Two Months With My Brandon

Friday this week will mark my two months with Brandon. Time went by so fast and I am already starting to miss him now that I am going to have to be back to work next week. Just when he has just begun to learn so much about me and me about him, we have to sort of part ways during the day and change our schedule. Someone else will be taking care of him now… Would she know what makes him smile? Would she know the things he loves to look at? Would she look at him with loving eyes and cuddle him like he is the most precious baby in the whole wide world? Brandon, I fell in love with you so much you have no idea how sad I am for not going to be able to be with you the whole day during the week. I will miss your face, your hands, your feet, your kisses, I will miss you so much. I hope that you will miss me too… I love you Brandon.

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