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Let Me Tell You a Little Something About Myself

So, I thought I’d post a little (maybe a lot, I like to chat) something about myself here and encourage all of you to reply with a little or alotta something about yourself!!

I started taking pics when I was about 10 with my brothers Canon AE-1. I am completely self taught and edit all my own photos in Photoshop and like to handle everything myself, including my website. It’s not a control thing, but being able to prove to myself that i really CAN do ANYTHING, with the help of the Internet and books. I learned, well learned enough LOL. I love film and always wanted to be a director. Since the age of 13, my dad and I used to sneak off into the Oscars and Golden Globes and get great shots and actually get in and take pics.

I’m a retail queen and have been in retail for over 10 years. My last job was a District Manager and also handled all retail HR issues for Out of the Closet Thrift Stores (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) for Northern and Southern California, 20 stores). I’m very business minded and am trying to use that towards my photo business. I left after 6 years for a bigger challenge (I started there when I was 22ish) and now am doing something similar for another (for profit) major retail chain. I would love to quit retail (although I love it) to own a photography studio! :)

I’ve always been afraid of being successful and hold back and have been content with being great at what I’ve done, rather than what I know I am capable of doing. I am very proud of myself for launching Abfab Photo Studio in 2007 and i have been moving full force towards my passion of photography.


Music: I love different genres of music. Bands I love:
Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre, Ladytron (most of Riot Grrl Stuff).
She Wants revenge, Miss Kittin, Interpol, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Bjork, Madonna, M.I.A (but I’m mad she’s mainstream now, she was my secret LOL), Missy, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Arabic Music. Goldfrapp, Electrocute, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, I’m sure there’s more.

Mean Girls (Hilarious), Head Over Heels, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive (Love David Lynch!!), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (watch it everytime it comes on!), Pedro Almodovar flicks,The Ring, Delta of Venus (only cause i love the book), Kissing Jessica Stein ( I loved it and how it was written and acted), Can;t buy me love, imagine you and me………

Will and Grace (best show ever, cracks me up, that Karen Walker!), Absolutely Fabulous (studio sort of named after them), L Word (love it and hate it at the same time, my life is nothing like theirs lol), Desperate Housewives, Dexter (just got into), Weeds, Law and Order SVU (we love our Olivia!), Medium and Chelsea Lately! Oh and the ultimate TWIN PEAKS and Sherilyn Fenn (you have to count her separately)!

Wuthering Heights, Devil Wears Prada, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, Delta of Venus, anything by Anais Nin.

The End!
Hope it wasn’t too long!

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