What good is art?

What good is art? The great philosophers like Kant argue for that is is aesthetically pleasing; it is something that has no practical value, nor is it essential for basic survival, yet we create it, and it exists. The philosophers have written and postulated to no end; but what is it for me?

Hmm… the creation of it is what matters. The pursuit of making something original, or at least is being of my own. I guess also, it’d be getting words of recognition from others; having my works wanted.

And for the audience? That part is harder for me to see. I’ve never been good at mind reading; that is, judging what other people are thinking or would later think. Currently, I’m working on improving, and creating my own style, so that later mine would stand out from the plethora of other photos that are being uploaded to websites, like this, every second of every day.

Why do people want photos? Perhaps because that particular one “stands out”? Or is it because there’s something in the photographer’s soul that is communicated, that is similar to the viewers soul: a connexion – a nexus. In confucian cultures, they believe that true lovers’ souls are linked by invisible red thread. Is this the link between the artist and the viewer? Somehow, the viewer is moved; they decide to use their credit card and our art is bought. That might be the good of art.

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