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Empty Inspiration

Inspiration. It can be so fleeting. It can be powerful, painful, raw, deep, light and shady. There are times when it can seemingly be everywhere, touching your artistic psyche and feeding the momentum of your work. Then there are the inspirational deserts…those times when even the most incredible and amazing refuses to penetrate and awaken the muse.…

The emptiness of an artist is a lonely space. Here things are heavier than elsewhere. After times of driven, frantic whirring and chaotic metamorphosis, the starkness of the silence can be deafening. When nothing speaks, the artist feels lost. Purpose fades. The heart aches. It’s like lost love. The pain is real, and the day-to-day takes on the flavour of cardboard. Thickness ensues. The days become a heavy syrup.

It’s times such as these whe

Born to be Free

Imagine spending several years on a project, living through all of highs and lows, and the person you are working with (whom you met many years ago through RedBubble), lives on the other side of the country, though you would dearly love that to not be the case. So most of that time, you are alone in your dedicated crafting.…

Time ticks on, and what starts off as being months, becomes years, but your belief never waivers. You hold on to the knowledge that you will get there in the end. You know many have faith in you, and though the path is long, you believe that it’s worth it, and that some time soon, you will be able to release the fruits of your labour into the world.

This week is such a time for me. The debut album i have been working on with my dear friend Peter Grigoriadis, AKA Musc

In other dimensions

As some of you are aware, i’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the video editing chair lately. This is what i do to balance the intense audio aspects of my profession in music and sound. The creative endeavours in the digital visual world often call to me, particularly after finishing music projects.

This year, instead of working from a photographic pallet, i’ve been seeking solice in digital animation. It’s a big learning curve, and i get easily frustrated and impatient with myself, but i am enjoying the journey, and now have something to share.

My most recent music videos are below. I hope you find time to enjoy them as much as i enjoyed making them :)




Just wanted to give a bit SHOUT-OUT to everyone for the fantastic and inspirational support you’ve shown this month. I’m totally humbled by it.

Last week saw the new recording DIMENSIONS released, and i’m really pleased it’s been received so well. As we all know, creating art is one thing, but when other peeps like your work…well, it warms the cockles of our hearts. So i say this with all honesty, i hope you all fall asleep when you listen to this!

If you’d like to hear it, you can listen to a sample on soundcloud or hear it and more on the website

Moving Forward

It’s easy to get stuck in a loop sometimes. Memories and perceptions-revisited can give the creative artist a sense of being in a rut, standing still, or not moving forward. This can be reflected in one’s work process or in ones output, where we feel a little bit like we’re not evolving or challenging ourselves to explore new territories. Sometimes this can lead to frustration or a notion of being caught within the layers of our own psyche, unable to push forward or move beyond our own personal experiences.…

It’s important for an artist to recognise that sometimes standing still is a part of the creative process. It’s not necessarily an indication of one’s abilities or denials, but an integral part of the journey. Sometimes taking the time to stand still and look intensively at the view f

When Up goes Down again

The see-saw of having a creative vocation is a never-ending cycle. Inspiration soars, and then just as quickly disappears. Opportunity knocks, and then suddenly becomes silent. Our world revolves around the unpredictable ups and downs; income instability, creative surges and blocks, successes and failures.…

One of the most valuable lessons for anyone in a creative vocation to learn, is that these peaks and troughs are a normal part of the game. What’s important is to hold on to the knowledge that the down will end, and the upswing will come. Not by sitting back and doing nothing, but by continuing with a sense of momentum. Sometimes this momentum draws us into new enterprises and new ideas, which can then lead to new inspiration and new opportunities.

When you’re in a downward swing, remin

Releasing Stuff

To set free from confinement, restraint, or bondage ;To free from something that binds, fastens, or holds back; let go.

It’s an interesting definition when you’re an artist. This weekend i released a new music track and now i feel very much like the above definition. I have let it go, but having spent so much intensity on the work, i feel a sense of anticlimax…an emptiness. No need to be concerned. This is a normal part of the process for me, and quite a familiar one for many artists like myself.

Prior to a work’s public release, it’s something private….like a part of me that hardly anybody knows about. It’s secret, and precious…something that’s all mine. I write often, but only release from time to time. Not everything i write i like…not everything i produce i’m happy with.

Hold Tight!

It’s new single time!
Yes, it’s been a while i know, but it’s the first in a line of music releases for 2012.
So, here’s the new downtempo track HOLD TIGHT over on CDBaby for digital download. Will be available in the next few days/weeks on itunes/amazon/spotify/etc.
[edit] is now here in the itunes store
you can also hear it on Spotify

Thanks a tonne for all of your support. And a special thanks to everyone who has been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping me keep working at what i do. You rock!

PS filmclip in the pipeline

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