after a break --- somethoughts....

For me this is the loveliest poem

A sonnet by Christina Rossetti

If I could trust mine own self with your fate,

Shall I not rather trust it in Gods hand?

Without Whose Will one lily doth not stand,

Nor sparrow fall at his appointed date;

Who numbereth the innumerable sand,

Who weighs the wind and water with a weight,

To Whom the world is neither small nor great,

Whose knowledge foreknew every plan we planned.

Searching my heart for all that touches you,

I find there only love and loves good will

Helpless to help and impotent to do.

Of understanding dull, of sight most dim;

And therefore I commend you back to Him

Whose love your love’s capacity can fill.


Think of all the blessings you have received…
Start with your own birth
Do not hurry through the list
You will discover many instances of blessing that had gone from you
They will be restored or perhaps again hidden from you
The most important will stay with you as warmth of feeling loved



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