be a kid again. As adults we could shape the world for future (and hopefully better… though at this rate I don’t know) generation or at least handle them all the information to help them avoid all the mistakes of the past. went too philosophic

I’m putting and end to this rant or else I will never finish. If you read through this mess… well, congratulations. It’s a total mess really so my apologies for the disastrous grammar/spelling or weird sentences caused by my attempts at using english.

In short, down with insecurity, apathy and… damn dirty dog poo. I know it’s not the poor animal’s fault but… Sometimes I really want to slap the owners! I mean, this will sound unethical, but a woman literally put the dog next to my feet to do “his thing” and… I just wished her the worse. Not really the best, not good at all, though it’s in our nature to be a walking polarity, to be all good thoughts and then turn into devil’s incarnation.

Anyway, over and out. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.

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