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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...


2012..Maybe? Maybe not ????????

Like you …I ponder all this end time stuff.
Last year ? takes on a whole new level meaning when you consider the Mayans supposed predictions.
Heres some explanations of some predictions…funky stuff
I guess we will all be the judge as events actually unfold " – ))

30 new years realizations


1 .. My 1st Wife and I divorced over religious differences.
She thought she was God and I didn’t .
2.. I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.
3.. Some people are alive only because it’s illegal to kill them.
4.. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke .
5.. Don’t take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.
6.. You’re just jealous because the voices only talk to me
7.. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder .
8.. Earth is the insane asylum for the universe .
9.. I’m not a complete idiot — Some parts are just missing.
10.. Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
11.. NyQuil, the stuffy, sneezy, why-the-heck-is-the-room-spinning medicine.
12.. God must love stupid people; He made so many.
13.. The gene pool could use a little ch

more digital DA DA 4 those who care

we need a digital da da movement I believe..a Now version of what all these crazy europeans were attempting to do back at the start of the last century…

Fascinating weirdness..I do believe……. " – ))

if you enjoy these..follow the links on youtube..there are many more.

Inside a womans mind

Move me loose me. Cruise me and use me.
Loose me in that mind of yours that soft and swirling mass .
Pulsing to objects flashed on your screen it is Right now.
I’m grabing hold of your controls. Im in now you see and feeling you from the inside.…

Your mind… it feels all oozy and moist and deep, in your being you do seem to harbour such deep heart felt desires. Only no one else knows, accept you and me right now. Coz here I am inside.

From in here I can see those things you desire to do. I see so many of them as I’m cruisin through your central sphere of thinking.

Those thoughts you dont let go, wow look at that …I wont mention that one now..But you saw it as did I.

But here I stare right at them the blueprint of your thinking .

Not physical you see this mentality. This floating right through

the universalist pray

Hey Big Time creator energy who arts in heaven as it does on earth
hallowed be thy good vibes,
thy kingdom is alive on eARTh ( and many other spinning rocks I’m sure)
thy will it seems is usually the one that is done.
Please give us more days of less corporate and government control
lead us not into pastures that will be turned into parking lots.
make all the bad guys fall on their face as often as is possible.
for thine built the life kingdom full of painfull restraints,
just so you can be entertained daily I’m sure.
Your experiment called eARTh is so full of natural beauty
Please, give us this day a wonderful orgasm
and lead us into the best good vibes you can manifest.…

Please stop the maniacs who are too often attempting to turn us all into profit.
And may it one day soon be possible for all on e

Serendipity.... a fine human event

Good luck with your serendipity this year while looking for gifts for friends and family " – ))
ser·en·dip·i·ty (srn-dp-t)
n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties
1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.
[From the characters in the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip, who made such discoveries, from Persian Sarandp, Sri Lanka, from Arabic sarandb.]
seren·dipi·tous adj.
seren·dipi·tous·ly adv.
Word History: We are indebted to the English author Horace Walpole for the word serendipity, which he coined in one of the 3,000 or more letters on which his literary reputation primarily rests. In a letter of January 28, 1754, Walpole says that “this discovery, indeed, is almost of that kind which I ca…


To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.
::: Giorgio de Chirico :::
Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.
::: John Lennon :::
The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot, that God is at the center of the jaunt.
::: Bono :::
There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.
::: Henry Moore :::
You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.

is this you ?


The sign of the Ram is graced by the element of Fire, and if you were to use one word to describe Aries, it could easily be heat. People born under this sign have a passion and red-hot energy which often proves irresistible. It’s certainly never boring! Arians likes to initiate relationships, and the role of seducer comes to them easily. This sizzling romance dance will only work on those strong enough to stay in the game, because Aries wants a partner who can go toe-to-toe with them, whether it’s over lunch or in the bedroom. Aries likes to get its way and often pits the wishes of self against what is best for the partnership, which can lead to conflict. But then, these “battles” are often foreplay which can result in some sexy fireworks of their own. The Ram is possessed of a grea

brainstorm .. before the internet

amazing concept. before its time and natalie wood and christopher walken was quite the onscreen combo. Natalie wood died while this movie was being made. a bit sad but quite a concept movie. of what is yet to come im sure
full sensory recordings that we can all share over the internet one day.

I feel for the God Thingy..imagine never dying?

Imagine finding that you are born and you are never going to die.
so for fun, you create a world full of people
each one gets a split of your soul spark
that way it gets to see billions of versions of what life feels like in every living moment.
each spark dies away of old age.
while the original spark lives on as a knowing energy
as it looks onto a never ending future.
The job of god in a sense has been handed to us.
maybe we are all simply an experiment in consciousness?
a species designed to explore the realms of 3 dimensions, inside time and space and its restraining factors.
but hey we just get a nano second to live our lives compared to the eternity that existence may have before it.
so the god energy has quite a burden to bare really.
Imagine knowing you will never ever die?
makes it easy to s…

we know

the numbing pulse of the media’s hum.
we watch………
the play is to control our souls.
we are animals in form, highly developed in intellect capacity is our species.
we carry life within us, as do all the animals and plants who spin the sphere with us.
we each and all know what is right and what is wrong.
they perform such a complicated performance for us
those who are leaders?
we watch, we listen………..
the human species seems locked in a battle of good versus evil.
when in fact it is survival for life itself that is at stake.
we watch we see, we listen, we hear………..
the fact that we are four forms in human…..black white yellow and red,
means we are made differently in many ways, even though we all share whats red which our hearts make for our survival, our red blood.
we need clean air to survive, and clea…

when nothing " IS" Happening

a rather strange quandary just wafted across my thinking.
it struck me as to the enormity of everything.
not a subject our human central nervous system can comprehend easily.
but in fact nothing is now everything…….
well the part about nothing becoming a bang.. a very BIG BANG.. is infact nothing leading to everything.
So it struck me that when nothing seems to be happening……. look out..
it may just BANG your everything.
all things that are, and ever has been…. came from nothing is my point.
so infact nothing seems to be the central foundation point for where we all go next.
no one has a real clue why
IT ALL IS. The greatest minds of this world have pondered the fact that we are all here and now growing daily through an expansionary process so far beyond our comprehension, yet we are equipped to…

Hows your entelechy feeling?

That which we often seek.
en·tel·e·chy (n-tl-k)
n. pl. en·tel·e·chies
1. In the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; actuality.
2. In some philosophical systems, a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment.

how your thinking right now.

there is a lot going on inside you right now… which enables you to be sitting there and reading this…. right now, your internal electricals are performing wonders..right under your skin.
Check out the artistic design and amazing capabilities of some of the stuff that makes you you.
Neurons amazing little body parts " – ))

turner & landscapers

how did I put this up?
this but with a lower case y
every youtube has a code the load code on red bubble needs this

paste the url you choose including the word watch…………………
and all else thats in the code
so the above code to go live = this ( but with a lower case y in the word youtube

Maybe the Mayans knew about Iran and Israel when they saw the calander end???

Dont like being alarmist. BUT..
With the world in the current shape it’s in.
With no one with a plan to upswing the US and Euro economies???
Well History tells us that the rules of the War Game are you need a trigger to inititate full on Base Hatred.
Only this time.. Its at a Nuclear level.

If the World leaders ..who really have no idea….
do take us to the Big Button Push… See
Ya on the Far side I hope.

Russia Seems to be being anti west and anti Israel it seems… they have been attempting to stave off the US anti nuke weapons and Nato growth.
Looks like theyare not going to just sit back and let Israel and or the US. step on Iran????

This is a worry " - ((

Humanity has followed a cycle over the past 100 years.
This is a Bad Sign

I hope the money spent on war or what could be, goes to feeding a few more Brits.
The War Machine producers are the only ones who profit in anyway from waging war.
Its in the English DNA to fight sadly, thats how they got us all speaking English I guess..???

perfection? = be a flower.

“Flowers do not force their way with great strife. Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun…. Don’t be in a hurry about spiritual matters. Go step by step, and be very sure.”
White Eagle ( American Red Indian Chief )…

“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.”
unknown author

“Everyone has their own special gift. In some it is speech, in some, silence. The world has need of small perfection as well as great achievements.”

unknown author

“The surest hindrance of success is to have too high a standard of refinement in our own minds, or too high an opinion of the judgment of the public. He who is determined not to be satisfied with anything short of perfection will never

Lets just Faith the facts " - ))

Some quotes that float my boat. Please enjoy " – ))…

Faith is like electricity. You can’t see it, but you can see the light.
- Anonymous

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.
- Helen Keller

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.
- Henry David Thoreau

If you can’t have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live.
- George Edward Woodberry

I am one of those who would rather sink with faith than swim without it.
- Stanley Bladwin

If a blade of grass can grow in a concrete walk and a fig tree in the side of a mountain cliff, a human being empowered with an invincible faith can survive all odds the world can throw against his tortured sou

Did Germany really loose the war? ( AO Content warning.)

The fact is that Germany and France are @ the core of the Euro Zones power.
Funny how the next level of Europe is also linked to the German banks ruling the roost??? This explains it all.. It does have a lot of truth…but also adult language.
So if your under 18 please go watch some sweet friendly pop music.. " – ))

How to fix the Worlds economic woes.

OK here we go.
Ive been watching the world get ready for another major economic meltdown as have you.
There is an easy fix, so easy really, it just needs a UN mandate.
it goes like this.
Just double the value of every currency on eARTh.
that way the debt halves instantly
everyone is worth double, even the rich, and even the rich wouldnt mind their debts halved either I guess? "
but best of all everyones debt…everywhere, gets cut in half " – )) easy peazy

“Look out for the BIG PAYOUTS Due from Greece though ":http://e.businessinsider.com/public/423052
" – ((

look the right way

look the right way

Big Better Best
Wild over the top amazing
Brilliant great Huge
glorious wonderfull
amazingly good
gob smacking

thats life " – )) When you look at it right
Ok the road can get a bit bumpy sometimes
but we all spend a long time dead, so might as well enjoy the ride.
Bumps and all.

eon $pecial ...How to Ma$ter Money

Ancient wisdom from the 80’s……I did this course with Stuart Wilde in New York way back when.
After you get over laughing at the 80’s fashions. Hear the ideal way$ that you can change your perception of Dollar$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in a way that makes more $en$e.
Only for tho$e who are really ready to recieve more though " – )) $ome wi$dom i$ timele$$

God loves us all...thats why it takes us all back..in the end.

I figure that there was or is two ways to see it.
A. The creator died and had the big bang as it parted existence and left it all we are all splits of its emotion , soul and energy program…
or B. The original developer is still alive in spirit and watching and feeling what we are all doing in every moment of our existence. Its all so bloody complicated and fascinating to all just be a chance development, dont you think?…

As above so below has to be in the interplay. How can all this complication, emotion and potential be without a code developer? We are the living experiment on eARTh.

There has been a bit of work in the area of Physical reality Out there in space something has done a few experiments in physical shapes over a few zillion years. It does seem to have a thing about globes. Reall

What if?

What if God is using your eyes to see the world? and everyone else’s too ?
My theory is that every living thing with eyes, humans birds fish, has eyes so as to send the visuals back to the core thought. I may be wrong though ?
its just that it might wanna see whats going on with its creation.

Which LOVE works best for you? ....Definitions

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. Love is central to many religions, as in the Christian phrase, “God is love” or Agape in the Canonical gospels.

Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection.

In English, love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from pleasure (“I loved that meal”) to interpersonal attraction (“I love my partner”). “Love” may refer specifically to the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love, to the sexual love of eros, to the emotional closeness of familial love, or

wishing comes true when you trust in who?

transperacy is the cutting sword of our deeper understanding
the way of true wisdom is to watch and listen
to locate some lattitude of and even misapprehension.
to then dispell the falsehoods and see the clarity of realities dimensions
to see a bird fly is to see that all things are possible
in a sea of dreaming made real in 3D
the way of the rich is gay abandon
that gift is given to few, yet the allure of instant riches
grabs us and pulls us into its web of hope and desires.
then there was a new way
they often push aside what was good before them.
progress is a bull dozer stripping away naked forrest. a ball and chain to shatter places that offered shelter from many storms
we see all and the hearing is infinite
our touch shows up some where in the matrix of our perception
the sound of a second is bri…

extra special @ eon on sunday

quite fascinating this one.
I started tracking a video producer and visual
artist called Stephane Sednaoui
a French fellow ( ofcourse )
who does vid clips for many hot talents
Bjork, Madonna, Garbage and Tricky, Massive attack
Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more
quite a talent with a video – music blender me thinks " – ))
SOME AO Content in these too.. Just so ya know

your very own and private memory lanes

Your mind will take you there, you watch.…

The first ever thought that you can recall, something turned on the recorder?
Your first day @ school you sat and felt a new world, surrounding you,
how about a roast beef sandwich when it drips onto your lips.

The smell of bacon and eggs the morning after.
The first time you were kissed for real,
and you felt it deep within.

Your first time riding a bike did you feel the rush as you took to the new way to fly?Your first ever R rated movie, I bet you were too young.

your favourite toast topping, its a bummer when you find theres none in the jar.
When you drove for the first time, that feeling of a new control.
The first joint you experienced as it swilled around your head. thats if you inhaled of course? The moment you first saw a naked person and you k

Nature can be pure savagery..Think of the predators as the banks

In the following clip you will see natures finest going for dinner.
I often watch these and wonder about the herd of Buffalo.
If they all turned together at once and took on the aggressive predators? The predators would be wiped out.
The banks and the systems we all live in are similar. If we all turned on them together in one powerful exchange we could wipe the predators out. The Banks, like the natural hunters of the wild pick on the individual one by one and eat us all up for lunch. Consolidating our power and fighting back…?
???? maybe one day?
Imagine if 15 million Americans just said Give me a better interst rate or we leave your bank? That would bring the lion to its knees MMmmmmmmmmm?…

Ah one can have a dream I guess " – ))
Nature sure has some strange clauses in its natural order of thi

Live long ...Die Hard???

One of my Fave Australian TV shows
The GRUEN Transfer …..poses some BIG Questions..
They ponder much about the Hype and advertising world that sells stuff to us all
here are some fine examples.

a list of 140 archetype human charactures..do you fit any? YET?

A friend sent me this list
Author unknown…Its all about the archytypes we can at times fall into " – ))
ENJOY finding yourself ..I did…sort of " – ))…

Willing Hero — King Arthur; Leelu from The Fifth Element; Hercules
Unwilling Hero — Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbitt, Phillipe Gaston from Ladyhawke
Cynical Anti-hero — Han Solo from Star Wars
Tragic Anti-hero -Lestat from Ann Rices’ Vampire Chronicles; Darth Vader from Star Wars
Group-oriented Hero -
CuChulainn from Irish myth.
Loner Hero -Indiana Jones, Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess
Catalyst Hero -
Any mentor (s/he’s the hero of their own stories)
Dark Mentor — anti-heroic character, the inversion of heroic values
Fallen Mentor — characters who are having difficulty with their own heroic journey
Continuing Mentor — recurring characters in a series o

A Painter A photographer, and The Digital Options.

With hand and skill a painter paints a thought from thin air. With skill a photographer shoots to capture a reality.
With skill and 2000 years of technological advancements, a digital artist has the ability to blend and combine the shooting, imaginative thinking and the painting elements all in one " – ))

But then again, they will have a camera one day that will make a photo of a thought that we can all see I’m sure " – ))

how humans do it ..in space

this is funky…seeing how we crawl our way into outer space.

this one shows how there is now the most potent radio telescope coming online in Chile.
10 times more powerful than even the Hubble telescope.
We will soon be able to watch God taking a shower @ home " – ))

We sure live in a fascinating time as the Species spreads its wings and minds, further than any before.

The Art of the Painted Lady

The colour of passion
The colours to attract
the colours of show?
Sweet painted ladies.
We humans really are quite strange creatures " – ))
I have never bought a lip stick as a gift for a woman
which met with instant recognition.
Lipstick colour choice is this private “THING” it seems that is between a
woman and her colour " – (( ))

The Art and bio of Richard Hamilton who died recently

At a Retrospective of his work in 2001


The Man was a giant of New Art Thinking .
Andy Warhol just copied his concepts and ran with em in many ways
Thats what Americans sometimes do. " – ))

from wickepedia
Richard Hamilton (artist)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton, 1992
Born 24 February 1922
Pimlico, London, England
Died 13 September 2011 (aged 89)
Nationality British
Field Collage, painting, graphics
Training Royal Academy
Slade School of Art
University College, London
Movement Pop Art
Works Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?
Richard William Hamilton1, CH (24 February 1922 – 13 September 2011) was a British painter and collage artist. His 1956 collage, Just what is it that makes today’s homes so dif

SHOCK OF THE NEW - The Ultimate Art Special

Sorry bout the picture quality though " – ((. I was just happy to find an episode.." – )).
SHOCK OF THE VIEW … by Robert Hughes, is the Best art video Ive ever watched.Robert hughes was the Art Critique for the Times magazine for many years, he really gets in depth about art and the artists who create it.I have the whole series on Betacord video ..thats how old it is, " – )) but like art itself its timeless " – )) Heres a sample.

Self Realization.. Right Now!

You can if you want, feel your pulse, right now.
Go on feel it………
Its pumping non stop right?
If not your dead.
Are you making it pump?
Is that pumping not the ultimate gift you have in every living moment?
You inherited that pumping heart.
From every living soul who passed you that gift of life.
Probably over 3000 souls lived on this planet that are connected to you now being here.
Every now dead relative passed the gift of your life to you, down through the ages.
That sperm that first swam for its life was you.
carrying that spark of life.
Now you are what it became.
Lets consider the enormity of that thought for a moment?
OK now that we have established that reality, lets consider why your here?
Potentially to be the very best you can be right?
Thats a potential in the reality of your existence…

The WARHOL Factor...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Andy Pandy Sugar & Pie. He produced a new way to look at what art and society is
4. watch?v=bZDKthTflgA&feature=related

In his own words…
He didnt even do all the art with his name on it?
Gotta love a guy who can whip up such a multi million dollar art output centre
based on his aura.

OK You need your thinking cap on for this...

I had a coffee with a friend today.
We got chatting about nationalities.
We turned it into a bit of a game.
So If your game lets see what you think.

I will drop in a list of nationalities.
I ask that you copy the list and pop “One word” next to the nationality that first pops to your mind …kinda what you think describes that nations people.

New Zealand

just the first word that pops into your mind

we did more over our coffee " – ))
but hey see if anyones game to have a go

9 - 11 - 2001 ....... The biggest money $pinner in the history of the U$ Military establishment

The tragedy of 9 – 11 will never be forgotten.
Behind the immense sadness over loss of lives are truths still waiting to be told.
We know America is made on capitalism.
We have also seen what US governments and corporations do around the Globe daily.
We know the Global Financial Meltdown came from America and spread like wild fire around the globe after 8 years of G W Bush as the President there.…

The US Military probes all corners of the globe and has done since America began.
Imagine if the total US military budget, since the development of the Atom Bomb, had of been spent on developing education and hospitals and medical research around the world.

They had the Biggest stick in the World, the day they killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens.
Would the Moslem radicals have been so ful

CANCER CURE...... A Real One .....I'm trying it out...makes ya feel good too

Well we live in strange and ever changing times.
I heard about this and have been using it regulaly for about a year now.
As a smoker of a few years…. well you might say Im exploring it as a back up plan " – ))
The Video introduces you to the fellow who has made making Miracles happen a life long pursuit. Apptly he is named Jim Humble. You can decide for yourself. I have put a couple of people who have cancer onto this. So far Im hearing good things.
You can buy it on the internet. Im lucky my local health food store in Kew sells it.
Ive also read the book Mr. Humble has written, he explains how to produce the Miracle Drops even…. he is not a man who is in it just for the money. His story is unique… a bit like you would image a fine maverick might be.
Meet Jim Humble…………………….…


This is wh

Made Sales ...THEN WHAT???????

Does anybod in Bubble land know who to speak to about getting paid for sales?
Made several over recent weeks But No Money My Way.
Starting to wonder big about whos running this show and why Im even participating

Ive attempted a phone call ???? But Hey there aint one.

If you have a clue about who handles the money Id greatly appreciate a
heads up? "’ – ((

nothing will change as long as profit rules over sanity

Seems to me that we are all a bit stuck.
We can all see what is going on around us.
We are being raped by bankers.
Bankers own politicians and politicians make the many rules under which we live.
Bankers have no interest in people, other than their capacity to feed the debt beast of their creation. Funny how whole nations are now finally having to face the facts of a decayed burnt out sytem.
George Bush took America and the world to war in Iraq for what?
The war in Iraq cost about the American people the future, their taxes are spent for the next 6 generations at least.
While China watches and does little to play police. But I guess their version of society control will eventually rule us all. MMMMM?…

They sure are making everything these days and sucking the earth of any available resource as th

If you like my art?

Im doing a web site to help sell my Mums clothing
a lot of crushed silk designs and many layered feminine good gear designs, amazing fabrics too.
I will post a link shortly…My Mum is a brilliant designer of clothes
its like having coco chanel for a mum " – )) I hope alls well in your bubble and real world…more on eon Mum’s clothing soon. ( She has been in fashion a lot of my life so I have kinda grown up with a family making clothes, my sister brought Jigsaw clothing stores to Australia.started it with 6 stores then sold to current owners ) But thats another eon story.

Would you like a Rich Husband or partner?

Just an observation Id like to share with you.

If you consider every Rich Man on earth , you know
that they have a lot of sex.

Therefore, reality makes men who have a lot of sex very rich.

A man with regular great sex is indeed a very happy man.

No man on earth would deny that. Of this I am certain.

Share the fortunes of love I say " – ))

A quick Snapshot of Earth ( Our only Home ) ATM

Quite a Time we are now living in. Don’t you think?…

Libya has a revolution for democracy
Followed by Tunisia then Egypt.
Libya is in the throws also right now.

In Japan there is a Nuclear power plant simply smoldering ( Still ) and emitting deadly radioactive substances into the atmosphere that we all live in.

Rupert Murdoch who owns a chunk of the worlds media, some would say all the potent media. He is being dragged over the Phone Hacking Coals and may be infected in the US any day now if they implicate News Hackers getting into 9 / 11 victims phones. His Son and heir apparent is about to face a hearing where it will be exposed that he knew everything going down with bribery to cops and knowingly breaking the law of the UK land.

Then there is the Greece, financial problem.. our oldest ho

The New Cold War

Freeze the US Economy with a Default and Fuck up the Chinese, with a BIG IOU They have taken US Dollars for stuff, lottsa Stuff……….whoops sorry No cash Now theres a weapon of mass distraction for you.

Then Greece will fall over and Spain and Italy will stop functioning for good measure.
This is the system that beat Communism right ??? " – ))
Gotta Love being on the sidelines as the system just dies around us.

Wheres Milton Freidman when you need him?

Oh Thats right he said Capitalism will find its natural level, then he went and died.

Bill Gates has it worked out ?????


I was rather lucky

Happy Weekend to you of eARTh on this fine day – eve

My luck was doing this art work and then realizing how well the colours interact with the fantastic VIDEO
synchronicity is fun " – ))

God is changing things around a bit lately

Get the feeling that we are experiencing the quickening?
The Arabs are democretizing
despot tyrants are being deposed in Africa
America is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Greece is about to tumble
Spain to big to fail and to huge to save
Italy is a basket case
like a Ferrari things happen quick there.
Australia is dealing with carbon pollution.
Like it or not.

what ever you call the force, the energy that it all is.
as we watch.

its moving stuff around on many levels
Christchurch ?
whats next?
china just continues to expand, while they count all the money they have that used to be ours.

what are these times telling us?

America is actually bankrupt. The current US debate is not about how to balance a budget, its about having no money of real value, and simply fighting over how to get more debt filled money to simply keep the largest economy from melting down totally. Europe is on the brink of financial collapse.Those German and French workers who are paying the Tax to keep Germany and France going are going to get pretty pissed off when they fully comprehend that 30% of their tax’s are going to prop up poorer Euro countries. The only winners looks like the bankers
(of course ) with their big economic sticks, the ones who are forcing Greece ( and soon Italy and Spain ) to sell itself in order to be called Europeans???…

The prime objective of a capitalistic bank is to make more profits, not a better world.

Do the Ultra Rich feel pain too?

Who would have ever thought that the King maker himself would one day be forced to face his darker side, such are the woes of Australia’s most successful yet some what with Dubious export Rupert Murdoch.
In the Movie Highlander many moons ago there was a battle between the Kurgan and the head of the Murdoch Clan.
The moral of that film was
There can be only one.
I wonder if the planet will ever see one man mass so much power and money.
Only to be brought down by Bad practises ..Like illegally securing information and using criminals to do the dirty work, then a paper trail of all the crooked cops he has paid off to keep his MESS QUIET

Everything will change, thats the only guarantee it seems. no matter how much Moolah$$$$$$$$ you pop into a bank. Or how many Politician$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


the Fox is on the Run

Poor old Rupey.
hes been a bad bad boy,
he likes to ease drop on private calls it seems.
A person who peers through a window at night is called a voyer right?
So whats it called when you like to eaves drop on private phone calls?

Now the System he helped to manufacture . The Status Quo is now chasing him it seems?

he wants to own the news of the world but he is killing the British version, coz its now on fire " – )) Not bad for a Boy from Toorak Rd . Melbourne really ." – ))


This is a first
I got a Google message about Malware inside Red Bubble

Warning: Something’s Not Right Here!
www.redbubble.com contains content from img2.tinypic.info, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you’ve visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it’s possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.

kate moss to marry kills man

gotta love her cotton socks
kate moss is a rebel one me thinks
shes pregnant and is MARRYING
this weekend to The Guy from the Kills
Now that wil be a happy time Im sure
The gown will be white
Im sure
so you wont notice the cocaine she drops on it " – ))


I just invented a new word

the delphic mades me think of how Greece is today
The birth place of Socrates and Plato
where reason is said to have been born
so many centuries ago
now this?
the euro central bankers
attempting to swindle a whole country.
what a mess

China will buy a peice, I’m sure.. given a chance
maybe they will bail em out and we will see the start to their
financial power owning everything.
Well they own global manufacturing, thats quite apparent.

reasons to be cheerfull

Well your alive…right
The many wonderful chance encounters you will have in the future
the tenderness you will share and feel
The bright sunny days where the sun kisses your nose
the days at the beach
the nights watching the stars
the people who love you wether your all dressed up or a slob
the waking moments when the light seeps into your dreams
The fog on a cold winter evening
The smile on the face of the children you know.
The cup cakes you will pinch at a party when no one is watching
The brilliant music you will hear when you need it
The dog you love when it bounds at you with no cares just joys.
The fave meal you will make and savour
Your fave wine
A trip to some place you really really want to go to
So many things to place a smile on your dial
The good always out does the bad,
when your ready to se…


The truth will set you free.
I like that idea

Thanks to Linaji for bringing this to my attention.
I will do it in parts. enjoy.
So far what Ive seen..leads me to believe there is deep truth here.

Mans Mid Life Rage - Change?

A great article a friend sent me. I never thought of the male of the species with this . but Hey ..Ya never Know?????
Opens ones eyes to the stereo types we can fall into.
Extracts from The Inner Man by Peter O’Connor…

Women are often bewildered and frightened by the rage that characterises the Male mid-life transition. In this second excerpt from The Inner Man, Peter O’Connor looks at the whys and wherefores of men’s mid-life rage.

…..It is now, at mid-life, time to descend and face that which has been banished to Hades or the unconscious.
There is, of course, an upsurge of an urgency to know and triumph over unknowing and, as a characteristic defence against loss, this manic defensive behaviour is usually aroused. The pattern here is one of triumphing over, control of, and contempt for, an

Not for the faint hearted. December 21st. 2012?

The core of the story 2012..So the story goes..
Big Time. according to this.A major cleanse of the eARTh
or a fanciful fiction?

It reminds me a little of the Orson Wells invasion from Martian’s on his historic Radio broadcasts Lots of people thought the End Was Nigh. It wasn’t " – ))

what makes em tick?

The new Madonna ? or a smart performer ? she has whipped up the hype machine.

How many attempt the BIG League? How many make it? This lady seems to have the trick worked out?

When the selling was easier?

Funny how it goes in art.
Having an art agent – dealer now thats what is required.
I had a dealer in New York when I lived there, put on some great art shows in a loft I had on 10th St. My then art dealer anne Maria was a hot shaker and mover.
I was lucky she took a shine to me and I think my Aussie Accent.…

We did some joint shows with my art my gallery space and several artists she also handled, who I did some shows with
I was making $6,000 to $8,000 a canvas in the late 90’s AHHHHhhh Those were the days…
I can at least say that though Im not now living in New York
@ least now I have some artworks that face the New York Skyline.
I sold a big 2 meter square canvas I did by hand not digitally, to a rather rich New Jersey based doctor in about 1997,he lived directly opposite the statue of liberty

Bless Her Wooley Sox...Now all Stand " - ))

Its the Queens B Day 2 Day..Well the official one. @ least.
So funny how some stories simply take hold.
Here we all are in Australia, in 2011…spinning around the Sun at considerable velocity. No one knows why….
Yet the fairy tale of a Queen is still the story of the day. " – )) Thanks Queenie..May the B Day Fairy deliver you a Lovely cuppa Tea in Bed and I hope the Corgis dont pee on your rug " – ))

IT was always difficult

can you remember when IT was hard to understand

IT rules the world now. IT’s still hard to decipher though " – ))
as Lurch would say

Thursday words of wisdom

Gotta love a Great Quote " – ))…

“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.”
William A. Ward

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Thomas Edison

“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.”
Napoleon Hill

“People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.”
George Allen

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”
Thomas Carlyle

“Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplis

the last pART of Jennifer B's interview

I decided I dont want to add to any hostility that is apparent in some parts of Red Bubble, over recent events so I asked for the interview I did earlier today to be turned off..I’ll continue protesting the childen’s wear problem until it is fixed by the default option being removed from the children’s wear.

peace and take care. :-) Jennfer B

todays words of wisdom

Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse…

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
— Pablo Picasso

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they must either change or cease.
— Brett Whiteley

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.
— Salvador Dali

I always work out of uncertainty but when a painting’s finished it becomes a fixed idea, apparently a final statement. In time though, uncertainty returns.. your thought process goes on.
— Georg Baselitz

I do hope I play out the contradictions that I feel, all the anxieties and dilemmas. If they’re there in the work, then that’s brilliant.
— Jenny Saville

I know that to paint the sea really well, you need to look at it every hour of every day in the same place so that you can understand its way

sign in here

Your eon zodiac read, may it assist a smile when you find yours.…


The sign of the Ram is graced by the element of Fire, and if you were to use one word to describe Aries, it could easily be heat. People born under this sign have a passion and red-hot energy which often proves irresistible. It’s certainly never boring! Arians likes to initiate relationships, and the role of seducer comes to them easily. This sizzling romance dance will only work on those strong enough to stay in the game, because Aries wants a partner who can go toe-to-toe with them, whether it’s over lunch or in the bedroom. Aries likes to get its way and often pits the wishes of self against what is best for the partnership, which can lead to conflict. But then, these “battles” are often foreplay which can result in

spoken but not heard

brain rain with chopsticks
patriotic neurotic idiotic
wife strife life knife life
plane train all you feel
& all you need is love.

luck suck ….k muck
these are a few of my things.
favourites are usually tasty
warranted the taster shall
@ all times remain the judge.

so now here I am inside your mind.
arrival is always the enjoyable part.
for me @ least.
its interesting in here
you have been
thinking a bit today.
you have an orderly mind really
maybe just a few old files
you could probably file away as
outside the air is fresh
its good when that happens.

how goods your memory?

always reminds me of my friend in school age 13 who showed me what green cigarettes were like.
This album was the days music " – ))

You never forget the first time

if you are American and you voted for BUSH

FUAR OUT…. can you see the State of the World Today ? That you caused?…

You let a total arse hole rule the " FREE?"world. Now we are all feeling the after effects. and it aint looking too bright in the land of milk and honey over the next decade either.

Obama is a nice enough Guy. He’s a lame duck Presso atm though…But it was Republican thinking Profit Hunger, Bush and Cheney being in control for 8 years ??? That has totally Screwed the planet.

Hold on to your hats and wallets people. Europe is about to go into Money Melt Down soon, making the round one GFC look like a tea party.
All because Bush decided to attempt to suck Iraq dry of oil and not having a clue about America building.

This is a bit of a rant that comes after reading a considerable amount of comment and insight into what led

Todays words of wisdom

Something is sure to ring true " – )) 4 U…

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them." – Harold J. Smith

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

How can anyone ever love you for who you are if you become someone else to be with them?

You can only see others as clearly as you see yourself.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

The world reflects what you need to see, not only what you want to see.
“The price of greatness is responsibility.”- Sir Winston Churchill
Life isn’t about what happens to us. It’s about how we perceive what happens to us.

and now for todays words of wisdom " - ))

When bad things happen, that’s good. (When good things happen, you shouldn’t need a philosophy.)
- Mike Mathers, adapted…

It has done me good to be somewhat parched by the heat and drenched by the rain of life.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
- Edmund Burke (1729-97)

You have no friends; you have no enemies; you have only teachers.
- Ancient saying

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher.
- Ken Keyes, Jr.

I thank God for my handicaps, for, through them, I have found myself, my work, and my God.
- Helen Keller (1880-1968)

Looking back, we see with great clarity, and what once appeared as difficulties now reveal themselves as blessings.
- Dan Millman, adapted

Old age, to the un

the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

So help me god " – ))

I watched this in bits. Its insightful indeed. The beast that rules us THE DOLLAR has a beingness that is of its own making. Its called CORPORATION.

Profits first, People second is the credo that drives the hungry beast. All Humans on eARTh should see this.

the trailer first

then the real thing……… in full when you feel a need to know?

as an artist

as an artist
you have chosen the most freeing of tasks.
The ultimate experience to explore everything and yet with a
need to conquer none or no one.
this is the spirit of adventure born of the freedom of thought
within time and space
and the constraints of the system, and all manner of 3 dimensional exchange.
appreciation of art
is to savour the new and the essence in all things. " – ))
the essence of which is what formed the all before it was even present.

steve @ eon 2011

How to handle conflict?

an article a friend sent me. I thought is has some good points " – ))…

Every so often we are presented with aggression. Someone has taken offence to something we have done or said, or perhaps we’re being held accountable for something we didn’t even do. Sometimes it’s all due to the other person having a very bad day and you being in the vicinity at the time.
In a perfect world everyone would get along at all times. Differences of opinion would be interesting facets of personality that we’d laugh about and move onto the next discussion. Disagreements would be settled amicably and we would all just get along.
We all know that this isn’t the world we live in. Competing priorities and stressed out co-workers and customers lead to conflict and aggression, which is sure to arouse some emotion in

Want a new Day Gig?

The company I work for is looking for a new salesperson..
Yep A real paying day gig.
Calling on restaurants is the job,
Selling a ph. App food ordering service.
If your at all interested or if you know someone who is looking?
Just B Mail me and I ll fill you in on the details.
You do need a car. It’s a real job and the
Guy who is the boss is a good guy.
We are looking for new people in each
Australian State too "- ))

todays music quiz ?????

In your opinion….. whos the best performer of these 4 ladies ?
or if you have another Fave Fem singer? Please let me know? " – ))
and or share your fave fem performer on vid if ya can ?


are you a Coke or Pepsi drinking person?
a Ford or General Motors buyer?
a Toyota or Mazda preferrer?
Do you do Burger King – Hungry Jack’s ( in Oz ) or McDonalds?

are you a Mac or PC User?

I ask coz in society I find it interesting how we are usually given two choices in so many categories.
We live in a time when only a few rule the sector they are in.
My theory is you could track a persons political persuasion
based around their commercial decisions.

I found it strange when I realized that Red is a Republican colour in the US and Blue the liberals while in Australia The Red is the Labour Party and the Blue is used by the Australian conservative party the liberals.
See they even grab a colour and run with it.

a new world born

To look at a Baby, New Born
is to see the world a new.. its what it is to all of us, and what we focus open often becomes clear to see , and in fact becomes our lives when we ad our interest and desires. " – )) With each new birth also comes new hope.

whats in a name?

your top 10 fave names? A friend asked me for my fave names he is about to become a Dad..
audrey sienna natalie sally charlotte
jack oliver ben alexander charlie

what would you say?

Have you ever cringed at what religion has done and continues to do on this planet?

This video will alter your concepts. All those ideas and concepts of religion.
See how many supposed Faiths are based on the exact same story and why?
Not your regular Video this one. It leaves me feeling more than ever that Universalism is the Best . It’s there so I believe in it. " – )) Im humbled and in awe at what simply “IS”
All the dusty old stories and rules of so many religions are totally based on and what people kill for, still till this day. ? Whatever moves the Sun across our sky and pops the moon up for light at night. Now theres a BIG POWER.

All religion is mankind’s interpretation, passed down over centuries..infecting most of the planet in some form or another. This is worthy of a good look I promise " – ))


More Hitler News?

It seems that the HITLER Vibe is spinning around the Planet
Read this article to see that a Danish Film Director just got the Bullet from the Cannes Film Festival governing Body coz he said he had sympathy with Adolph Hitler.

What is it with all

" – (( Lots of people leaving the bubble Ive been noticing.. Bloody Sad and for what?
To keep Hitler Art up here?
" Heres a list of just some who have left"http://www.redbubble.com/people/flame7/journal/...

classic & remixed

Sometimes dub remix’s can add a new dimension.
The original is up there in top song world me thinks ’ – ))
Happy Lunch Time for those in OZ " – ))_

I spent 5000+ nights there

big cities are quite a concept
when I lived in new york and when iwas single
Id go out all night just walking the streets of new york
the clubs the night life, the parties. the bars
and the music. all quite a vibe.
one I will never forget
this clip reminded me of many many late night walks in new york.

14 years yep 5000 nights is close though many weekends
towards the end of my stint there were spent in a farm house
in Connecticut in a place called new milford. thats was for
peaceful sleeping.

european cities are also best to explore @ night I think
London in winter is amazing and I did do paris at 4 am in the
morning once there is a blue in paris that is unique in the
sky to that city.
i played this in my walkman as I walked around too.


in venice its the pink in the sunset.

its a very very very Big Dream

the Great Spirit is having the dream and we are all acting on its stage in its’ 3D.
each with our own choices to make every living moment.
if it happens, it took many many billions of years of time.
Just to happen exactly as it does.
there is integrity to it’s form, the love it allows us to know and feel is it’s blessing.

want to see a miracle?

look in a mirror and breath " -))
We all spend a long time dead.
Make each moment the Present you want to open.
See the evil for what it is,
live in reverse.

Keep your barrow moving forward and smiling helps a lot " – ))


lots of
is for
will understand the idea ’ – ))
Ad $$$$$

NEW YORK ART GALLERIES Any ONe ? There are a few

Some Good Links See You in Manhatten in a moment

Midtown Art Galleries
A. Jain Marunouchi
A La Vielle Russie
Alexandre Gallery
Amador Gallery
Ana Tzarev Gallery
Babcoock Galleries
Bernarducci Meisel Gallery
Berwald Oriental Art
Bill Hodges Gallery
Bonni Benrubi Gallery
Carlton Rochell Asian Art
Chaib-Sedduk Contemporary Art Projects
David Findlay Jr. Fine Art
Davidson Contemporary
D. Wigmore Fine Art
Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art
Edwynn Houk Gallery
Forum Gallery
Fountain Gallery
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
Franklin Parrasch Gallery
Frederico Sėve Gallery
Galerie St. Etiennel
Gering & Lopez Gallery
Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
Hammer Galleries
Hammer Graphics
Haunch of Venison
Howard Greenberg Gallery
Higher Pictures
ir77 Contemporary Art
Jadite Galleries
James Goodman Gallery
Jason McCoy, Inc.
J.N. Bartfield Galleries

You wont believe this ?????????????????

Guess what day Hitler was announced dead?

MAY 1st
which is May 2nd in the next time zone ofcourse..Just strange me thinks how out of 365 days in a year
the two biggest mad men the planet has known are pronounced dead.
Fascinating indeed. I wonder what day George W. will kark?

Maybe Osama was Adolf reincarnated??????
They Both disliked the Folks from Israel too.

You want Complete Truth?....It's not what you may want to hear though.

I seek information….I share facts I find of importance…..We are watching what Nature can do when pushed to extremes …Do humans effect the environment? Of course we do……In the past 100 years we have altered the very genetic structure of life on eARTh, with the over 50 nuclear bomb tests alone,…

There are now radioactive substances and particles in everything on earth that were not present in our forefathers. Our race to speed the pace of capitalism and profit has lead us to suck the eARTh of all its power….These videos share a view of reality we dont want to see………As sentient beings in bodies our souls are who we really are………Nature may be getting wild…But What Humans in Power are doing is even more violent when you see the facts.

Just watch this and see how many gallons of oil we suck out

The many words of God as reported???

This is a fine example of the TRANSLATION OF THE WORD OF GOD

Ursury is lending money for profit.
Its what makes banks work all over the world.
In fact its a sin. But Hey do the banks give a flying f………………?
Tis all BS..How we uphold Biblical concepts…

A book written by a bunch of individuals 300 years after the fact.

PROFIT and as much as is possible is what makes the world churn as it does.
In the Future if we dont wind up destroying the planet, they will I hope develop a new premise upon which to build a better world
People first Profit second if not the law of Profit will simply take all
Including the Planet we now live upon.
I may be wrong?
But Hey how many share holders are there to satisfy compared to how many people there are?

Power Elite Shit is all about Profit and may the best man win.

How they sell Melbourne?

This is a new Yet to be built housing – apARTment development about 3 miles from where I live.
Welcome to the future.
I see a lot of walls that will need art when its completed " – ))

A Right Royal Bonk is Now in Session I bet. " - ))

I bet they are still @ it " – )) Ahh I watched the BIGGGGGGG Fairy Tale wedding last night just like 2 Billion others did. Wonder what they are up to now?? " – )) Making new Princesss and Princes must be a fun way to do it.…

I guess the whole English Monarchy thing is some fluff that lifts the spirits of the down trodden.
I do hope the Fairy Princess story ends better for this new princess than it did for the dianna one in Paris though.
Some fresh commoner blood into the Royal Mix ?? I guess thats gotta be a good thing.
I do think his brother is from another father though Harry looks nothing like the Royals.
James Hewitt the former Horse keeper was VERY VERY Friendly with Lady DI I think " -))

I do find that Di was killed with a man called Do Di by her side " – )) as a bit weird some people j

Smoking why do we do it? and are Mobiles really Safe?

is it all bad? as beings called souls driving these human organic structures called bodies, we seem to attract to us naturally what we feel we need.
Why we smoke made me wonder.
I did "FIND THIS ":http://www.forces.org/evidence/evid/therap.htm

Doctors used to be used to promote Cigarettes back in the day.
Im just wondering about Mobile phones now
They say there safe ??????
and everyone is now addicted..But the fact is that they are high powered microwave radiation send and recieve devices and we all stick em right next to our brain for hours on end each day ??


Doctors now tell us Mobiles are safe ??
We are Guinea Pigs as mobile phone users..no humans before us had this much radiation stuck next to our brain daily.
and now mobile phones are stripping the whole market away from fixed

Just a Hot Song

Funny how they did this
Its by New Order circa 2006
They used some kids to mime the track

I just get the energy transfer " -)) how a good kick arse beat should sound

They have been @ it even PRE INTERNET

letting banks set interest rates

is like leaving your innocent baby boy with several lacivious preists…

I do believe that we are all quite fucked, as long as bankers rule the purse’s of the workers and the governments elected by the people just stand and watch while greedy profit mongers with shareholders dress up as bankers and then run rough shod over most good things we do as a species and society.
Such old archaic rules we all sit by and watch ruling us.??

Totally past concern now… the same men who ran the worlds financial system into the ground….they are still in control. The levers of political will are tipping in Arabian countries, something has got them feeling its time I guess. While we in the west live to survive what the financial system decide to do with all we all do in hope.
I was on my way to another plan

eon - entelechy

the best word there is.

entelechy [ɛnˈtɛlɪkɪ]
n pl -chies Metaphysics
1. (Philosophy) (in the philosophy of Aristotle) actuality as opposed to potentiality
2. (Philosophy) (in the system of Leibnitz) the soul or principle of perfection of an object or person; a monad or basic constituent
3. (Philosophy) something that contains or realizes a final cause, esp the vital force thought to direct the life of an organism
[from Late Latin entelechia, from Greek entelekheia, from en-2 + telos goal, completion + ekhein to have]

sunday thought candy

Now tell me if Im wrong please.
I got to thinking, where do thoughts come from.
Our thoughts? yours and mine.
I realized there is no thought organ..or is there?
the mind as I see it is like your computer..well yours is like yours..mine is like mine.

But the fact is I worked out that our thoughts come from the same place we did.

They come from nothing..or maybe natural progression makes our thoughts happen.

Like a spark that is bright in silence.
Eureka moments are wonderfull to feel .
Thanks for sharing your visual thoughts and written thoughts.
Its the best part of being on earth I think.
Reading new ideas from all you see and say.

This is interesting. I thought of looking for it after I wondered where thought comes from.


The water of the world it caused what has happened now we will all live in the outcome together

I find the news out of Japan daily is devestating.
Yes the eARTh quake started the recent process of events of disaster in Japan, however water was what made the Tsunami, water is now infected with massive levels of Nuclear radiation. We are made up of atleast 70% water.

its quite something to hear and learn just how much livable water is available to us all .

GOD BLESS THE WATER and may it live past what man made energy building has now led to.
This world is small in relative terms.After Chernoble people and life was effected.
We are now about to see what the effect to life on eARTh really is when you have massive levels of radiation let loose of nuclear radiation ..Its the Plutonium radiation that is an extra concern. We all sure chose an amazing
time for our ride on eARTh Aye?

bigger than usual

Today I faced that wall of pure potential
several years I had been working towards that moment
that appeared in the form of a very very large man
across a desk from me…. he sat.
He had an incling that what I had offered could alter his business
an idea that could and I believe will make a big difference.
What he didnt know was
I had manifested his appearance of my own accord.
I had dreamed that moment in time into reality, through a dogged determination I think.
Was it the prays to a great spirit I feel and assume hears me?
Was it shear guile to attempt to meet with his company.?
Whatever it was, it felt good it felt that RUSH in total silence.
I savoured each and every moment of it
The 2 hours of hyberbally was a shear delight to experience.
information flowed back and forth
lines of intelectual pro…

Let Your Nature be your guide

Take a walk in your nature.
Your native ways.
Spread your awareness into the many hills and valleys of your thoughts
Let your instincts merge with the sky above and the ground below you.
From such a state of complete honesty to yourself
and openness to the all, you will feel who you really are.
The vastness concealed within your jar.…

Go out with your being and all of it’s thoughts into natures garden
Your being will then resonate with the native energies of the all.
Your tasks will come with you they will sit at your feet
and you will see clearly what brings them into your reality.

All you need and must do will lay there also at your feet.
Even what you worry over will come and want to be recognized.
and it will come sit with you they all will, all elements of yourself..

In a relaxed state you will

visually stunning

the Gaga one
Is she the next in a line of madonas and Kylie Minoges chers
she loves the commercial and does it well
I caught this on the plane last night coming back from a day trip I did to Sunny Hot sweaty Queensland " – ))
Quite full on.


Given the current world dilema of Nuclear power generation and its saftey? The technology exists to do it perfectly, for free and with no nuclear disaster effects.

The Silver bullet is outlined within….Its based upon technology devised originally be a genius named Nicola Tesla…The man who gave the world AC power.
When Nicola Tesla died the US Government withdrew all the Patent applications Tesla had in place ..Including the one that dealt with the power transfer capabilities of Radio waves , which by the way was recently noted as being Nicolas Tesla and not Marconi.

Now the US Government is playing with the power that Tesla located. see here for insight



1. My girlfriend always laughs during sex—no matter what she’s reading.Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple Computers)

1. When a man goes on a date, he wonders if he is going to get lucky. A woman already knows….Frederike Ryder…

1. Ah, yes, divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet….Robin Williams1. Women need a reason to have sex Men just need a place.Billy Crystal1. Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships …Sharon Stone1. There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL.Lynn Lavner1. See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time….. Robin Williams1. Sex alleviates tension. Love ca

shame on what they do

America Australia England Holland
protecting the Heroin growers.
heroin winds up on the streets of the world.
whats right ? whats wrong? with this picture.
Prince Charles was checking in.

God to the rich =


@ the moment

@ the moment that we stand before the face of death and see its eyes
Then we will know what our life was all about " – )) each moment makes it real

My Thoughts had a party

Determination had a drink with Persistance
Melencholly did the boogy woogy with anticipation
Bordom did some co caine with exileration
Out on the porch I noticed Sexuality was in
deep discussion with inspiration and the
laughter there was loud.
Deviation was having a great chat with mediaocrity
they figured out that the masses are lulled by
complacency. The party hit a highlight
when casual sex stripped naked for prudish majority
The Booze was going fast.
Expectancy had a ball when the juke box played staying alive
and deep thought did some heavy petting with frivolity
the party went till the wee hours of the morning
we heard the birds awakening as we all fell in a heep
wherever there was room to sleep
anticipation was still doing joints with inspiration and then
arranged breakfast as the munchies ha…

now !

It’s today
It’s eARTh
You are here
I am here
we are all
together " – ))
alive is a
great way to be
dont you think?

Wanna Know the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about Who Really Rules the World?

Consider this Bubble leaks The Wiki version will tell you todays diplomatic gossip which is quite something to read and explore
However The fact is that there is One Family who have set the pace for eARTh.
They have run the banks of Europe since the late 1700’s they have run the finance for each war. They have caused the Jewish State to score Israel.
So if you consider you have a bit of a Rebel calling and you feel there is something Fishy about “How the World is Now Run”…

THIS Article is for you

BTW If you headed up the Most powerful Sect in the World and others from your religion were being persecuted by a mad German who needed Big Bucks..Well by financing Hitler they had all or at least much competition wiped out.
Could a Powerful Jewish Family have been behind Financing Hitler?

You be the

Time and his mistress called fate

Time and his mistress called fate…

Time is a resilient and tender person
Time is married to Destiny
They live in a large city called Survival
When Time first met Destiny they both lived in a town called hope.
They met and the sparks did indeed fly
Affter a brief honymoon they settled into Survival on its fringes
with hope of one day
securing a big home in the centre of town
then they had several children together
Ambition, was their first son
Happiness and Servitude then arrived they became fine examples of young girls
Times father Original thought was proud indeed of his son Time and all that he was accomplishing.
Times mother Wisdom doted over her grand children
Over time the place they lived was put to many tests.
The elected leader mediaocrity ran a shoddy government
It had little consideration

your about to have one ..share if you dare

its just a wonderful juicy word and meaning
your system will send you internally a lasciviouse thought.
I dare you to share it " – ))

but I know you wont ..Lascivious is synonymous with lustful or lewd. In US legal jargon, lascivious is a semi-technical term indicating immoral sexual thoughts or actions.

whats the most lascivious thing in your mind now ???? " – ))

@ your stART

@ your stART… you were a sperm.
a squiggly wiggly little creature as strange as a human can be.
very small and you were caused into being, based on a fundemental
human driver.
Your parents felt passion and probably plenty of love.
Love and many other things that dont always have words.
Then Bingo you arrived on the planet
in your first glorious form
A sperm.
You must have had an ability to swim.
You even had to race with other yet to be born siblings
However it was you.
Your the one that reality wanted here.
so you found your first home, inside an hour of arrival on earth as you.
Well done.…

So yep.
Here you are
a very highly developed sperm
with a full body now even.
I wonder if our soul remains inside that spern shape
the one we all were in our very beginning?

Arnt you glad your parents

we all live on the corner of heaven and eternity

the highways of deep thinking get congested at times
the traffic for sanity is a hobby we all share
taking each turn as we dare to see where the high or low way will take us.
the darkest hours are when the sun burns bright in another part of the sphere
the floating along we only know it ocurs
coz the sun pops itself up in the morning.
each put down makes us understand more of the wall of confusion
some climb the walls that keep them hemmed in
yet there is always more to try us.
childrens laughter at play is a sign there is always a new beginning
whats in a smile? that cant go unnoticed?
the ever present watching of time is a quest we all feel as we share in the deal called simply survival
its with us you know
the energy that grows us
with it we are, as time unfolds and wraps itself around us.

this time this place

humans race…through the reality pace
deep within the thoughts for kin
take up much of what we call our time.…

when weather its fine
we feel the gentle breeze of humanity
and our makers natures way
the fear is there
but some dont care, when all is said and become
we only see what reality allows us.
we dance across time as though its never ending
the clock follows the pace we place upon its face
however its all simply eternal… no day is the same
yet nature knows only the tooing and froing of the dark that turns to day.
the way of all things is never ending.
Bless the nature of all we see
drink in the beauty of the light
give thanks for the rest of the night
its flow will always guide you.

whats best for one is good for the all
when no harm is done.
the test of time is as sublime
as the way we feel our souls t

what will the future look like ?

This one paints an interesting visual.
Fashion Cities?Human rights, Security, warfare, Cyber Crime?
Travel? off planet travel even????
quite a mindful to consider what it will all be like in 100 years. Thats if we dont burn the planet up over the next 50?
The human species, we have been on an amazing journey over the past 200 years.
Stuff happens today that 50 years ago they would have had no inkling of.
The Catholic Church can take the honour of massive population in several Big Countries.
They wanted Church fodder so they seem heaven or hell bent on population growth.
Thats going to need to be addressed, well it needs addressing now I guess.
Tis OK though? The UN will fix it? " – ((…

Funny thing about the word Death I noticed.
Its made up of D EAT h Eating is in the equation of life and

MOTHER NATURE Sure is in a BAD MOOD AYE? " - (((

Poor Christchurch in New Zealand
65 dead and Hundreds unaccounted for. What a Destructive Force laying beneath the ground?????
No politics involved Just Natural Destruction that makes a beautiful Normally quiet place look like a WAR ZONE " – ((

OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM To the “Mother of All Nature”
May she be appeased and calmed again soon…. What with Floods of Biblical proportions in Queensland and across Australia
Cyclones bigger than ever recorded ????
Its all a Bit Wild in Natures Relm in the Southern sphere at the moment.
My deepest sympathy go to the people affected all over ..

when artists are given free rein???? and too much money

A new show is opening in Melbourne
SORRY ..what is the point to art with this subject matter
I mean ???? Will this answer the problems in your life?
will it enlighten you?
There are people with no Homes after Floods and Cyclones in Australia
And arty farty types get big buck art grants to put this up as a deep and meaningfull?
There is something wrong with this picture???

very tasty lamb

Just found this band.
You will see why I like em so much when I pop up a few.
Very Wild Sound and such a voice
has the singer
I had my puter in for head reading.
Alls been fixed and its nice to feel like I’m eon again " – ))
I hope your all well and have been playing nice in the sand pit together?

Introducing LAMB

Happy AUSTRALIA DAY " - ))

A few years back

on this day…
A fellow called James Cook
landed @ a Place he called Botany Bay.
Australia has been here since the begginning of time.
But it was born anew as a British outpost and now it is indeed a country
so full of diversity. We still carry the queen around , or her head at least on most of our money.
But the great southern land is full of many who beat to a different drum.
The first Australians, the Aboriginal peoples have been here for over 40,000 years.
They are a smart and spiritual species of people. The great spirit made some amazing earth here.
Come see it if you live afar. You will never forget the experience.


whats your lucky number?

Mines 277
It pops up on my license , passport
tickets to shows
parking ticks " – ((
Speeding fines.
SOoooooooo many places
It just appears before me.
Ive studied it
One book on numerology I found in my fave New York Book shop
The reborn Pagan in Soho " – ))
Said of 277
Not Always Lucky.
I pondered that.
In a way it says lucky sometimes I guess.
Maybe I just always look for the half full glass " – ))
Oh and I found this on the Tube Last Night
I think Mr. Ferry does it with Style

He always has " – ))
and Phil Manzenera ( The Original Roxy Music Guitarist ) is One of the hottest Guitarists there is . The young guy in the Clip is one Bryan Ferry has applied to his new Album Olypia
which Im off to buy today . Have a great weekend you all " – ))


I always find fashion such an interesting distraction.
Gareth Pugh a strange English Chap seems to always be sussing out the NEW.
He also has fantastic sound sense ’ – )) The sound he uses is from 2020

Do we have a right to know?

The guy may be called many things.
The US would have him drawn and quartered. Thats shop talk for

Should we know whats really going on? or is it better for US bullies to be ruling the world as they please?

Asian Sensuality

There is a full movie on the Tube. I found this clip quite insightfull.
Animae to a new level.
AO Viewing so back to art searching ya go if your under 18 " – ))


i WATCHED Enter through the Gift Shop last night
Its just been released on DVD.
Well worth a Hire.

Here is mr. Brainwash who is basically the star.
Though Banksy at work in the film is such a hoot to watch

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