After the waiting... more waiting!

Well, yeah, sounds weird but it’s that way. I woke up 10 mins ago thanks to the insistent ringing of the post office guy, who was ifnally bringing a letter telling me I have to go to the customs to retire the RB framed print I ordered like 10 days ago. Now, I don’t know how it works in other countries but here whatever is over 500g and isn’t a superspecialcertified-bring-it-to-my-door thing I have to go to the customs every time I get a package.

Problem is, the customs open from Monday to Friday (and only from 10am to 5pm) so I have to wait two extra days in order to get the framed print. Oh, but I forgot to add that once I’m at the central post office I also have to wait between two to three hours till they freaking call me. Once I get called I have to stand an officer and an employee opening the package with me and examining EACH of the single items inside. After that or when you tell it’s all fine they finally hand over the package and you have to pass through a last control till you can leave.

That, in short, will be the odyssey I will face in two days. Reaching the central office is quite an annoying task as well because it’s located near the worst part of the coast and walking in that area is almost asking for it…x_x

I hope I will be able to get it (without also paying any weird taxes…), ah, wish this could be easier. Expect more updates about this situation soon!

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