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November 5th, A Day of Happiness and Sadness For Me

I will start off by stating that I am not a very political person and will not pretend to be. I am very happy that Obama has won the election, not only because he is a minority, but because of the many promises he has made. This has truly made it a happy day for me and many Americans.

On another note, I am saddened by a recent decision made in California on Prop 8 (BAN against Gay marriage) that many of you already know I am against. It saddens me and disgusts me to know that people are still very ignorant and cannot differentiate between right and wrong or discrimination. 80% of the funding for the campaign was provided by Mormons and their church. I will not discriminate against them whatsoever, but want people to know who is primarily funding this campaign.

The votes are still being counted, but as of now we have had several rally’s and protests against this. This is about human rights. We laugh now at our stupidity years ago when blacks could not marry whites or when women could not vote. This IS the SAME thing and I will guarantee you we will laugh at our stupidity for this years from now as well.

Ever since I posted several images and flyers on Prop 8 some have assumed too that I am gay and several red bubble friends seem to be distant…. Coincidence, maybe. I am many things and am also a minority in many ways. This is not about being gay, its about CLASSIFYING a group of people and giving them different rights or rules than other people. Look up discrimination in the dictionary.

I am Armenian, Russian, Assyrian, a Catholic with both parents from Iran. Armenians were killed for religion, Assyria is no longer a country. I am lucky to have not suffered from discrimination based on any of those things. I believe in equality and same rights for everyone.

Do you watch Ellen or Will and Grace for amusement and state you still respect Ellen for being gay or any other celebrity gay icon? Or if you have that gay best friend who helps you shop and decorate your house and still VOTED YES, you are a HYPOCRITE and have no respect for them as human beings.

Next time your son or daughter, sister or brother brings over their “best friend” to family gatherings, Christmas, weddings, moves in with their “best friend”, know that most times for closeted Gays and Lesbians “Best Friend” is code for partner or boyfriend or girlfriend and if you voted YES, you have also just discriminated against your own FLESH & BLOOD. Don’t vote for what you don’t know or undersatnd.

Today i am told I CANNOT MARRY. I have not been discriminated EVER based on my ethnicity or from the country where my parents are from, but because of the fact I too have a “Best Friend”. i would much rather be treated unfairly for my ethnicity or country because that war has been going on forever and “THAT IS” based on RELIGION. This issue however IS NOT based on RELIGION and those stating so are ignorant and who are we as Americans to judge on marriage when we have the HIGHEST DIVORCE RATE in the world.

I am not a gay rights activist and do not scream that I am gay when i meet people. I am a HUMAN first, a WOMAN second and a LESBIAN third.

My HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS have been affected and we will find a way to stop it.

I am someone’s daughter and sister. I come from a good family with morals and ethics. Most people would not even know I was gay. Not all of us wear leather chaps and have disease or many of the ridiculous stereotypes that society has. Many of you have seen my photo and my family and all the kids who call me auntie jenny. We are real people.

Thank you for listening. These are only my thoughts on the subject and my feelings on all of this.


If you are in LA area, there will be a big rally in Silverlake Saturday 11.8.08 @ 6:00pm.

Prop 8 Art

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