The day Brandon was born

My original due date was Dec 13, but 36th week of ultrasound showed that Brandon is breech. I had the option of turning him when he reaches 37th week but I did not agree to that, instead, I tried exercises that were supposed to help a breech baby turn. A few days before Brandon turned 38 weeks, I saw my doctor, and Brandon was still breech, so she scheduled a C-section on Dec 7. When I got home that day, I almost completed the baby announcement cards to write Dec 7 as Brandon’s birthday. Good thing I did not… as the 38th week approached, I started having persistent headaches and seeing spots on my vision. I had a suspicion that I could be pre-eclemptic so I decided to see my doctor on Nov 30. She confirmed that I am in the early stages of pre-eclempsia and told me that we had to deliver the baby that day. Waiting one more week will pose a lot of risks. So I made phone calls, got back to work, gathered my things, and met my husband at home. We went to the hospital at 4pm so the labor and delivery team can prep me, and I had the C-section at 6pm. Brandon came to this world at 6:39pm. Brad was right next to me during the operation giving words of love and support, and when Brandon came out, he kept saying “Baby, he is beautiful!”. I spent an hour or so at the recovery room after the C-section, and was moved to the postpartum floor. I was very very happy. God not only gave me a husband so perfect for me; He also gave me a beautiful son.

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