It's better to ask forgiveness than permission

I am getting a ‘new’ camera.…

•EOS Digital Rebel (300D) w/ Wasia hack (can do ISO 3200, MLU, etc.)
•BG-E1 battery grip with two BP511A batteries
•EF-S 18-55mm kit lens
•Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 XR Di lens
•RC-1 wireless remote, and cable remote
•Promaster 512mb CF card (I will be replacing this with a 4 gig)

Yes, I know it’s an entry level digital SLR, but I got it for specific purpose. I love my Lumix FZ30, as you can tell from my photo gallery, it takes fabulous photographs. I had been considering getting the FZ50, but after many weeks of research, and several visits to DPReview, I nixed that idea. If you have never used the FZ30, the FZ50 is fine.

However, if you have used the FZ30, the 50 is just different, not necessarily better. It has a ‘feature’ on it that unless they release a firmware up

I have been 'playing'

For the most part, I used Photoshop to correct scratches, ‘embiggen’ some shots, and digital noise on my photographs.

Today, I have decided to break free, and to play with some of the other built in Photoshop tools.

Results may vary, contents sold by weight not volume.. (joking here)

A time given to heal

Almost 2 years ago, I had a 20+ year old injury catch up with me. Motorcycle accident, damaged disc in lower back. Over 20 yrs it calcified, and finally collapsed. I was lucky in a way. It could have landed me in a wheelchair, but as the fortunes had it a partial disc removal, and an implant have kept me on my feet. It’s been a long hard recovery. From assistance to walk from room to room, to heavily leaning on a cane, seemingly endless hours of rehab, to a slow unassisted walk, to walking almost normally with only the slightest of limps (if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t notice it)…

At first, the renewed serious interest in photography was way to prevent me from going stir crazy. Prior to the collapse I had been taking my old Kodak digital camera out and about. A friend saw some of my

Plans for tomorrow

Planning, weather permitting, to go to archery club. I need to get some tight mental focusing time, and this is a great way to do so.

I shoot barebow Hunnish and Scythian Horsebows, and barebow recurve target bow. I don’t normally compete, not because I can’t (as I proved the one time I did compete at our archery club) because I don’t choose to. It is a contest within myself to improve, not put check marks on a piece of paper to compare to others.

Hoping to get myself centered and grounded.


I like it when cards get sold. A friend of mine got some and when they arrived at her house, she said they were too nice to be used.

I took that as a compliment. :)


I love them. I have had family and friends request to have one made up, selecting which photographs for which month. I think it’s a great way to showcase ones work. :)

Life intrudes

I have been way to absent due to life and life issues intruding. Father-in-law had surgery for a tumor in June. It has come back with a vengeance and brought two friends with it. We are all a bit umm, scattered with worry.

Trying Adobe Lightroom

After a long conversation with a good friend, I decided to download an trial run Adobe Lightroom. I watched the flash demonstration on the Adobe site, and saw that it had many tools that would be extremely useful for me.

So, I used it on one of my favorite pictures, “Medieval Nights”. I like this photograph, but I wanted to do something more with it, so I imported it into Lightroom. After a few minor lighting adjustments, use of the leveling tool, and a crop, I have a result that went beyond my expectations. Medieval Nights 2.

I will try it out on some of my landscape photographs, and will take some others, deliberately not leveling the horizon, to see just how good this program is. If I like the results, I see it becoming a permanent addition to my photo/image editing software.

Why I like taking pictures of Loki

For one thing, he is adorable, and seems to pose for the camera, more often than not.…

But the main reason is his unique coloring. He is such an unusually vividly marked silver tabby, that his colors seem ‘grey scaled’ or color denatured in many of the photographs I take of him. This unique coloring makes him stand out in just about every environment he is in; whether indoors or outdoors.

Getting the lighting right with him, so his colors don’t appear blanched or bleached is tricky, but the end result is well worth it.

I do sometimes digitally manipulate the photographs to add more depth to them, or just to make them a bit more interesting. His coloring seem to suit an ‘oil painting’ manipulation very nicely.

The biggest reason… I am grateful that he is still here with me. (leans over an

PaintShop Pro X2

I decided to give it a whirl, and was rather surprised at how good it was. It loads quite a bit faster than PhotoShop, and has features that rival PhotoShop. I wanted to try it for one reason… “Purple Fringe removal” tool. In outdoor back lit subjects, I have had issues with that purple ‘halo’, and in one easy step, it was removed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

It also can handle RAW format, which is a huge bonus.

Now, if I could get PhotoShop to breed with PaintShop, I would be able to use just one program. chuckle

Sorry about lack of activity

I have been floored with a nifty virus that my hubby brought home from work. First him, then me. Still on the ill side here, but didn’t want people to think I was ignoring. Not that rude. I have asked hubby next time he brings something home from the office, make it flowers or chocolates.

I managed to go through pictures of the family of Willy Wagtails. Small birds are such a tricky, but photographing them to teach patience.

Photographing fast moving birds

I have a large-ish group of New Holland Honey Eaters living in my back yard. They are so fast that at least 80% of the shots are bare trees, because the bird vacated just as I pressed shutter button. Of the remaining 20% over half of them are blurry. Of what is left, I have them from the back or there is an object in the way of most of them (wind can be a pain).…

I found a rather novel way of getting the honey eaters to come out and stay out so I can get some good shots of them.

We have a triffid, errr bougainvillea in our back yard. There are at least 4 baby/juvenile honey eaters nesting in there, with the entire flock caring for them. I bring Loki out, on his harness, and tie him off where he can hear them,and sort of see them, and it makes the adults come out and try to distract us

Sky painted sunset yesterday

And I took a few pics. Storm clouds to the east, with a blazing sunset to the west made for exceptional colors. What I didn’t expect was just how steady I had held the camera. In the “A Triple Stack of Clouds” I thought I had gotten a bird in the picture, and paid it no mind.

Upon closer (full sized) inspection turns out it’s a airplane, and the carrier is identifiable! :) Not clear enough to id the pilot though. chuckle

Loki's gets to visit Doctor Mike again!

A quick stop in at South Street Vet Clinic , for a quick exam. It’s all good, so it seems. The fracture is healed, and ‘stable’, and is weight bearing without pain. The fluid build up was less than half the amount of last weeks, and is totally clear, no sign of infection or bleeding. His leg is sore now because of the exam after the fluid was drained.

Loki and his primary care Vet, Doctor Michael Miller. Hubby says that Loki is the Ian Thorpe of cats (paw size)

Not too happy. I am betting he is thinking “If I was 20lbs heavier I would KEEEEL you for this indignant handling of me!”

Moon picture

I tried to use the telephoto lens yesterday, but there was just enough of a breeze to make every shot taken with it blurry. So, I ‘resorted’ to using the highest level of zoom. It’s a bit more forgiving than a telephoto lens. ;)

Another camera

As much as I enjoy working with my ‘pro-gear’, there are times when lugging the backpack with lenses, tripod, filters etc is just not feasible. So I got Pentax SV. It’s technically a 5 megapixel, but I can boost the size to 10 megapixels without sacrificing photo quality.

Read the manual (yes, I actually do read the manual) and got some helpful hints from Jean, my neighbor, who has the earlier version of this camera. After familiarising myself with the workings, I tried it out. It’s nice. :) Definitely worth keeping and using on a regular basis. The Super Macro feature alone makes it worthwhile.

RAW format instead of JPG

Re-read the chapter in PhotoShop for dummies about the good reasons to use RAW format. The only things I don’t like about using RAW, is that they do take longer to save, meaning ‘action shots’ aren’t a viable option, and you get fewer photographs saved to the SD card. I guess that means I will have to stock up on SD cards. ;)

So, I worked with the RAW format photographs. And I have to say, once I got over my nervousness and trepidation, I found I had more control and more options.

i do so love learning new things. :)

Devoted pet owner?

Loki likes to snuggle with his head on my shoulder just under my jaw. When he was itty bitty, this was no problem. He has gotten longer and heavier, and holding him up like that gets the biceps complaining after 20 minutes. Did I mention how much he likes to snuggle?…

Since keeping his activity level as low as possible is one of the key things to let the leg finish healing and stopping the seroma from building up (it’s due to irritation of the tissues because of the scarring. It should stop… sooner or later) I had to come up with a way to keep him content and still.

So, I rummaged through my trunk of fabric, found a rectangle of panne velvet, and made a ‘kitten sling’ to wear. He comes up for his snuggle, I pull one of the sides of the sling up and over him, and he rests there for 20 mins

When life gives you lemons

As the adage goes, you make lemonade.

Has been rainy, cloudy, stormy the past several days, not much for inspiring creativity, or so I thought.

I looked out the window of my lounge, and saw a rainbow arc. It happened again the following day.

I see a rainbow series coming up.

In a little under 3 hrs

It will be the anniversary of something that should never have happened. 3000 people die due to maniacal fundamentalism.

Take the time, light a candle, or say a prayer for those who have died.

Hopefully last trip to the vet for a while

Loki went to see the vet on Saturday for a follow xray and exam. THe good news is the fracture healed to the point the pins in the femur could be removed. The poor mite was just getting the fur back on his leg, and now it’s been shaved off again.…

He was a little hyper yesterday, and of course over did it a bit, but has learned. I think it was due to just the pure joy of not being confined to one small room, and a pet carrier. He has been allowed to wander around the house. His biting hard enough to draw blood has stopped. He is returning back to the snuggly purring kitten he was before he got hurt. He will have to be kept indoors for at least 2 weeks, but not confined to one room.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes. It helped me through the nail biting a

'Nuther Loki update

Didn’t mention it yesterday, as I figured people were tired of hearing of my ‘Loki woes’.

Loki was holding his leg up off the floor, and hopping around three legged. :/ I have no clue what happened. He was sleeping on the futon, got up, and was lame.

I personally think the sudden cold wet weather, and the seroma was causing him some misery. That and his leaping on the door in protest of being locked up in one room. He also hadn’t finished his ’medicated with anti-inflammatory yogurt. Which might have contributed. I kept him in the pet carrier most of the day yesterday.

He seems to be back to his healing self. The seroma has even gone down.

No joy

Not only cloudy, but now it’s raining. I do see ruddy red clouds to the east, and I hear a lot of charter choppers and planes going overhead (betting people paid to get unimpeded view).

I will keep checking, but from what I can see (I do have an almost unimpeded view) it’s clouds and rain from horizon to horizon.


Here's hoping for clear skies tonight... for a little while

Total lunar eclipse tonight. The moon will be in full eclipse when it rises here in Perth. We will get to see it come out of eclipse over a period of almost three hours.

I hope we have a bit of a break in the weather, but not holding my breath. But I will be prepared. I have camera battery on charge, SD card ready, telephoto lens out, tripod at the ready.

I would love to get a photograph of the blood red moon while it’s still in full eclipse.

A great reason to manipulate an image

I got a great shot of Loki. He had been allowed out of ‘confinement’ for a carefully supervised jaunt around the house.…

He started getting a bit overzealous in his appreciation of the furlough, and started trying to run amok. He knew I was coming to get him, and hopped up on a low table. It was too good a shot to miss, so I fetched camera, and as luck would have it he hadn’t moved. (probably testament to how much the walk about tired him). Took a great picture of him.

I noticed something when looking at the photograph. The regrowing fur was obviously thin. But it was too good a picture to toss. So, I ran it through one of my graphics programs and used an oil painting texture on the picture, and then adjusted the lighter colors of the regrowth area. It ‘corrected’ the problem with the th

Getting itchy feet errr shutter finger?

I have been wanting to go out and about with camera/equipment at hand for some photography. But until a small silver tabby convalescent can be left to wander in the house without worrying bout him hurting his leg, I will have to put it off. sigh It’s a production worthy of DeMille for me just to run to the post office to mail something off to a good friend in the US.

Loki's follow up vet visit

The little mite is healing nicely. The stitches were removed, and leg examined. Dr M is very pleased with the results. I pointed out that the injured leg/knee sits higher when he is in ‘eating position’, and Dr M said that was ok, it’s more than likely muscle stiffness and will work its’ way out after the pins are removed. That will happen, barring any incidents, two weeks from tomorrow.

I got feedback about the cards!

A friend of mine who answered the ‘tin cup’ request of Loki card sales was very impressed with the quality of the cards. She said they arrived neatly packaged, and they are thick sturdy cards with envelopes, or as she said
2 cards with kitty pics by the famed kitty photographer Sandra Chung.
And they are THICK and on the back there is a thumbnail of the artwork, the name of the photo and artist and website)
THEN your name and your website and two envelopeslikeanyoneisgoingtousethem.

Loki update

He is healing.. had a bit of an ick last week, but it was an expected ick. Won’t go into details.

He keeps pushing himself as he is young kitten and has little or no sense. He isn’t taking well to being confined to a small room, or in pet carrier if he gets too hyper. It’s been a helluva chore keeping him calm and quiet. I have had little or no real rest, as someone has to be in the ‘confinement’ area with him overnight.

He goes back to the vet tomorrow for follow up check. Don’t expect any bad news there.

Alas, he has become a fashion victim

Poor thing.. having to wear a miniature lamp shade to stop him from chewing on his stitches. The only reason he looks so relaxed is he is still under sedation.

I will take it off once in a while, and if he gets the idea that chewing on stitches means walking around like a satellite dish it can stay off.

Round two at the vet

During the 10 minutes it takes me to clean up the ‘kitty confinement’ area, Loki managed to run out, and pop the surgical wound open. sigh He is back at the vet’s getting stitched up.

My thanks to those who

Purchased “Alert” (two of them), “Top of the World”, “Laid Back” and “Play WIth Me” cards, and “is this how they get fluffy?” laminated print.

The funds have been given to South Street Vets. :)

Loki is enjoying his pain medications, I think.

Operation DOWN KITTY!

Loki is home. He isn’t too happy with being confined to one small room, but it’s for his own safety. To make things easier on him, we got him a “Pet Down”, comfy pad that will be soft and slowly warms to body temperature.

According to Vet Assistant Jarrad, everyone had a cuddle with Loki. And if I didn’t want him anymore, there were 5 people willing. Nah, he be mine.

I just hope this forced confinement doesn’t change his disposition.

He doesn’t like me too much right now.

He finally gave up and slept.

My thanks

To the two people who purchased “Alert” card and “Is this how they get fluffy?” laminated print.

The proceeds I get will go to Loki’s vet bill.

The distal femur fracture

Loki, post op, in recovery.

Pics courtesy of Loki’s vet, Doctor Michael Miller.

I am still asking that if anyone knows of someone who would like to get a cute card,
“please send them to Loki pictures here ":

All “Loki” tagged items will have their proceeds used for Loki’s vet surgery costs and recovery.

After the xrays and talk with the vet

I will be getting copy of the xrays.…

What has happened to Loki is a ‘rotated fracture of the distal femur growth plate’. Unfortunately, it can’t just be left alone to heal on its’ own as it’s got his knee cap on it too. It has to be rotated back to it’s original position, and pinned to the femur. It’s because of the growth plate. If that isn’t reattached, Loki’s leg will not grow for one thing, the other is there is that the fractured part is free floating. Vet did try to manipulate it into place for a possible soft splinted cast, but it didn’t work.

The goodish news is Loki is young and will heal fast, and worst case scenario is he might have a slight limp, but with being young he will adapt to it. Vet expects full recovery.

The bill… It’s going to be close to 2k. :/ Hubby made ‘jokes

Just got off the phone with the vet

Loki’s leg is badly broken, just above the patella, on the lower end of the femur at the growth plate. I will be going down to look at the xrays, but I already know what has to be done. The leg needs to be pinned. What I am worried about now is husband will say no, because of the cost, and want to have him put down.

I have to figure out what I have I can sell if needs be. I can’t lose another pet this soon.

Loki is hurt :(

As much as I have been trying to keep Loki off the neighbors’ roof, he keeps scooting up the tree, and leaping to the roof.

This time, a pair of wagtails decided to tag team him. He rolled and fell off their roof into their yard, and landed hard his side. Keito took this time to protect him. I got Robin, other neighbors son from next door, and had him hand Loki up to me. He is hurt. Don’t know (and won’t know for a while) just how badly he is hurt. He is at the Vet’s, waiting to get a general anesthetic so he can be Xrayed.

I am hoping it’s either a dislocated hip, or soft tissue damage. :(

Oh why can't it just be point and shoot?

Can’t always keep as steady as I want when taking a hand held shot, as the camera with bounce flash is of a goodly weight. Also, the slightest breeze moving my subject causing the smallest of movements, causes the image to be blurry. Auto focus doesn’t work too well with macro (4x or higher) photography.

I have been doing some reading. Seems what I could use is called a “macro focusing rail”. Since the best way to get the object focused is to move closer or further away from the subject, this bit of hardware will incorporate the steadiness of a tripod mounted camera with moving towards or away from the subject. This will also work when using Telephoto lenses.

The hunt is on.

Job of a different sort

I was asked by a adult education teacher to design a 10 week course on “Introduction to Digital Photography” for local college. My biggest problem will be to not overwhelm with too many tech terms that a beginner, but to keep it interesting and yes amusing enough to engage the students.

I have an outline,and am building it from there.

Just re-calibrated my monitor

And I seem to have lucked out on the photographs not being too dark. I will be going through some of the ones I have put up here and make sure they aren’t too dark. The thing is, they look fine printed out, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone?

edit: I did luck out.. the images are fine in the portfolio. Whew. I’m not lazy, but I didn’t relish the idea of having to ‘fix’ that many pictures!


After reading about 1/3 of the CS2/Digital Photography for Dummies, I have gotten some great advice, and suggestions. I ended up getting the Noise Ninja plugin for Photoshop, seeing as I like doing low light compositions.

I used Noise Ninja on one of my ‘Silver Tabby Kitten’ pictures, and it fixed the problem with a shirt being all speckled due to noise.

Turns out I have been going in the right direction with my camera usage and settings. But there were some things and issues I was having that have now been cleared up and well explained.

Got some reading to do

My book arrived. Photoshop CS2 and Digital Photography for dummies. I do have the manual for camera, and have tried to make use of the Photoshop tools and instructions, but sometimes, the tech language gets a bit … useless. Considering my computer and tech background, this might seem like a funny statement, but hey, even technogeeks get tired of it.

So, dusting off my reading glasses, and settling down for some good reading.

As with submitting manuscripts

One must submit photographs to more than ‘judge’.

I had submitted some photographs to a stock photo site, BS, and most of them were rejected. What I called ‘depth of field’ they kept calling blurry, or grainy, even though the subject was crystal clear and sharp.. Every rejection I got from BS, I could feel myself slouch more and more, thinking that maybe the pictures well and truly sucked.

Then a week later, I get several emails from FT stock photo sales, and all of them are accepted, and commented on by the staff as exemplary work. I started sitting up a bit straighter, and feeling a bit more secure in my ability to take decent photographs.

And I have sold three of my photographs at FT. So, I guess I am doing something right.

I should have known

I did a few shots of some crystaline objects, and I should have known I was rushing. I decided to reshoot the geode without a curious Loki constantly interrupting, hence why I was hurrying. I think I will leave the first geode shot up, though, as a lesson to myself on why it’s not a good idea to hurry.

Processing photographs

I rather like RedBubble offering printing optuion of photographs to canvas. I really do. I has ‘allowed’ me to process some of my photographs with Fine Arts – Oil Painting texture. There are some of my photographs I would myself prefer to be printed out on a large canvas, and I am planning on doing just that. :)

Micro (very micro) Rant

I have this pattern of shadow and light I have been trying to photograph… emphasis on ‘trying’. I can’t seem to reproduce it on camera the way my eyes see it. After several dozen shots, with different settings I have reached frustration point, and wisely put camera, tripod and rest of equipment away, and have snugged down with a fresh cup of coffee.


But no need to duck and cover.

My FX filters arrived today, along with my macro filters. As luck would have it, no photography outdoors today, as the weather has turned windy, with imminent rain. (sigh)

I will probably drag out some interesting items in the house to use for photographic subject.

I need to use some dumbbells

Oy, I didn’t take into account just how heavy my camera would be with telephoto lens. Add the flash and I need to get to a gym and do some heavy muscle building.

I know I can and will be using my tripod, but there are some shots in which that just won’t work.

Selective deletions

I have been going though the photos I had saved to SD card or to the hard drive, realising that the amount I was keeping was getting out of hand, and have been brutal in deleting pictures. I have kept only the best, and the rest have been consigned to the ether, so to speak.

I do keep the ‘family photos’. There would me much pouting if I didn’t.

The bits and pieces keep rolling in

Now I have my remote shutter control, USB cable, and bounce flash. Since SD cards do have a finite insertion life, being able to read the images directly from the camera will extend that. The remote shutter control I used for the I will Keeeel You Now so I could get that ‘glaring up at me look’, rather than the looking into the camera.…

I tried out the bounce flash, and what a difference it made. The onboard flash is ok, but there is nothing better than having an alternate light source to brighten images without leaving harsh shadows, and without blanching the colors.

All that is left to wait for is filters set… and a new telephoto lens. Mine met with a slight accident due to an overly helpful hubby. I was taking the camera down, and he just didn’t listen when I said “No, dear, I can do

Inventing words can be fun.

Acrocatics: noun, plural of acrocatic.

Spectacular, showy, or startling performance, or demonstration involving great agility or complex gyrations a kitten makes when he is fitted for his first collar with bell and id tag.

Unsatisfying session

Had some great ideas. Loaded up camera, macro lens, and filters, spare battery and headed out. I wanted to get some up close photos of wattle tree coming into full bloom. It was dead calm when I started packing my gear, and guess what? Constant strong breezes kicked in (and no, it wasn’t the Fremantle Doctor). Was tempted to hack some blossoms off and bring them indoors, but that would have defeated the bright sunshine shots I was trying for.

Consoled myself with a close up picture of Loki.

The Zen is upon me again

I had been walking past our water feature for years. It was originally set up as a watering station for our cat, Affy, who refused to drink from a standing bowl of water. After he disappeared (sad sigh) I came close to taking it down and putting it away.

I didn’t, but only kept the water level up. I walked by it and really looked at it. I decided it would be a good subject, and a fitting tribute to our MIA Affy.

Need some info about PhotoShop CS2 vs CS3

Is it worth the price to upgrade from my old CS2 to CS3? Is there anything new and useful about it, or is it just user interface just dressed up a bit more? Or are there real advantages to hauling my old version up to the newer.

I am a firm believer of “If’n it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”.

I am not so stubborn as to not look for information

I am doing ok with digital photography, and am doing more with PhotoShop lately too. (I have 4 different graphics programs for various reasons, because one will have a feature the others don’t)

So I put a crow bar into the wallet (again), and got a Photoshop CS and Digital Photography for Dummies book.

It worked for my astronomy (that is another story) for pretty sure I will get some good tips, and information.

Muse of creativity

I typically use my photo editing software for viewing, resizing and correcting small flaws. I have decided to put both of the ones I use through their paces.

I don’t want to go overboard, but I have been having good results experimenting with the kaleidescope function on selected photographs. It’s amazing… they either come out gobsmacking beautiful, or bleh. I posted the best results, and deleted the blehs. (No, not begging for comments on them, just tellin’ it like it is.)


How to 'recycle' photographs

I have been getting brave, and using Photoshop for more than removing unflattering shadows across a smile that makes it look like the persons’ teeth are missing, or editing out copyrighted logos.

I have been using to to process and recreate images from not-quite-right photographs: ones that have a bit graininess, or a bit of noise, ones that are just a bit too fuzzy from camera not being held steady, or from getting jostled, and other such reasons.

I will make sure I don’t get sloppy and shrug off mistakes by thinking “I’ll revamp them in photoshop”, and keep the images sharp and colorful. But now I have an alternative to deleting images that are good, just not quite perfect.

Trial and error part 2

I like gathering like objects of different shapes and colors, and making a ‘collage’ of them. I have been working with blades and swords, and there has been more error than trial. If I use the flash, it monochromes the blades. If I don’t use the flash, I get graininess, regardless of the shutter speed.

I might wait for a good spate of weather and take them to the beach for more light, so I don’t have to use the flash.

Stay Tuned. }sigh{

After only 5 days

Keito and Loki are behaving as if they had been together for ages. Keito, the one on the left, still goes to the drive way, watching and waiting for Affy, but at least he has been snapped out of his moping/mourning.

Here they are snugging up for company and warmth.

A new addition

We have a new purr-ball. A 12 week old silver tabby male kitten. He is right now sleeping with Keito, my previously apathetic because Affy disappeared cat, in the other room. They have both been making playful overtures to each other. I have passed flyers out all over the neighborhood with Affy’s picture, with a huge REWARD notice (the text is huge, not the reward) and am still holding out hope that he will be found.

If or when he comes ambling up the driveway, and gives me ‘cattitude’ about the new kitten, tough cookies, kitty. It’s what he gets for going AWOL.

It's been almost a week now

Affy is still missing. Have looked around, and nothing. It’s as if he just vanished. Keito is showing signs of anxiety: he chewed his collar off and to bits, gnawed on a towel, ate string (that was fun getting out of his mouth and throat), gnawed on a wooden chopstick, and started in on chewing a wire (quick stop to that). Keito doesn’t know how to be alone, and it’s showing. He went from litter of kittens, to Affy. He keeps sitting at the top of the drive way and just stares and looks.

To be honest, I know how he feels.

Went to the park

Partly to go get a few shots, and some experimentation with telephoto/.wide angle lenses. Also to look for Affy. He has been missing for 4 days now. We haven’t gotten any phone calls, as he has id tag with phone number on it, so we are holding out hope that he will come home.

Odds and ends

The two extra batteries have arrived. No more having it go flat right in the middle of a good shoot.…

So, I am looking at my photography camera kit. I got a cloth/sports cosmetic case, and added extra foam padding under the liner and the bottom panel. Telephoto lens, wide angle lens, lens adapter ring, filters, lens cleaning kit, tripod, and one rubber glove.

It seems the the adapter ring is a bit too thin for me to get a good grip on it to remove it. So, one dishwashing/cleaning rubber glove fixed that problem, as it grips the thin edge just enough for me to unscrew it.

Now, just will hope for a good spate of weather to head out and about.

On a small worrisome aside, Affy, the Jungle Cat, has gone AWOL. It’s not the first time he has gone missing, but he is old, and we are worried. Here’

Full Moon in Night sky shot

I am getting the hang of using the telephoto lens. It’s amazing how the smallest micro-tremor makes any image blurry. Didn’t help when my furry companion ’Keito" decided that stropping himself on the tripod legs would be fun.

I had a bit of achromatic aberration, and am in search of a violet filter for the camera. Or try to find information if one of the filters in the lens kit will work (UV/FD/Polarising). I have tried to find information as to whether one of those would work or not but nothing. Could be I not typing in the right words for a google search. Until then, I will have to manually remove the aberrations. Not difficult, just fiddly.

Went and spoke to my 'photography adviser'.

I told him what I was trying to photograph and with what. First thing he told me was I had chosen the hardest things to first try to photograph with telephoto lens… the moon. He gave me some good tutoring, and agreed when I told him I had to ditch the flimsy tripod and get a more sturdy, steady one. I have it now. :) Learned much, and will put what I have learned to good use…. but not right now. I’m quite tired.

They have arrived.

Today, much to my surprise, the lens kit I ordered arrived. I squeed with kind of gushy girlie joy, then got down to the business of checking the items out.

O.O Oh my… I tried out the 3x Telephoto, just focusing on things, and was amazed (and a bit sore at myself for not getting it sooner for Comet McNaught). The wide angle w/macro. :o

Need to get to the beach to test the filters.

The little tripod included with the kit.. I snickered. It’s so small my camera would squish it. But as my friend said “Real shutterbugs hold their cameras.” (with the exception of long exposure/timed shots)

More gleeful noises ensue.

Still waiting, and preparing

I have found I learn more by mistakes than by perfect results first time. Take Cyrstals by Candlelight. The night time ones were an exercise in patience and small adjustments. One of the adjustments looks great because I moved the camera on the tripod while shutter was open, giving the images ‘tracers’ of light. Might set up and do something like that deliberately in the near future.

Minor disaster

I have been burning my photographs to a re-writable DVD. Now one of them from the 5 pack I bought was glitchy, had a sector error and wouldn’t format. Ok, fine, the next one worked just fine. Until about the third time I viewed the pictures. A mess of corrupted data.

I have managed to use a disc utility to recover most of the files from the harddrive. The ones I lost though.. :-/

Jumping right in, and obligatory first post

Yeah, what to say. I have enjoyed photography for many years, more than just catching snapshots at family gatherings or snowfalls.

Today,I decided to bite th bullet and get 3x /w macro telephoto and wide angle lenses, and UV/FD/Polarising filters I have really appreciated the comments I have gotten, and the advice (thank you, whirligig) Will have to wait a few weeks for delivery, but I am patient… just wait until I post some of my wildlife pictures. They are the epitome of being patient.

Now some might notice some ‘misspellings’ in my descriptions, but to me it’s not misspelling, as I am a US transplant, so forgive my color/neighbor/honor spellings. ;)

Again, thanks for the comments, viewings and advice. Hope to have some images that inspire.

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