Las Lanzas (Delas Inis)

So, yup, the three new images I posted share something in common: they are a set of alien/surreal ships which I might soon put in a scene, firing and all that neat stuff. I strated brainstorming them in spanish so that’s the reason of all that scary spanish you see in the titles and this entry.

I have been heavily inspired and stroked by old games and readings, plus I checked some old astronomy books I have (my old passion killed by economical crisis/society/problems/reality/whatever, still thrives in my writings, although more focused on the fantasy side) and decided to make more of this weird stuff.

To begin with, I named the whole pack as “Las Lanzas” (The Spears/Lances, I prefer the word ‘Lances’). There isn’t many reasons behind this except that I thought it was interesting and with Bleach in the air filling the waves with spanish, hehe, let’s take the chance! =P

They have full coded names too but those might appear later on, since they make full use of spanish’s letters/phonetics and might require a little explanation. The title between parenthesis is the codename in the ‘language’ of this alien civilization, so the ships also have a codename in this ‘language’. I will later add their ‘alien’ names for the people’s horror.

Besides the alien-feeling, this time I will also try to make the whole scene quite dreamy by using unusual colours (or moody ones like light blue/white and such) and shapes. The least normal they look, the better!

Ok, that’s it for now, just thought I should put some sort of explanation or meaning to the recent three pics. And leave this info so I don’t forget it.

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