You say Celtic, I say Hiberno-Saxon

New Hiberno-Saxon Collection
Most people will call this “Celtic Art”, but more properly the pieces that I do on this theme are Hiberno-Saxon, or Insular Art; meaning the Art of the Island of Britain in the post Roman period.

This art form combines Celtic and Saxon elements, and it appears on manuscripts, and in metal and stone work in Christian and Pagan contexts. Having taken a study of Old English (sorry no, I don’t mean Shakespeare, that, linguistically, is modern English) as a major in my degree I developed a great fondness for these texts, having read and studied Alfredian Prose, and Poetry. I also learned Hiberno-Saxon calligraphy and have scribed texts such as The Wanderer, Ine’s Laws, and Riddles.

What’s all that mean, you ask? Means I read Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in their original language and that although I enjoy Medieval Lays such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, English Moral Interludes and Town Cycles, I think that Chaucer is a wee bit too modern for my tastes.

If I can find suitable media on which to scribe more pieces then I may do so in the future. In the meantime, I’m happy experimenting with the colour possibilities of my polychromos coupled with ink and will make these designs available as T-shirts here.

I hope you enjoy looking at them here
Some work in progress posts and images also on Google+
If you like Celtic Lettering, I recommend the work of Redbubble Artist Donna Huntriss

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