Roughly Speaking and stuff

Well I’ve got a ‘real’ job now as a Graphic Designer so I’ve been very busy. I’m hoping to upload some new stuff soon, so come back and visit please :) While you’re there, buy something, I need to eat this week ……..


Roughly Speaking # I forget

So I’ve not been around much lately. I’m working every weekend now for the local newspaper as a photojournalist. I’ve learned so much in the last few months it’s incredible.

I’m also doing plenty of teaching at the local Neighbourhood house and am enjoying that immensely.

I will upload some stuff when our computer gets back online … c’mon Mr RD …

Love you all … still and always x x x


Today I received my ‘In The Moment’ book. Number 51. It’s awesome for want of a better word. I love the way it’s been layed out and how every writing is formatted differently … so well done Red Bubble. I’m very impressed.

The only thing I regret is that I only bought one.


:) x

I've dropped my prices!

And re-arranged my porfolio. So now it’s easier to navigate. I’ve added better tags and removed a whole lot of stuff that wasn’t really up to par if you know what I mean.

So go forth and purchase … :D… we need emots

x x x

Roughly Speaking 18

After much consideration, I have removed 10 pages of my artwork. I felt that it was way too crowded with mediocre pieces and I will try to keep it down to 3 pages.

My apologies to any who had favoured some of my stuff that I have deleted.

:) x

Home Page - Striking!

I clicked on the home page at 12:04am Melbourne time and WOW … totally love the whole look of that one. The colours and shapes and all are just fab!

Just felt like mentioning it :)



Time to backup your work!

I just did mine. I thought I’d remind you all so you don’t lose your precious thousands of hours of blood, sweat, tears and art.


Love you all on RB

The Boss called

And he said …

“I just called to congratulate you on fantastic work, you got front page and back page. The pool shot was superb and the cricket shot excellent.”

:) The pool shot I set up with a bunch of teenagers jumping in backwards with arms and legs all out and silly faces. The cricket shot is one I’ve been trying to get for a long time … a stump by the wicket keeper. And I got a great one! Woohoo!

Thanks all my fans … ha ha ha

Roughly Speaking 17

I love my job. Totally love it.…

I had a shoulder decompression on December 13 2007. I wasn’t anticipating getting back to work until at least the middle/end of February.

I spent almost 3 weeks in Adelaide recuperating at my Mum’s house .. eat drink rest eat drink rest etc …

Get back home and the boss rings … can you use your arm yet?

Sure boss … what do you need?

So I"m back into it.

Today a big huge old gum tree fell apart. It’s one of those rather significant trees that the Aborigines used in their corrabories (spell that for me). Get a photo of that he says.

So off I trot, all eager and stuff. I spoke to the gentlemen who lives accross the road and he warned me that there was a very large swarm of very very angry bees that lived in that tree and their hive is now all over the plac

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