Keep at it! It pays off in the long run!

I have been uploading to a few different sites for about three years now. To begin with it’s slow but things pick up as you go along, you just have to keep adding to it and plugging away.

I have been at RB for almost eight weeks now and have just short of 3,000 views. On another site I have around 1,500,000 views and I average around 15,000 per week with hardly any work at all.

About three months ago, I granted a licence (for a nice little sum) to an American cosmetics company to use one of my images for packaging for a new product. I’ve been paid, but the item hasn’t come on to the market just yet.

Today I had a request from an advertising company to use another of my images in a brochure (I think it’s for a hotel or leisure chain). We are in the middle of discussing terms right now.

It just shows that if you keep plodding away and working at it, your work will get recognised. It’ feels so good getting paid for your images and I can’t wait to see the finished products. I’m happy though that it’s finally paying me back some of the money that I have spent on equipment and here’s hoping the good luck continues.

I wish you all the same success and more. Just keep at it!

Tony (A90Six)

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