Thomas Murphy

Whitefish Bay, United States

I have a passion for capturing images of Wisconsin’s natural beauty and a commitment to not let that beauty fade from existence. I enjoy...


About My Artwork

About My Artwork…

You are going to find something a lot different about the items you purchase from my collection. They have long lasting appeal! In other words they do not end up being like smudge on the wall over time. None of my abstracts are meaningless. Your mind will resonate with your heart. They are not odd looking sketches from a muted perspective; to the contrary they are vibrant and full of life. Uniquely designed pictures with a higher than luxury feel to them! They are abstracted from a oneness of self and subject matter. That abstraction will immediately draw you into a oneness with the works of art. A surrealistic impression without the separation and the meanings you experience will not be objectionable. Details of meaning are found in the harmony of the whole pie

The Water Spirit- a story about a painting by Thomas Paul Murphy

The Water Spirit 11 17 2011
The Water Spirit was the first life on earth. In happiness it trickled and gurgled.…

Jubilee it swam to and fro in the free clean water God had provided for it.

It saw that much around it looked like it, but was not the same as it, in that it did not enjoy the water like it did.

One day it looked around it to see dark plankton like ash descending to the earthen basin of its domain.

Eons passed on Earth and much change had happened, but once again the water spirit swam freely in the renewed blessing of God.

When the water cleared one time it decided that there should be more like itself. The water spirit then said, “May all the clear blue water on earth be happy just like me!”

Great rolling waves of enthusiasm then danced together on its surface.


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The Metal Flower- a story about one of my paintings

The Metal Flower…

She ruled for a very long time on this earth and was smugly satisfied with her role.

Many men indeed became like her and the cold hollow voice that whispers in the wind and mocks goodness.

Her fault was that she cared little for where she lived as her realm was the howling of the spirit world, because that is from where she governed.

She awoke one summer morning and noticed that flowers no longer bloomed. She missed their beauty in her dying world. She summoned and enslaved all remaining men and women on earth and with the daunting fear of persecution and death she commanded them, “Construct a Metal Flower for me!”

When some refused the coldness of her froze them solid and the howling gale force of her voice then eroded them to dust.

But bitterly she continued on her qu

Abstract Valley

Abstract Valley…

A glacier approached the She Spirit as she stood admiring creation, the gigantic Metal Flower. “I must do something quickly or the glacial drift will destroy my creation!”

Aloud she said, “The God of creation has forsaken me. He now wants to destroy my ‘Metal Flower’!”
“What can I do to preserve its beauty!” she asked herself.
With the hand of her wind she uprooted ‘Metal Flower’ and then she road it like a sleigh.

In the wake of her sleigh many grey chasms were carved.
Her solitude on the earth was now echoed by the thrill of her till as she heard the sound form the death of her tines circle around the earth to greet her again.

She rejoiced in screeching wretched happiness as she rode her ‘Metal Flower’ sleigh that was brought to a deadening dullness on earth.
She stood up

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