Hi. I'm home.

If you didn’t notice I was gone stop reading now …..…

Not a long drawn explanation … but I left for a few reasons
I had a bit of a tiff on no shipping to India and so how pointless it was for me to get vouchers as challenge wins as I couldn’t use them. With absolutely no reply being the standard reply to my query I got ticked off. Then I found a lot of friends who’ve been with me ever since I started my photography journey becoming less active on RB. Then work (my full-time job) hit me and snowed me under. So with limited time and fewer attachments I drifted off ….

Went to a truly inspirational place photography-wise. Got back. Wanted to share the shots I’d got but felt disconnected here. Started a FB Page (of all things!). Got a 1000+likes in a few weeks .. but missed the comments from the

What kind of photographer are you?

Some time back I cam across an article/e-book by a Canadian landscape and nature photographer (Darwin Wiggett) on “Trophy Hunting” vs “Immersion”. Both of these he describes as approaches taken by photographers he meets.…

This article for some reason struck a deep chord in me and made me question a lot about both what and how I photograph. So much so, that it’s almost put a hold on my photography while I try and get back to my basics.

Trophy Hunters: "Trophy hunters want grand scenes in great light. They plan the hunt carefully in advance and know when and where to go to get their trophies. “Get in and get the shot” is their mantra. ….. Their trips are scheduled and planned to take in as many hunts in great conditions as possible. It’s all about getting the photo – the experience and enjoy

BRB ..... off to the beach for a while

After being more off than on RB for the past few months (which sadly coincided with me not using the camera for that time as well), I just got back to RB about a week back … and now I’m off again. Thankfully just on a short holiday (with camera).

Hope to get some nice sea-side shots …. but seeing this (see image below), I’m not getting my hopes up (who am I kidding – I have all fingers and toes crossed on there being no rain!)

I’m heading to the place that is covered with all that white stuff on the west coast of India :-(

In any case – Goa is fun whatever the weather …. see you next week sometime.





Sorry about not commenting, replying or doing much of anything over the past few days. Was away on a 3 day weekend (filled a card full of pics!!) and only just got back.

Will try to catch up slowly over the next week.

PS: If you didn’t know I was gone – well then ummm ….. what does one say at such times? …. ummm…. new crop of pics heading your way (after I finish sorting, selecting and processing – this one was straight out of the camera and a oops as I captured it in jpg instead of RAW)

Sipping my morning cuppa green tea as I took this pic ..



I'm not a fool but it was on Fools day ...

…. or atleast I’m hoping it wasn’t a Fool’s day trick …. but overnight I sold 12 cards and 1 laminated print!!!

BIG HUGE Thank you to the buyer!!

Here’s what was bought .

Fade to Black

Corn on the beach

Kali says goodmorning

I love being a photographer


The horizon lies that way





Foreground … blank … background


100,000 and what it means.

I know it’s a number – and there are tons of people here with waaaay more views than that – but I’m damn proud of it as I never imagined I’d get more than 10K views when I joined RB !!…

When I bought my D80 in April ‘08, I wanted to learn how to take these AWESOME shots I’d seen and move from a family-snapshot shooter to something more …. 4 months later I got onto RB …. too intimidated by the fantastic work here, I didn’t post a thing till Oct 2008 when I posted 3 pics and left it there.

After only 50 views in 3 months, I realised I had a lot of work to do to learn a lot more and the only way to learn was to observe, ask and experiment. And I have to say that the help, support and advice I’ve got from my friends here …. well, I don’t really know what to say but THANK YOU – I mean that lik

Right ... I'm off ....

(for a week or so).

Off the Bubble for a week or so – holiday + work (in that order).

Won’t be on the Bubble for that time and so no comments, replies etc, but I’ll be spending quality time with my wife and taking pics (again in that order).

Hope you all stay well and happy while I’m away and I look forward to catching up with you all on my return.

Ta …..!!

Back on RB!!

Been away for a few days – FINALLY managed a short holiday break with no rain!! (infact got a nice tan!!)

Got back a couple of hours back and rushed to the Bubble to see what I missed LOL!! – I’ve missed a lot – but I will be catching up over the next couple of weeks!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t ignoring anybody….. was just enjoying quality time with my wonderful wife and winding down!!

PS: Pics to follow ….

Home Page, Pop Art, General Update ....

Been away for 4-5 days from RB (apart from a couple of stolen minutes) – big family wedding (and you might be familiar with Indian weddings and so understand), XMas madness and me trying to finish a bunch of work before I break for holiday (so please, please join us in prayer for no rain!!)…

It’s been a while – almost 2 months since I last wrote an update Journal. So without getting too speechy ….

I’ve read and heard that RB is not a numbers game … and indeed it isn’t. The numbers (views, favs, visits, features etc) are there to encourage you …. I crossed 67000 views this month with 308 pics up …. which is HUGE, ENORMOUS source of encouragement for me …. 15 months back, before I joined RB – I would never in a million years have dreamt that my pics would be viewed by anyone, anywhere over 6

Yay!!! - I'm rich!!! (and the 50k views milestone)


I’ve been on RedBubble for about a year – and what a great year it’s been!!
But ….. I never had a hope of selling anything as I’ve had a running issue with my paypal account which my bank has been less than helful in solving. This meant that anyone trying to buy anything (I’d like to think that some tried – LOL!!), would be met with an error message at some point.

Anyway – last month I was told that they had solved the issue and on the 6th of this month I sold my first card – A Bike lover (I have no idea who you are – but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)


I also crossed 50,000 views (for the third time within a month – I kept hiding pics to maintain some semblance of quality over quantity – lol!)
I now have 281 pics public with 50,830 views.

I’ve not been maintaining a list of the Fe

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