We are 1/2 of 40 today!!!

So as of today my sister and I have breathed the open air of this earth for 20 years. Sounds like a lot of oxygen to me. I can only wonder if in our years thus far we have done something worthwhile to/for someone else. I hope and pray that we have. I also pray that the Lord will continue to show us His grace and mercy for the next twenty years.
So my teen years are over! I don’t have ne thing to complain about really. All of those things that I thought had to be the end of my world were not even close…and I came out a better person because of them. Life has been good to us. The good times win by a land slide when compared to the bad. God gave us both huge dimples on our face to make sure we smile often lol. I think we are doing a pretty good job of that :D
As for the birthday stuff…
It’s r…

On the Up & Up

The old artist freaked out for a few days then they decided to let me in. My work is a far cry from amazing after you’ve seen some of the great work on this site…but in my little towns gallery it’s something to see. The gallery board walked around for a few days talking about how ingornant they are about how art is changing around them. A vote on 9-10 on the first night almost got me no gallery. All 10 on the board had to agree inorder for me to come in. One photographer protested at the fact that I use stock photos and that wasn’t orginal. He argued that someone might walk into the gallery and say oh I’ve seen that somewhere. But once I exsplained to the prez of the gallery about how much the stock has been changed it blew her mind. She had no idea how much time and how many stock photos…

Art Gallery Hopeful...but in need of some help

Well I went and spoke to the lady at our local art gallery and she was very kind. She said that if my work made it through committee I could start with the change over at the end of January. I told her that would be perfect timing because I could have my work printed and framed by then.
I did have to honestly ask her if she thought the committee would even give me a chance. The gallery is rather traditional so when I do show them my portfolio it will be something new. Because it doesn’t qualify as painting of photography they will have to open their minds a little in order to let me in. She said that she thought my work was interesting enough to stand a chance and that’s all I wanted to know.
She said she didn’t know if it would sale…I told we’d never know if we didn’t put it out there and …

Faces Of IRAQ...Feature for Sergeant Russell Lee Klika

If you haven’t seen any of this photographers amazing work you are really missing out. He captures the very heart of people in his photos again and again. For all of the people out there who have forgotten that the people in Iraq are people too his work servers as a great reminder.

All of his work is amazing however, his continues ‘Faces of Iraq’ series keeps me coming back constantly. The faces are unforgettable which makes some of Americas heartless words and ideas unforgivable.

Please check out this amazing photographer and his breathtaking work.

My First Vote

My voting experience was very pleasant. I got up early enough to avoid the hideous lines that took over after lunch. I even got a little sticker that said I voted. I was very proud to wear it.…

The only thing that really got me down was to see how ignorant Americans can be and act after having all this time to ‘get to know’ their candidates.

I live in Alabama (that is no excuse be ignorant) but there are still people here that believe that Obama is a Muslim just because of his name. Had they listened even a little bit they would know that his father if from Kenya and his name originated from his fathers side of the family. Because his name isn’t Bob they decided not to give him a chance.

I was very disappointed in all the ‘Christians’ that acted like Obama is the anti-Christ. Well Holy Hot

Make The Sale Reesie!!!

The new job has its ups and downs. I LOVE doing the photography. Under NO circumstances is it easy to work with a crying child but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I’ll work my butt off to get a great shot and hey I’m learning as I go. (I wish I had the rights to every picture I took) The thing that upsets me is the sales side of the job. I understand that not everyone is going to buy $1000 worth of pictures but only buying $10 worth is just sad. If you are going to put your kid and ME through 15-20 minutes of screaming and kicking fits then you need to come to actually buy pictures. If I take a set of pictures that I know is worth well over $200’s and someone pulls out a $9.99 coupon it is just depressing. I know I’m good with a camera and I know I’m super critical about my shots so I…
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