Spreading the Good Fortune!

I recently bought a couple of T-shirts form RB, but they had a problem with their printer and it took forever to recieve the orders (one hasn’t arrived yet, but Im assured it’s in the mail).
After the delay had gone on for a few weeks, RB said enough was enough! They would still send the shirts, but refund all monies. True to their word, they refunded the money to my account today.
I decided to use the money returned, to buy some cards from a few of those who have given of their time to comment on my work and offer kind words and encouragement to me since I came to RB. I started with the earliest people on my Watchlist and came forward. For that reason, not everyone I would have liked to include was included. There are also a couple who I would have included, but there work is not for sale (you know who you are).
It’s just a little ‘Thank You’ and I end up with some wonderful artwork.

                                        *_:)_* Tony.

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