The big Five Oh

This Saturday, my family and friends are throwing me a birthday party, to celebrate reaching the Big Five Oh. When asked what sort of theme, I suggested a New Orleans Mardi Gras style party.

Costumes, masks, blues, jazz, bead, colors, music, and fun. I will be bringing my camera along, so should get plenty of great, and happy shots.

As for photography, these photographs were taken by me in our native garden, and very close to home, and during a trip to Pemberton.

Camera repair

Several weeks ago, I had spotted some dust behind my LUMIX FZ30’s lens. I shipped my FZ30 to Authorized Panasonic Repair/Service center. The outcomes would be one of following:…

1: The lens can be cleared of dust, camera re-conditioned and sent back. (About $250AUD)
2: The lens has to be replaced, camera re-conditioned and then sent back. (About $400AUD or more)
3: If #2, would I prefer to have an FZ50, ex-show model, that is still under warranty. FZ30 still returned.

Well, I now have an FZ30 and an FZ50. I have to admit, it is a step in many ways. I can still use the FZ30, but that dust makes auto-focus, especially for macros very dicey. It can be easily used for Non-macro shots (scenics, portraits etc) because I can edit the ‘mote’ out should it appear.

A few of the improvements: I can

It's been a while

Life has a way of making time slide by fast.

After getting a “No Name” telephoto lens, and having unfocused images, chromatic abberrations, and other problems, I decided to bite the bullet, and get the proper Lumix OEM Telephoto lens.

Let it suffice to say I have been mentally kicking myself for not doing it sooner, and trying to save some money. On the other hand, the price of it was over twice what I paid to get it now. So, I guess things balance out.

I like to cook

And I photography, so I have been doing food photography

All the food items have actually come from my own kitchen, carefully prepared by me, and then set up for photos.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Getting the lighting right, getting close enough to get details, making sure there are no stray crumbs to detract, and subject doesn’t go flat or stale, not to mention having a curious pet popping his nose over the edge of a table, can get really frustrating.

As frustrating as it is, I enjoy it. My only problem is keeping the hungry hordes (husband, son, son’s friends) out of my kitchen/shooting area until I am done.

My I.P.A. Website

It’s gone ‘live’. And I have linked it back to RedBubble to boot!

I like that can make galleries of some of my best (and favorite) works as slide shows. It’s been a while since I have designed and developed a webpage, I had almost forgotten how. :)

Joined the I.P.A.

After doing some serious research, and tons of reading, I thought it would be a good move.

Lights, Camera, Still Shots and Action

Just the ‘prototype’ webpage, a little more than a place holder, and I have already added a gallery of some of my photographs.

Felt pretty chuffed when one of the people who is involved with the IPA checked out my YouTube montage of Australian scenery, and told me they were great.

Art Show Results

I didn’t win, but it got an honorable mention on “Alien Offering” from Richard K. Morgan’s reaction to it. He said it amazed and disturbed him as it clearly showed the ‘contact’ that was the convention theme. But he didn’t know if the gift was a good thing or not.

Then I explained to him that when the art was registered for the show, there was a glitch and the description was removed from the entry forms the show printed out. “Alien Offering” A gift or the destruction of mankind. When I told him that, he said I nailed it perfectly. He really liked it, so I offered to sign it, and give it to him. He gleefully said yes.

On the road again

Hubby and I are heading to points south, destination Albany (Australia, not New York!) Cameras and gear packed. Remote shutter release for my Canon is missing, but I have the wireless one. It just needs a battery.

Get out there again

It’s been a rough year at the homestead, but now that things have settled down, we have made plans for trips to all points North, East and South.

We will be going to Albany, Cervantes, and maybe back out to Victoria. Not all at once, and probably not in that order. I have been feeling a bit stymied from the lack of doing anything significant photography, other the the recent Skyworks.

Feels good to have new plans. Might have to get a 2nd "I’m a local photographer, not a tourist’ shirt. :)

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