Liesel Moments - Oct 2008

My cute niece Liesel and her adorable moments while they were here in Milwaukee.

“Ah, he is so cute, Brandon loves meeee!”, Liesel weefully said while looking at Brandon, who is kind of ignoring her at that moment.

“So Mom, if I put my hand out it will blow away?”, Liesel asked when Lea told her not to put her hand out of the car window.
“Yes dear, and if you lose your hand, when you sing ‘I have two hands’ at the day care, you will not be able to sing that anymore, nor can you count 10 little fingers”, Lea smartly added.

“Big eyes, big eyes!”, Liesel kept saying while seating right next to Brandon, who just woke up!

“Auntie Annie, do you want to see the spider?!!!”, Liesel asked me. I freaked out as I have been seeing spiders in the kitchen lately. “Yes, please show me, where is it?” , I nervously asked.
Liesel pulled the cover of a box and showed me a mound of playdo that resembled nothing like a spider. I gave a sigh of relief!

“See it is a lizard, a lizard!”, Liesel proudly showed Uncle Brad as she laid a purple playdo that was shaped like a worm on the kitchen countertop.

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