If I Kept To Myself In The Shadows... by TannerRagland

Ready and Willing

“…No holding back…” / “…Cherish the time you have…” / “…and bring it on!”

Tanner’s Letter

This means a lot to me.

Watch the Clock (It May Be Time)

“Drop me through to false concieving…” / “…It may be time, to pull the plug on all that brings us life……

Petals of Ice

“Life and death are two petals on the same rose…”

I Will Not Go Home

“You cannot tell me what I feel inside…”

Give Me Your Strength

“Life is but a simple road, glazed with mist of a thousand souls…”

Fire of the Guru

“The eyes of the windows of the portals of your soul will be no more…”

As I Await

“The fire burns within the dark of righteous sublime!” / “Behind these broken walls of sanctity so far off in the night&#…

Fight Me

“Your blood feeds me, I laugh at your pain…” / “It’s just another life I take…”

Rise of Imperfection

“Death awaits you within each and every corner of your mind…”

Singe the Waters

“Burn while you drown and forget about pain…”

Frigid Icy Punctures

“It hurt so much but with death as my crutch I have risen again…”

Eye of Ares

“Serve your God!”


“I’m told this life is not worth much more than the end.”

Welcome to Your Own Mind

“Welcome to your own mind…where I joust my poison unto thee…”

In My Darkest Hour

“Fear me in my darkest hour…” / “Battered and burned…”

Dream Links: Come For Me, part two

“Your burned face, damaged skin…the sick blades upon your right hand…” / “Running…running…not sur…


“Simplistically, I am your brother.”
A Creepy Liu Kang Sketch by TannerRagland I Love You, Kate by TannerRagland A Blank Expression Only Hides So Much by TannerRagland

Come For Me

“…my laughter will be the knife in your throat.”
Ignoring Distractions by TannerRagland Baring Fangs? by TannerRagland

Darkness Is Forever

“Nothing is ever rock-solid.” / “I compare my body to that of a dying star…” / “Fueling the energy sour…
My Sister by TannerRagland

A Cheater Reborn

“The path to forgiveness is narrow and strewn with thorns…” / “Faces turned away, with nothing to lose, I wait.R…

Your Voice Is Solace

“…spread to my fingertips in a benevolent electroshock of pure feeling.”


Ode’ to Mother.

A Key to My Heart

He loved her…T’was all for naught.
Me With Shorter Hair by TannerRagland Me and My Guitar by TannerRagland Katheryn Lynn Taylor by TannerRagland Shang Tsung Impression by TannerRagland


“If I were to wait for you…”
Life and Death by TannerRagland Tanner's Fireplace Shot by TannerRagland Tanner and His Mom by TannerRagland Tanner by TannerRagland


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