Redbubble and Blurb

Well, I have to say, my experience with Blurb so far has been… ordinary. Their BookSmart software is glitchy and slow, the InDesign plugin crashes the app, their forums seem largely unmonitored, questions were rarely answered, and their support was unable to assist me when I had a problem with their own software.

So it was with some trepidation that I noted that Blurb was trying to entice Bubblers with the offer of a free portfolio. I thought it would be better to stick with BookSmart so that I could tweak and mess about when I had no connection (on my laptop). So I looked up the settings for the free book and set to work.

60 pages of iPhone photography took quite some time to upload, as you would expect, with the file size being roughly 90MB. The ordering process was relatively straightforward and it was a relief that it all went smoothly. I look forward to seeing what Blurb serves up, noting in their forums that people were either very satisfied or… extremely dissatisfied with the quality. Given that the miniportfolio is free, I will not be complaining, but am interested to see just what I get.

I decided to call my book Time Waits
It is a collection of some of my work here on Redbubble and other images not yet uploaded.

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