Things My Husband Says

“We are getting married right? cuz I already asked your father’s permission.”
- over the phone proposal

“You are my comfort Baby”
- when I asked him what am I to him

“You know what, I am not happy with my life. I am THRILLED with my life.”
- when I asked him how he feels about our life together

“You come and visit me and I’ll make you stay here for the rest of your life”
- over the phone just before I went to the US to meet with him for the first time

“We should have a pre-divorce agreement that we will never get divorced”
- talking about staying together forever in front of his mom

“You’re my Yokohama Mama”
- his words of endearment

“Honey he is beautiful!”
- looking at our baby just after the doctor got him out of my tummy

“You did great baby”
- after delivering our son Brandon

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