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Box Hill Sth, Australia

Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...


Always New

Always Fresh
No mater how old your Body may be or Young
You have the Power to keep your Soul Refreshed with Fresh thinking and with new growing attitudes
Sharing Good Vibes and
always seeking them is a great plan for
Long Term survival.
Cleanse your Being with meditation Often.
Find the Time It’s there.

It will make you a stronger being.
I Promise you it’s True

The One Woman I long For NOW !

She is beauty on high manifest
She is wise and joyousness incarnate
She holds my gaze even when I cant see her
She has power of my destiny
She walks and no one can here her enter
Everyman longs for her warmest embrace
She is giver of life
She is maiden of honour
She is every wildest dream come true
Her breath is warmth eternal
and smells of every rose ever born
Her mind is pure bliss and knows everything of all there is.
She is ellusive
She is Unique
She is timeless and complete
She bestows blessings on those she chooses
To feel her love makes so many complete
She is willey and vivacious
Cagey and outrageous
The One I have so often spent days and weeks and months
even my lifetime seeking
with all of my heart and soul as my only guide.
She is the One the only
The Girl the Woman of my dreams.
I love her though o…

imagine your god for a moment

just for a moment
imagine you are god.
how does that feel?
if your an atheist? it may not make sense.
Id love to know what you see as the creative energy that produced reality is if you have a problem with the idea of what god is. but heye different strokes for different folks I guess.
if you are a parent you will understand though.
imagine if their is an energy out there, in you and in everyone else
I call it spirit.
if your dead something is not there.
spirit, your spirit leaves it’s confines within 3 d is how I see it.
if your alive and if anything is alive
I see that as featuring a split of the god thing.
thats to me what life force is.
something arranged all this, is how I see it.
it;s simply so perfectly created, designed or what ever you want to call it.
the level of complexity, for me is stagge…

meaning of self

The Development of the Self…

One of the most important aspects of personal development is the way in which we see ourselves. As a
child grows he becomes aware, through his experiences, initially within the family, and later also
outside in his society, of who and what he is. This realty not only represents his present situation but
also acts as a stepping-stone towards his future development. This of course includes some degree of
self-regard, unless an individual loves himself, he
will feel a basic hostility towards others.

Additionally it has been suggested that there are theoretical
and empirical connections between low self-esteem and depression. ,
some believed that a child is born without a sense of self and that this gradually develops through experiences with parents, siblings,

Your Soul wants you to know.

From deep within you hear me.
I’m your soul.
Yep I’m you. The real you.
You feel like your mind a lot of the time.…

But your not your mind.
Your deeper than that
when you take the time to feel who you really are you will simply know.
Your are not your body or your looks or your age.
you are an eternal energy within a vehicle inside the 3 dimensions that makes up this reality.

Your light and you are made of love.You as a soul are eternal.
Your soul the real you has traversed time and it has been the witness to all you have done.

From in here where you sometimes don’t always listen, your being hums to the rhythm of all that is.

Yes you have endured many many hurts.Yet a greater degree of Joy and happiness has also been there with you.
You know all those things that you often choose to pass over, when

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