Someone sent me this magnificent picture by email!
I think it is absolutely stunning and wanted to share it.

Obviously all credit goes to the unknown photographer!

Help please!

Does anyone know the trick of how to copy a RB page in order to keep the formatting so that the Avatar’s and comments on a poem could be saved on a Word document?

I am able to copy and paste a poem and its pictures intact, yet when I “select all” and paste it, the avatars block out the comments.

Anyone who knows how to side step this annoyance, please part with the secret!

I truly hope there is a way, as I wish to keep a copy of my pages!

Thanks for any tips and or assistance.

a Hello over coffee

Work pressures has kept me from being “RB alive”. With my recent absence I am probably only a faint shadow in some of your memories……

So, before I am totally forgotten as a lost cause, here is a very quick Hello to all…

Soon I hope to be back on RB to admire the art from your beautiful minds!
I so miss the interaction with my dear friends, but right now TIME is just not available for any thing more than a quick look over a cuppa coffee at one or two people’s art.

Unfortunately the writers has not received any attention as I just dont have the time to lull over the beautiful words and scanning it is not my style! I want to enjoy the words and savour the beauty that is hidden behind the carefully chosen words… please just bear with me a little while longer and I will make up by visiting you

Look and Listen...

Feel your heartbeat; the magic rhythm…
See the majestic Universe…
the Origin of all life…

Just a reminder to how Great Creation is…

Its Magic!

… and I am still around on magic RB!

Delete button syndrome

Please accept my apologies for sending out the journal that I am leaving RB. And, now that I know what all is behind the delete button, I cannot find the heart to delete the damaging journal as it holds healing for me with all the beautiful words from supporting Bubblers.…

Yes, there is a particular person and situation behind the entire sad write. However, it is not this person or their behaviour that moved me, it merely aggravated me beyond my then very fragile endurance level.

Our natural instinct is to fight or take flight. I have tried to fight it and therefore my only other recourse was to take flight.

We take flight when the the opponent outweighs us. In our minds the person poses the problem, thus we seize them up – problem and all, thus reducing ourselves. As such, the scales wou

NOT ... Leaving Red Bubble

I wrote this journal whilst in yet another skid during my lingering illness.
Yes, there are people and situations behind the entire sad write…
However, after a sleepless state of 48 hours I posted this journal. And regretted it almost immediately thereafter… But, being a gal of my word, I decided to leave……

Then the bubble mails started to come in…asking me to stay!

I will close the page to FransJosef and bring my poety over to VOCE… it is my voice.

I could not delete this page… it can serve as a reminder to me and many others who suffer from “Microsoft’s Delete button Syndrome” that we cannot walk away from our minds…

Much love…

The original post – Leaving Red Bubble
This will be my last write here on Reb Bubble. I will leave my page(s) intact. However I will no longer partic

Nature's way's

As I opened my eyes from a deep sleep, my voice sounded the words as a Universal Truth etched it’s concept into my mind.…

It was an instant connection to that night’s dream wherein I am shown a real situation.

In this ‘reality’ a human spirit is placed inside the body of a primate.
I am requested to communicate with this human Spirit inside the body of the Primate. There is no reaction, as the Primate cannot understand my human language – as it has its own!

The words that are linked to this dream were: They can only articulate and assimilate to their form and structure (thus only their unique environment).

It took me many years of pondering to unfold the profoundness of this simple statement.

Nature showed me through different means that the Animal Kingdom speak their own language, relate

RB Writers - feauture's nullified

Not long after joining RB, my writing The Rainbow
received the honour of being placed on the RB Writers page! I was over the moon!…

Well, it seems, that someone made a judgement error by placing it there in the first place! Along with umpteen other Bubbler’s work, it apparently lost its worth when it got dumped into the waste paper basket with the recent upgrade!

I wrote to Admin about this and this is the response I received:

“Thanks for writing to us to clarify this. We have made a significant upgrade to the system involved in featuring at a site-wide level with the new site changes. This new work enables us to actively feature a wider, more diverse range of works and therefore, being fairer on everyone.
Consequently, not all works that had been previously “featured” in the old system hav

Work pressures to end October!

For the next 3 weeks my hands will be tied by the local Revenue office…
Therefore my undivided attention must go to my clients to meet the deadline for tax reconciliations.

All those beautiful artists (of every description) who’s beautiful work will pass by my activity feed … please know that I will try to say hello here and there… but it will be limited to the time spent over a bite to eat or a quick break.

However, my 2nd screen which normally had RB open will now have other pages visible… and RB will be CLOSED… so that I will not be lead into temptation!

Keep the creative energy flowing… and enjoy your wonderful writing, painting, photography, mixing and matching colours and words…

Much love and I will be missing you all…

Now the Lion...

20 years is not time – its simply tomorrow!…

How do we justify our right to life to be greater or more important than our fellow creatures?

In the USA the grey wolves are facing the horror of gas and the telescopic sight of the gun because humans say they are catching too many Elk.

In the East, the Tigers are facing an even worse fate. On one Red Bubble Gallery, BigCatPhotos I found one species that only has 35-40 of these magnificent animals left in the wild!

The plight of the Rhino is grave. Finally some of the guilty parties were identified and face the retribution for their greed. I admit I am ashamed to the of the same race and species…

Now the Lion… the King of the Jungle! That says it all… if the beast at the top of the food chain is facing extinction then it speaks volumes…

Pity hu

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