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1915 Armenian Genocide - April 24, 2009 March in Hollywood, CA

Hi everyone. I’d like to share with you a personal and special day for me with images I took. There are many and I will post some, but if you would like to take a look, I have created a photo gallery. Iy would mean a lot to me. The song is a famous Armenian singer and they are singing about the capital of Armenia, “Yerevan”.

Many of you already know I am Armenian and Assyrian. This day was special to me and my family.

In 1915, in Turkey, many Armenians and Assyrians were murdered. It is called the Armenian Genocide. Many countries, including ours refuse to recognize that very day as a Genocide for political reasons.

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Please if you have your opinions, keep them to yourself, do not comment. I am sharing images I have taken and will not get into a political debate.

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