Renewal of a creation

Ok, the story I once uploaded, “The Seal of the Celestial Engine” has gone through some serious editing process, taking away a lot of stuff, removing more but also adding and correcting a lot as well. Moreover, it has changed so much compared to what I originally wrote that it looks almost like a completely different story. Hence why I shortened the title and practically tweaked a lot of the events occurring in the story.

Now the posts will carry the F.S.M. tag. Fragment of the Shattered Mirror. This will shorten the title a lot and make it less like a tongue-twister and more like a pleasant reading.

I’m thinking about making a couple of artworks related to this but my mind feels dry and blank at the moment and I’m extremely nervous and, well, not in the mood I guess.

So, yes, so far here I offer the three fragments of the mirror I’ll upload for now. There are 11-12 in total, depending on how well RB’s writing template behaves with my text bricks:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Well, that’s it for now. It will get quite odd.

And thanks for reading if you happen to read it.

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