Boating Takes a Turn at the Stables

“If I can’t have what I want, I’ll take my business elsewhere”, exclaimed Petie as he demanded a cellophane and sausage, with glazed chick peas sorbet. Randy the not so swarthy Confectioner replied, “Damn you Petie, for the last time, we don’t serve things like that, can’t you ever just be satisfied with vanilla or maybe a simple potato dumpling?” Petie was historically pretty annoying, with his skewed sense of reality, diabolical plan for world disorder, and general misunderstanding of practical physics. Today was no exception, ranting wildly about the inequity of just about everything, including misappropriation of municipal takes, bus routes, and dollar store cashiers work schedules, Petie had worked himself into an Olympic level frenzy. Calming him at this point would be left up to a crew of park rangers armed with tranquilizer darts. I was in the process of politely extricating myself from the area when I heard a couple loud pops. I glanced back to see Petie sleeping peacefully.

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