At last they were going to be together after all they had gone through…Jan could scarce believe what had occurred in the past 24 hours. She unhooked the latch that she thought would never be removed and went through the big stone walled corridor that led to the kitchen. Barach had left all in order but there was something missing she mused as she entered the cavernous room. The fire had been well backed up with coal slack and the place was warm, candles were burning for light since the power had gone off earlier that week, but what was wrong? Jan stared about her the room suddenly a place of evil as she turned and saw him a forbidding figure, blocking the door into the main rooms of the house. Now rooted to the place she stood only two metres away from him. Where now the talisman, the sacred words that she had rehearsed. Jan could think of nothing to banish him and him, standing looking at her saying not a word. Then, blackness as she slumped to the floor.
Jan love what happened you have not fainted for weeks. What happened? Theo’s voice echoed round her head and she was at once afraid of the answer and afraid that they would send her back to the sanatorium. She kept her eyes shut trying to ascertain where she was. If she was still in the kitchen then he might still be there but in the safety of the lounge or her bedroom she could relax. She felt the softness of the rug that covered the sofa in her room and opened her eyes. Oh horror! He mocked her with a glance as he imitated the voice of her beloved Theo, indeed she was lying on the rug she recognised but it was placed on the table and she was on it like a sacrificial lamb. Nothing like this had ever happened before and still the words of the incantation that would banish him would not come to her brain or manifest themselves on her lips. Now he was coming nearer to her, menacing, threatening, and evil in his eyes, his manner and she tried to scream. He held up the syringe ready to plunge it into her now contorted body. The blackness once more claimed her.
Next her body was racked with pain and she saw a myriad shining coloured lights and she heard a vaguely familiar voice telling her it was all a dream but she could not allow this pain in a dream and what of her family what of her beloved Theo. Every atom in her body was hurting so much and she was unable to move now… oh help me someone she called out in her mind…please help me. Believe me when I tell you he is evil. Now there was a smell she recognised and she wondered if she was cut as Pamela had been. Oh no her mind was in turmoil, she so much wanted to live. Next there was the sound of voices urgent with concern fists and then something heavy bludgeoning down the main door to the house. Once more Jan was heading for the blackness but this time she surrendered willingly. If her arm was severed she would bleed to death and Jan wanted nothing to do with death. A great crash of splintered wood then as her eyes opened in sheer terror he lifted the axe.

and you have no idea where this house is?
None whatsoever she replied…
Could it be an amalgam of places you have visited?
Once more Jan shook her head ‘it’s so distinctive surely I would recall it.
Not if you were drugged when you were there or maybe on the way there.
Paul’s words were in her head she struggled to recall the full conversation. Paul believed her, in her; he had from the start and had even been against them sending her to the sanatorium. She had a flashback of the night the old man had entered her room there, warning her that she must get out of that place at all costs. Telling her who to trust just a little but stressing who she should never trust. Then, as they took him away he had slipped on the polished floor and it was only when her ring had slipped from her finger weeks later that she discovered the evidence that he had not fallen by accident but had orchestrated the incident in order to leave her evidence that he was not the mentally disturbed creature they claimed him to be. To hide the talisman had been an impossible task until she realized that she had two very large tubs of face cream. The day prior to her release [for such was her feeling as if she had been imprisoned] Jan was attended by one of the two women the old man had said could be trusted a little. Mary was thrilled with the large new tub of face cream and only slightly surprised when Jan asked her to take the other too but to keep it for her in case she was unable to replace it immediately when she arrived home.
This was the very time that she needed the little gilt cross the old man had left her and it irked her to admit her total vulnerability. Questions rose almost to the surface of her mind then oozed dexterously away as the images began to spawn from the depths of hell itself. This was to be Jan’s last and most terrifying ordeal and she was unprepared and under no illusions as to the probable outcome; the likely hood of failure was high and had been made abundantly clear by the ‘Presence’.
Now she was being drawn across an abyss; next there arose an enormous storm and there was thunder all around; lightening struck the place where she was and she could do nothing to protect herself in this blackness……….



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Artist's Description

the best way to describe this story is to give a very brief synopsis….

jan’s world is divided into light and dark
her greatest fears are to most people nothing more than bad dreams that she thinks are real.
only paul sees that there is reality in the torment jan is living with
theo is her beloved long time friend yet he cannot comprehend her fears and with good intent on the advice of ‘doctor’ stavros, books her into a sanitorium.
jan is subject to mind manipulation untill an old man visits her room and explains how to counter the process and get herself discharged
even so it is several months before she is able to leave
theo takes her to paris and there they become lovers
on her return to england she faces her worst nightmares.. proves their reality and claims her sanity.

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