Our Love Story

Son, this is for you… the story of how your Mama and Dada found each other and the roller-coaster ride that brought us together.

Brad was born in West Allis, WI and was living in Missouri.
Annie was born in Manila, Philippines and was living in Japan.

August 2001

  • I finally decided to join the 21st century by buying my laptop and signing up with an ISP. I joined AOL Japan and explored the CHAT feature. I normally do not answer IMs sent to me but one day I got one from Brad, which I replied to because he wanted to know more about Japan.

December 2001

  • By this time Brad and I have already been calling each other everyday and every night.

Feb 2002

  • I came to the US to meet with Brad…and we took the big step of getting into a relationship even though we are thousands of miles apart. The next months entailed several travels from US-Japan-US and Manila and sky-high telephone bills.

Apr 2003

  • Brad proposed over the phone so casually by saying “We are getting married right? Coz I already asked your father’s permission.” And of course… I said yes.

June 2003

  • I have to look at my passport to make sure this is the month, but I was with him in his house in Missouri, we were watching movies until wee hours in the morning, when he took my hand, started kissing my fingers, and slipped an engagement ring on my ring finger. He said that he had planned on taking me for a picnic by the lake but it rained. Then he reached out for something in his pocket, and gave me another ring, a yellow gold one, just in case I want yellow gold. Both rings were bought 30+ years ago when he was still a young kid… all paid for via lay-away-plan.
  • The same week, we went to check out wedding dress just for the heck of it, despite not knowing when I am going to get my visa and when the wedding’s going to be. I just wanted a simple white dress but the lady told me to look at the gowns too. In less than two hours, Brad and I had ordered this beautiful wedding gown with matching Tiara.

April 2004

  • Applied for Fiance Visa in Japan

May 2004

  • Obtained my Fiance Visa.
  • In the succeeding months, I looked for a church and reception hall, Brad took care of the invitations, I took care of the souveniers and bridesmaids gowns, Nicole helped us find the dressmaker who will fix my dress just in case, people who will take care of the flowers and cake. Angel my sister coordinated the gowns creation in Manila. My mom shipped all gowns to Japan. All of these prep done over the phone and internet with the 14 hour time difference.

Aug-Sep 2004
The Wedding Week

  • Sunday – Arrival in the US
  • Monday – Arrival of parents and sister in the US.
  • Tuesday – Applied for a marriage license. Was denied because Brad did not have have any proof that he moved from Missouri and was now a resident of Franklin, WI. Went to the courthouse, was told that they can’t issue because we did not apply for one 6 months ahead of time. Wedding dress fitting. Shopping for hair accessories
  • Wednesday – still no marriage license. Already thinking of flying to Vegas to get married and then get back to WI on Friday for the church wedding. Arrival of Japanese friends. Wedding rehearsal and dinner at Lotus restaurant.
  • Thursday – miracle, Nicole did some hocus focus and made some calls and the county agreed to give us our marriage license. Everyone’s relieved. The church wedding is on again.
  • Friday – Wedding. Hallelujah! Yummy reception and crazy dancing followed.
  • Saturday – Relatives party and reunion
  • Sunday – prep to go back to Japan, drive all Japanese guests to the airport
  • Monday – flew back to Japan

Fast forward a little bit…

June 2005

  • Came to the U.S. for good

August 2006

  • Bought a house

November 2007

  • Gave birth to our precious baby boy Brandon

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