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At last I have managed to put something out there. It’s not a great piece and really should have just remained as a conversation, or better yet written as one with lots of exclamation points and question marks, stuff for emphasis.
Or even stayed out of it altogether, after all some of my best friends are rabid, should that read avid?, football fans.
I enjoyed writing it and it did allow some of the anger I feel at the situation in the world to dissipate and turn toward a kind of compassion for all of us, whatever our politic.
Passion is so necessary both in the arts and in life and yet it can overrule temperance and destroy the very motif itself.
The study of craft is required in order to really present as an artist. Of course there is always a ‘natural ’ ability to create, surely that’s why humans have the thumb!.
We also have the ability to ‘go beyond’, get ‘outside the box’,’ think for ourselves’.
But do we really? perhaps the ability is here but is the will, courage, steadfastness, rigour etc?
Oh well, some stuff for another post, another time

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