My artwork in print

I had the opportunity to see what my artwork looks like printed. Not my photographs, but the digital artwork.

Oh my. The Japanese Vase leaps out of the page, with color and depth. The “I’m Not a Morning Critter” (butterfly holding a coffee cup) looks realistic, yet coffee cup? The beach scene, the Celtic spirals, all of it floored me. I am always doubtful of anything I do, and seeing my work, solid and real, amazed me

Girlish Squeeing

I can say without a doubt I am not a spokesperson for TwistedBrush. But I do like the program much better than others I have tried.

Enough of the preamble.

I have sold artworks (two Mounted and Framed prints of Seed of Life, and three T-shirts with Time of the Month) I created with TwistedBrush , thereby being able to purchase it.

No more having to look at the countdown of how many days left. And I know I am supporting an excellent piece of software.

Pardon me for squeeing.

I think I'm just about done

Crying that is.

After the two hiccups I was having with my computer, I followed the Micro$oft’s tech support and web advice on how to ‘fix’ the problem. Well, it got fixed. The computer kept rebooting over and over and over, not stop cycle.

So, I followed the instructions how to repair windows. Instead of XP repairing damaged or corrupt files, it formatted the harddrive, wiping everything. I lost everything. All my recent paintings, sketches, fractals, generated arts, all.

The only things that didn’t get purged were finished works that were saved to external harddrive, but all works in progress are gone. The only saving grace was I had a full system back up that I made 7 months ago.

I actually feel quite ill about this, and heartbroken

Now this is what I call a great review.

I sent a copy of the Kandyse McClure digital portrait to her listed contact. I was very wowed to have gotten this reply.

*Dear Sandra,

Thanks so much for the hard work you have obviouly put into the portrait. I forwarded it to Kandyse who also loved it.

If you would like a signed photo from Kandyse, please send me your name and address.

Best wishes

Louise M
The Kandyse McClure Team*

I still have a grin on my face. :D

Show and It Tells

I showed some of my digital painting work (mango madness, Dancer, Kandyse McClure, Jewel Stait, etc) to someone who knows the difference between using automated filters, and digital paint work, including the individual layers of painting, and the step by step methods used, including adding more to the artwork than was in the original photograph used for reference…

R said he couldn’t understand why someone would mistake or claim the painted ones were art filter constructs, unless they were totally unfamiliar with the differences in the techniques or process. I felt vindicated, as someone accused me of doing just that.

I have never had any problem listing a photo manipulation as such (Assassins Guild series, The Stage is Set Taiko Drums etc) and was very upset at being lied about, and false

A serious WTF??!! moment yesterday

I was going through some photographs I had taken, doing the usual edit logos out, cropping, and all was going quite well. I ported image over to another program that has this great “Removed purple fringe” tool, and anyone who has had back lit digital photos knows about this. All was ok, right until I tried to go back into my “Illustrations and Drawings” subfolder only to be told it didn’t exist.

I checked the directory where it was a sub directory and it wasn’ t there. Thinking I had accidentally done a drag and drop and moved the directory, I did a CTRL Z on the desktop. Nope, not there. I did a search.. again, negative results. Panic is starting to set in. I used Iolo “Search and Recover” and nothing. No no no no no…

So, tried different file recovery program, and lo behold, I

Well, had to do it

Because of someone’s shenanigans, I have had to change the watermark method. I found out someone was ‘helping’ his/herself to the large view of my pics and using them without permission. Not happy about have watermark in the center of an image, but it seems having it on the bottom corner didn’t stop above mentioned person.



I have a feeling I will probably be giving them a miss for a while. Too often I see entries that aren’t what the criteria has been listed.…

Example, there was a macro challenge, and someone submitted a photo of a building. That would only be a macro if the photographer had used the HUBBLE.

Another one, self portrait , and it clearly stated YOU have to take photograph of yourself, that it can’t be taken by someone. Some of the submissions don’t even have anyone in them, and others are obviously taken by someone else.

Too often I get frustrated at good entries being buried by submissions that are no where near what the criteria listed. Trying to wade through over 300 photographs and if many of them have nothing to do with the subject at hand, looking for images that do gets tiring and time

Isn't this the way?

The first beautiful sunny day in a few weeks, so I packed up a camera, hopped on my e-scooter, and headed out. Paid a few bills, and headed back to the park.

For a long time, I have wanted to get photographs of the magpies, corellas, and the gallahs that are always hanging out in the park on days like this.

Batteries charged: check
Camera lens clean: check
Flash card in : check
Look for birds……. Look for birds…? Where the hell <i>are</i> they?

Yup, no birds to be seen anywhere, no dogs/people/vehicles to have scared them off. Just not there.


Candid shots aren't easy to get

Today, I was walking around Fremantle, doing the weekly ‘pillage’ (aka grocery shopping) with my camera slung over my neck. (I almost never go anywhere without at least one camera).…

What’s difficult is having to skulk unobtrusively, without looking like you are skulking around, because when anyone sees a camera, they either stiffen up, or start mugging at the camera.

I had a great shot lined up, a woman with two grocery bags, talking on her cell phone. Then someone who I wasn’t taking a photograph of started acting like a buffoon at me&camera, causing the woman to look around to see what and why. She sees me, and the fake smile and pose ensued.

I glared at the person who ruined the shot, and he asked “Want to take my picture?”
I just tilted my head and gave him the “You are joking” look,

Fever dreams becoming reality

The past few days, I have been ill. Bad cold, or a flu, who knows. Either way, my brain is running off on odd tangents.

Instead of curling up and sleeping through it, I have decided to work with it. Was amazed at I came up with.

Ok.. what gives

The “Give us a Hug” challenge.

After the announcement that I had won I used Firefox Scrapbook to capture the #1 entry after voting had closed.

Cuddle Time

Just on the offhand, when I was checking to see if the awful voting method had been fixed, I checked the Give Us A Hug Challenge.


No, I am not belittling the other guys work. I voted for his, but something isn’t right. The ‘new’ winner even congratulated me on winning the challenge.

Golden Orchid, finished

(click on thumbnail for full sized)

I decided to add fronds and tall grasses as background instead of fence and shed. Also cleaned up a lot of the lines and curves.

Overall, very satisfied with first serious attempt with digital artwork.

Work with the Wacom Bamboo

This is the photograph used for reference.

I did a rough draft to give me some idea of how the program worked.

I then filled in some details, giving it a more natural appearance. I think the weeds really added the right touch.

Then I filled in the bottom with the same shade of grey as above, but laid in ‘weathered logs’, with weeds poking through parts of it. Also added more gravel and pebbles for a more natural look.

It’s not quite finished, as I am trying to figure out the right way to add the blurred for being out of focus fence and shed.

Software used “TwistedBrush Pro”.

Tools vs toys

Yesterday, I saw someone selling Bamboo Fun, Medium sized for an extremely reasonable price. After months of frustration with my old Graphire 3, I decided to get one. Got it home, uninstalled the Graphire, installed the Bamboo.…

Turns out I was right, there was something not quite right between the Graphire and my main computer. I am beginning to wonder if my purchase curse had struck when I got the Graphire (no matter what I get, if I select it from the shelf/group/display, the first one is always faulty. Friends and family thought this was a joke until they saw it in action.) but I had medical issues that kept me from using it (eye infection, and two months after that, spinal problem).

Probably, but either way it’s been resolved. So, I played around with the Bamboo, to get familiar with

Maybe I should have just kept it to myself?

There is someone on RedBubble who is posting a whole bunch of photographs that belong to other people as ‘his work’. He doesn’t appear to have them up for sale, but still, they do NOT belong to him.

I have reported the infringement to RB weeks ago, but all the ones I gave links to the legal owners of the photographs are still there. I did a quick web-search just using a descriptors, and guess what? I found every one of ‘his’ photos belong to different people.

"McGuyvering" equipment

I have been trying to get some macro photographs of Kuchi jewelry. The issue I had was indoor lighting. Even when using a flash I was having iffy results at best. The problem I was having was too much lighting on the top of the items, not enough at the bottom.…

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but not wanting to throw in the towel is the grand daddy of improvisation.

Since I wasn’t getting even lighting, I needed something to diffuse it. I spotted a piece of matte white cardboard, funnily enough, that came from the inside of a picture frame. I folded it, and fitted it to the flash. I used a snagless hair tie to hold it in place.

That helped, a lot, but I still wasn’t getting enough light on the bottom of the item, so again Gran’pa Improv clicked, and I put a small piece of m

When activities collide

One of my other passions (besides photography, and teaching ATS) is archery. Every Sunday I go to where my archery club shoots. I have been waiting and plotting, and waiting some more. I Have been taking ‘candid’ photographs of the archers on the line, behind the line, and at the the target butts.

The biggest problem I had were the young archers, 10 to 14 yrs old. They would see a camera and start acting and hamming it up for the camera. Those pictures get purged.

But occasionally, the perfect non-posed for shots present themselves, and I get them.

Hoping to get photographs of the compound bow shooters next time.

Test shots with MonoPod

And I was surprised at what a difference it makes.

This picture is of a street map I have on my wall. Taken with the 10x Close up lens filter hand held camera, about .5 cm from the map surface.

This was taken of the same map, same distance, same equipment but using the monopod.

The difference is startling.

New 'toy'

I got a monopod. I have found lugging and setting up a tripod can sometimes take too long, and it’s just heavy (side effect of getting a very stable and sturdy tripod). I know it will give me extra stability for those outdoor shots when my legs aren’t quite as steady as I would like.

Groups becoming cliques?

Now, I can understand that not all see things the same way I do, as it’s subjective. It’s the way of the world.

That being said,
I submitted something to a sport group that was an archery version, macro close up of the Fletched and Nocked ends of the arrows, of other already accepted items in the group, macros of baseballs or baseball glove. The macro of the glove is given a thumbs up, but the macro of the arrows wasn’t? I checked the rules and guidelines, and my submission was dead on. This isn’t the first time either.

Why is a someone diving into a pool or a drawing of a surfer given a pass, but a group of surfers paddling out to catch a wave isn’t?

Why is generic rock climbing gear ok, but generic compound bow sight being adjusted isn’t?

Autumn weather

The past few weeks, we have been having some very dynamic weather. I took three photographs of incoming storms. I used the ‘new’ Canon 300D’ for the shots. So far, I have found the a better outdoor camera for me to use, than as an indoor camera. It’s a case of still learning to using it.

As amazing as the shots came out, I really don’t suggest doing what I did. Standing outdoors, facing rolling thunder in the sky. Yes, I tried for a lightning strike photograph, but it wasn’t to be.

Loki the Boneless

Friends and family know I always have a camera ‘at the ready’ at all times, just in case the right moment arrives for taking a photograph.

I was walking through the all, and spotted Loki sleeping. While that in itself isn’t unusual, his sleeping position was.

I present the “Neck-Twist-Face-Plant” position

No, this isn’t doctored. But it is weird. When the flash went off, he unfolded, and even though I know he doesn’t speak English, I said “Damn, you are one boneless cat!”

Results of my first 'public' art show

All three of my “Assassins’ Guild” series sold, as did “Crystal Conjunction”. Someone who was a guest at the writers’ convention voiced how much he liked the dragon goblet photograph ended up having it gifted to him, signed by the ‘artist’.

After the art show, I was approached and asked for another set of the Assassins Guild. Will have to get them printed out and mailed off to the buyer this weekend.

My first 'public' art show/sale

Those who ‘know’ me here, know I was away last Easter about this time. When I came back, I had said I was at a writers Convention (SwanCon). Well, I am at that convention again, but this time, I entered the art show.

Three of my Assassin’s Guild: series, and two of my “experiments in shadows and candlelight.”

All three of the Guild photographs have been bid on, and I have definite interest in the “Crystal Alignment”

There is a world of difference between selling your art here, or on other stock photo sites, and putting your face out there, where people actually know you. I had butterflies the size of pteradons. Part of me still thinks my stuff is ‘meh’, but hubby says I am way too critical of myself.

Photography supplies

I have had this idea in my head for a photographic piece. I finally remembered to ask Kevin of the Komputer store if he had some items that I needed. He did. I have them. I need a few other things to make this idea become a warped reality.

Curious yet?

What I have been doing lately

What I like about RedBubble is we aren’t restricted to ‘just photographs’. I have been drawing pictures, taking photographs, and using some of my graphic programs, and image editing on them. You could say I am finally putting those programs to work for a change.

Photograph, edited to wanted image, saved as bitmap, ported into a glyph creation program, and then ported into my own created font group. I have liked the end results, to the point my poor hubby is worried I am going to get one of each shirt and ‘break the bank’ getting my own creations. chuckle

T-shirt design

I have been working on T-Shirt designs, and am pleased with the outcome for the most part.

The lastest one, “Diana Hunting With Wolf” was a serious effort. Photographing object, and then working with it, until all background was carefully painted out (since it was a silver/metallic object, ‘color replacement’ wouldn’t work,.) and then changed to be a transparent black, and transparent white. Two days of effort, and very nitpicky editing.

It surpassed my expectations.

Stock Photo sales vs "Artistic" photo sales

One of the main reasons I started a Redbubble account, is one of the stock photo sites where I do have a good sales record, would send me what is probably the nicest rejection letter ever written.

We regret to inform you that photo gate in disrepair was unfortunately not accepted. The photographs in the our database are intended for sale as illustration of brochures, magazines, websites, and presentations.
Your photographic and artistic work is remarkable but this type of image is not appropriate for our customers. Your photograph would be emphasized better in an artistic database.

That being said, I do like that I am able to put the more ‘artisitc’ works here, and even some pics that were for family or friends to order prints . Plus there is more interaction and community here.

New camera

Well, not brand new, but new to me. I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D. It’s firmware has been adjusted to allow for higher ISO.

After a bit of experimentation, and getting accustomed to the new settings, I got a perfect shot.

I wanted to get something that had a lot of different textures and colors. I am very pleased with the results.

It's 5am... do you know what your cat wants?

Loki was politely insistent. Nudge, nuzzle, purrrrrrrr. Then he carefully minced down the side of the bed, over to hubby’s side, and I heard sleepy murmurs and could feel the rhythm of Loki getting pets from him. Then, Loki went down his side of the bed, came back up to me, nudge nuzzle PURRRR, and he climbed on my pillow then laid down…. for about 1 minute.…

Again, minced down my side of the bed, past my feet, over to hubby. More murmuring (‘sleep kitty’ was distinctly heard by me). Then he came back around to my side, draped himself over my lower leg and started licking my foot. A quiet ‘eep’ escaped from me. Back up to hubby’s side of the bed.. for about a minute. Then he once again came back to my side, tiptoed up to me and snogged my face, and did the same thing he did to me that c

Plans for 2008

Hubby told me he will be taking some time off, and we can take trip down to Albany. I plan to be loaded up with cameras, laptops, and SD/Flash cards. I have gotten so many positive comments on the video photo essays I posted on YouTube, that I feel confident of doing more. I want different subject matter, as I want to keep it fresh, not repetitive.

I still want to go to Cervantes to see the Pinnacles.

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