significant musical moments... or "of radiohead"

i’ve had a significant musical moment in this year. and guess that is a lot to be thankful for, after not having one for a loooong time before that.

almost at a loss to describe how i feel about radiohead’s music.

there have been only four prior significant musical turning points in my life:

1) 1980 – “london calling” by the clash and “boy” by U2 around 1980. kept london calling on my turntable for three straight months. totally changed my perspective of music. and then hearing “boy” as an import the same year. edge’s guitar on “electric co” and “out of control” and “i will follow”… put all my led zep and such away…

2) 1985 – husker du, r.e.m. and the replacements. thought r.e.m. turned to crud after “green”… but the the huskers and the mats, man oh man. this is where i really learned how to play guitar.

3) 1989 – had been a christian for a year, and discovered contemporary worship music, and that it was what the Lord had meant for me to do since i was born. this song was not around yet, but is indicitive of who i am, and what i want to continue doing for the rest of my life (this is the original version by the vineyard, but we do it live a lot here locally. love it)… dwell

4) 1992 – iona

5) 2008 – radiohead. they are the best band i have ever encountered. and never thought i’d say that i’d come across a band that had a bigger impact on me than the ones previously mentioned. but man… they are just unbelievable.

don’t really know how to express it. their entire catalog is just simply amazing. and learning about them so late in the game has been a great joy, because i’ve been able to go back and listen to the progression from like ’93 to now (in rainbows) as one big musical extravaganza…

part of the reason that i never really pursued them was that i don’t like the song “creep”, which is about all we hear of them much here in the states. was jazzed to find out recently that they hate that song as well, and even wrote another song “my iron lung” about it (and that one is smokin!).

so much more to say about this, but enough for now. if you haven’t ever heard them, go ahead and get the new 2 disk “best of”. it will expose you to songs from all of the different stages they’ve gone through. point – radiohead did not approve this record, as it was put out by their prior record company as a response to them offering “in rainbows” as a free download.

so… after that go ahead and get “ok computer”, “in rainbows”, “amnesiac”…. etc.



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