R U Broken

Are You Broken ?
Spoken by Pastor Michael Rowan
Jesus died on a cross 2000 years

Jesus died on a cross and rose again

So that our sins would be forgiven

I don’t have any doubt that you know the story

But what I want to know is do you remember the story

Now before you are too quick to answer

If you know the crucifixion like I do

Then it will change your whole life

The devil does not want me to tell you this story

He hates this story

Don’t be naive to think that the devil

Doesn’t have any power

He’s got some power

And he’s got it for a limited amount of time

To do his little thing on this earth

God has all sufficient power

But he is allowing this serpent to

Crawl around and do his little deal

The devil is like a roaring lion

Seeking whom he may devour

What I love about that verse is that it says

The devil is like a roaring lion

It doesn’t say he is one

He is like a roaring lion

So he may seem like a roaring lion

But he aint one

Seeking who he may devour

So we have to understand that even if he was a lion

Which he’s not he’s just like one

Before he can do any devouring

He has to ask your permission

That means he can’t even devour you

Unless you give him permission

But the devil is out to destroy you

Did you hear what I said?

This is no game to him

This aint a joke

The devil is out to destroy you

He is not going to give up on you

If he can’t get you today he’ll try tomorrow

If tomorrows not good he’ll wait till next week

He’s an extremely patient person

But he is out to destroy you

He’ll do everything in his power to fight you

And when that baby was born in Bethlehem

Satan looked down into that manger and he said

So this is the one

This is the one that’s supposed to destroy me

This is the one that’s supposed to stomp my head

This is the one that’s supposed to smash me

And Satan looked up to god and said

God anytime that I thought I was going to win

Anytime that I thought I was ahead

Anytime that I had a blueprint, a master plan

Had mapped it all out

God you’ve always had to mess it up

Satan looked at god and said

This is your son this is you little baby

And he’s going to stomp my head

Satan looked down and said so I know

If I have any chance of survival

Then devil knew Satan the father of lies the serpent

He looked down into that manger

Saw that baby and said

If I’m ever going to escape condemnation

Then i’ve got to get rid of that little baby

Well he couldn’t do anything when Jesus was young

Because the bible states that he grew in admonition of the lord

In learning and in teaching

And the scripture actually says that God overshadowed him

With his protection

Satan knew that he couldn’t get to Jesus directly

Satan knew that he could not break Jesus directly

So he had to corrupt the people around Jesus

And he did an excellent job

Satan didn’t go to the insignificant people of that day

Satan didn’t go to the tax collectors, to the prostitutes, to the lepers

No he went to the power people

He corrupted the church against Jesus

So they trumped up a bunch of lies and false charges

Against him they had a joke of a trial

And they handed him over to the roman government

And the roman government in order to please these hot headed Jews

Decided they would give a little punishment to Jesus

He’d been accused of treason, he’d been accused of blasphemy

They accused him of so many things they framed him really good

So Pilate said to himself

I got to calm these hot headed Jews down

So I’m going to take this guy out

And I’ll have him whipped and flogged and scourged

And surely that would be enough for anybody

So we all know they took him out to the court of the pavements

They strung him up to this large wooden post

And hoisted him above the ground by his hands

So his feet were no longer touching the ground

This made his skin nice and tight

So when the roman centurion who was flogging Jesus

When he brought the whip down it wouldn’t just bounce off

It was sure to rip and bleed and tear

So it wouldn’t just be wasted motion

The man who was carrying the scourge

Was the man that was in charge of the entire

Disciplinary acts taken against the roman legion

There in Jerusalem

He was kinda like the sergeant of arms

He was a huge muscle bound man

That had whipped and beaten and flogged

Hundreds of legionnaires’ before

He came out there and he was tired

He was far from home

He wanted to go back to Italy

He was tired of being in a place that he didn’t like

With people that were weird with customs that he didn’t understand

So this was his one golden moment

To take out all of his anger

All of his frustration

All of his animosity

All of his bitterness

On this king of the Jews

So he walked up to this task with real relish

He walked out there

And he took out the cat o nine tales

The scourge

Theologians and historians say it had 9 long strands

And down each one of these strands

Were pieces of bone and broken pottery

Or some kind of sharp razor jagged object

And at the bottom of each strand

Was a tail that was laced and tipped off

With solid lead

It weighed about 20kg

So he took it over

He measured back his distance from Jesus

And he dipped each strand in a bucket of Goats blood

The blood also allowed the scourge to stick to the victims’ body easier

This was supposed to be the ultimate the maximum punishment

For all these rebellious people

So he took the scourge he waved it around and boom

Sent it whistling down on Jesus’ back

And when all 9 tails had raveled around Jesus’ ribcage

When the roman centurion felt like he had a good bite

He twisted it clockwise and yanked it off

So that huge chunks of flesh would be ripped from Jesus’ body

He took 39 lashes that way

39 times that muscle bound arm came up and came down

It was called the half way death

40 was meant to kill a man

So it was 39 lashes one step shy of killing him

But that’s not all

Theologians say that half way through

The roman centurion had to start beating Jesus’ on the other side

Because there wasn’t enough sound flesh left to beat on the side that he began on

The bible says you couldn’t recognize his countenance as a man

In other words if you looked at it he was so marred and disfigured

You couldn’t tell if he was a human being or not

The bible tells us there’s not one inch on Jesus’ body that wasn’t

Cut or bruised or bleeding or gashed open or something

So they took him back to Pilate

And Pilate brought him before a crowd of people

Who had once a few days ago called him the king of the Jews

Waved him in with palm branches

Said that he was the savior the answer to all their prayers

And they would follow him wherever he would take them

Pilate said its Passover and it’s customary to release a prisoner at this time

You can have this convicted murderer named Barabbas

Or you can have Jesus a man whom I can find no fault

And on top of the scourging

On top of the humiliation on top of the loss of blood

And all of the abandonment

Jesus had to stand there and listen to the people he loved

Jesus had to stand there and listen to the people he had come to save yell

We want Barabbas crucify Jesus we want Barabbas crucify him

So they took him out they through a cloth on his back

They braided a thorn type crown

Old Judean thorns about 5 – 6 inches long

And they took a rod a drove it into his head

They through a scepter in his hand

And they mocked him and they cursed him

And they spat on him and they laughed at him

The bible says they smote him in the face

So they punched and slammed him in the face

The Greek word for smite is the same Greek word we use for pugilism or boxing

Which is to strike someone in the face with a closed fist

They punched and they would smack and slam him in the face

With no defense because his hands were behind his back

And as they did that they would say things like

Who hit you Jesus you’re the son of God surely you can tell us

They called him the king and they punched him out

Nearly the whole roman legion did that day

They settled a 60kg cross beam on his back

And made him walk up the Via Dolorosa

The way of sorrows it’s called today

It’s the street in Jerusalem which is supposed to be one of the steepest ones there

And he was walking up the hill

And because of the scourging

Literally vital organs were hanging on the outside of his body

And as he was walking

He was exhausted and the pain

And the loss of blood and the haematidrosis

And the diaphragm spasms

On top of all that the son of God fell

Because it was just too much

It was jut too much

A man stepped out from the crowd called Simon of Serene

The bible doesn’t tell us what nationality he was

But tradition tells us he was a black man

And he picked up the cross beam

And he carried it up the rest of the way

To Calvary, Golgotha the place of the skullThey through him down into the dirt and the mud

And they ripped the robe off his back

Opening all his wounds

So he started to bleed all over again

They took a ten inch spike

They put it on the lower part of his hand where the Carpal bones are

They put a foot on his forearm

They took a mallet and boom

They drove it in bursting all the arteries and veins

They stretched out his other hand and they did the same

They took his feet and they overlapped his feet

They took a 12 inch spike a foot long

They put it on the top of the instep

And they drove it in through both of his feet

Through the back of his heel and into the wood

They nailed him to the cross

Literally fastened him to the cross

And they picked up the cross and they dropped it in the ground

Pain was so intense it rain down his arms

Into his lungs causing massive diaphragm spasms

Pinching off his lungs so he couldn’t breathe

The only way the victims could breathe

Was to take all of the weight on the spike in their feet

And push up where it would release the diaphragm

And they could breathe in a couple of breathes

And it was during this time that he would say things like

Father forgive them for they know not what they do

Then he would say things like I thirst

And when they were gambling for his clothes

Someone took a sponge with some vinegar on it

And put it up to his mouth

But what they would do with

A lot of the convicted criminals is they would take a rod

And they would break their legs

So they were unable to push themselves up onto that spike

So couldn’t get any air and breathe

So by breaking their legs they couldn’t push up and they would die quicker

Jesus didn’t die this way

Blood and serum built up around the pericardium

The pericardium is two layers of fibrous tissue

Surrounding the heart

So blood and serum built up around the pericardium

Putting pressure on the heart caving it in

Jesus died of a broken heart

He literally died of a broken heart

And at the last moment he said it is finished

And he bowed his head

3 hours he lived on the cross that way

3 hours his blood spilled out all over the ground

3 hours he endured all the diaphragm spasms

3 hours his heart became more cramped and more crushed

3 hours he lived on the cross that way if you could call that life

Psalm 51:17 says

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit

God will not reject a heart that is broken and sorry for sin

Psalm 34:18 says

The Lord is close to the broken hearted and he saves those whose spirits have been crushed

Isaiah 61:1

He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken

We live in a world that if things are broken they are considered useless

If it’s broken throw it away

Jesus says if it’s not broken I can’t use it

Are You Broken ?

R U Broken


Adelaide, Australia

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