Bevin Allison

Moriston, United States

My name is Bevin Allison. I love art. All art. I also love any kind of photography so I don’t really have a niche and am...

What is my style?

One person said it was poetic. Another said Naturalist. I did a search on Naturalist and learned it was a very old form of photography. The idea was the photography could never be art and that pictures should be taken in the way that the human eye should take them. For instance, when we look at anything, some of it is in focus, and other parts are not. Thus, only the subject should be in focus and the rest blurred, but under no circumstances should the way the picture looks be altered to resemble anything else.

Then I came across Pictorialism. This was a spin off of the Naturalist style. However, this new style was hotly debated, because pictorialists felt that photography was an art. They would manipulate their work as much as they could to give it a painted affect. They believed in fact that the work should resemble paintings of the day.

Now when some said I had a Naturalist type of art, they were referring to how I am great at nature shots. They said I had a very good awareness of my surroundings. This is why I looked up that phrase. I was thinking I would find nature works and see how my work related to that style, but what I found was a whole new artistic history and style base.

Strangely at the same time I found my style. I hadn’t known what it was. I was trying to find it and was asking different people what they thought it might be after reviewing my work. However, now I know, because of a freak occurrence. So, what is my style? It is Naturalist and at times Pictorialism depending on how I see the work in my head. I do believe though that photography is art. That is why some people can take great shots and others can’t. Some are good artitst with a good eye and others aren’t and I am glad that today it is easier for people to find their inner artist than it was even 10 years ago.

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