Tara Lemana

Wellington, New Zealand

Tara is a New Zealand artist and musician. Her primary visual medium is photography, sometimes combined with other media into mixed media...



Oh my, I’m so excited, I’ve just had the great honour of being immortalised by TWO of RedBubble’s finest!!!!!!! First, the incomparable Sarah Ina Alexander took the most incredible photos of me and my band mate Justine (I’m a singer/songwriter in my “other” life) – you can see them on Sarah’s FB page at SI Photography – they are unbelievably gorgeous, I still don’t know how she made us look so good! And now, the incredibly talented Barbara Glatzeder was inspired by one of Sarah’s portraits of me to immortalise me in coffee!!!! Check out “Wild Berry”:

These two artists are not just incredibly talented, but they’re wonderful people as well. Please show them some RB love and check out their beautiful work!

Thanks guys & gals!!

Absence explained

Hey guys,…

I just thought I’d do a general shout-out to say sorry for the lack of comments, faves, or participation of any kind on my part for the past month or so. It’s been a rough period here with insomnia and the resulting sleep deprivation getting the best of me, and I’ve not often logged onto the Bubble, nor have I done any creating for quite some time. I’ve just spent my first evening actually doing something creative for a LONG time (the result of which I just uploaded) so I’m hoping this is the start of better times. I will try to catch up with some of the undoubtedly amazing work I missed, but I wanted to explain my lack of participation here for those who noticed and perhaps wondered.

Hope you’re all well, I’m looking forward to catching up on what you’ve all been up to!!


Bloggish Journaly Bit - April 17

So I thought I would try and do a bloggish journaly type thing, not because the world needs more blogs, but because there are things I want to keep track of, and there are often other artists or charities that I would love to share and support. Add to that the fact that I had been keeping track of features etc on my profile page, but at some point, RB said “too much guff on your page” and started dropping one off the end of the list for each new one I added, and there’s motivation to give this a go.…

So, taking a leaf out of the book of several other artists here, I will try writing bimonthly (aka fortnightly) journals to keep track of features and sales etc, as well as highlighting a fellow artist and/or charity. If you read this – thank you! If not, all good, I hope you scroll to the bot

A big month! :)

February is justabout over and it’s been a big month. A few weeks ago was my one year anniversary on the Bubble, and what a ride it’s been!!! I’ve met some amazing people here, been incredibly inspired, and received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement. I’ve progressed from being an occasional hobby photographer to someone who lists her profession as “Visual Artist”, who works at said profession almost full time, who does paid commissions (imagine that!!), and who has one solo, self-curated exhibition under her belt and another one on the schedule – and none of that would have happened without RedBubble and the support and inspiration this community gives its members!…

This past week also marked a small milestone of my time here on the bubble, 300 features! Feature 300 was m


My exhibition is all over, what a huge weekend it was!!! The exhibit went fabulously, after worrying myself sick over all sorts of things, everything worked out just perfectly. The feedback was amazing, and I was really touched by all the people who made the effort to come and see it from as far away as Melbourne!!!! I even made some sales which exceeded all my expectations!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all and post some pics, and above all, say THANK YOU to all of you reading this, for all your support, all your encouragement and advice, all the inspiration you give me, you all helped make this happen!!!!

So nervous I could puke :-S

In about ten minutes I leave to go to the venue of my first ever real-life solo exhibition. I’ll be setting up all day, then opening night starts at 5 pm tonight. I’m so nervous I could puke!!!! Please send me all the no-breakages vibes you can muster, I’ve already had one 16×20″ frame smash and another one badly dented, I can’t afford any more breakages!!!
It’ll be on until 8 pm saturday and I’ll be at the venue the entire time, so I’ll be offline until Sunday at least. See you when I get back!!! :)

Please welcome.....

….my amazing artist friend Juli Ryan . Juli has only just joined the bubble and is still finding her feet. If you have the time, please check out her wonderful portfolio of beautiful, colourful, whimsical paintings and give her a warm Bubble welcome! :)

Thank you!!! :)

Pretty Please....

Hi all, this is me shamelessly begging for your votes on one of my works; however, it’s allowed in this case!!! :D My piece “Home Is Where The Heart Is” is entered in the Saatchi Online Gallery Showdown contest this week (ending 21/12) and entrants are allowed to promote their entries. I could really use your votes, whether they be out of admiration for the work, friendship or pure pity, lol!
Thank you for taking a look and an extra big thank you for voting, should you choose to do so!!!

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