Tel Aviv memorabilia

A new Tel Aviv memorabilia and a full house of merchandise items with the most colorful Tel Aviv photoset is now available. i love Tel Aviv or as some even say “i love TLV” has become a great sticker for those love fun, humor in a super live and vivid city.…

Tel Aviv T shirts, leggings, tank tops, throw pillows, shower curtains, bed covers, pouches, travel mugs, iPhone cases, beach towels, chic summer bags, hoodies, pullovers, long sleeve T-Shirts, postcards, spiral notebooks and much more. This is the largest offering of Tel Aviv memorabilia with the most stunning and colorful set of the city scenes.

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When Unicorns Meet Cyber Teams

Although it may sound a bit imaginary, the situation of prehistoric mythological unicorns rendezvous with cyber security futuristic teams is not imaginary anymore. These days we’ve just been notified about “ForeScout” – one more cyber security Israeli company who had joined the exclusive club of technology unicorns that crossed the one billion dollar valuation mark.…

For Israel, a country with a population of eight million people, equivalent to New York city eight million population this is an outstanding achievement. The extremely entrepreneurial culture that’s present in Tel Aviv can not be denied. With more than thousand new startups founded each year, Israel’s startup nation has produced fantastic sources of innovation and world class technology companies.

Post acquisitions, Tel Aviv

spectacular Tel Aviv and Israel

When looking to see the legendary beauty of the Israel with all its history, sometimes it is a real challenge to find some good memorable frames that catch the moment.

according to the latest article “Ron Shoshani” is one of the best who know to photograph Tel Aviv, completely art, surrealistic, no words for it. Tel Aviv throughout his photos is the most beautiful city of world.

hanukkah, a festival of lights extravaganza

Hanukkah – the holiday known as the festival of lights is an eight day holiday related to the holy temple in Jerusalem at the time of the maccabean revolt of the 2nd century BCE.

Hanukkah is being celebrated by the kindling of the lights of a nine branched Menorah or Hanukiah, one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final nigh

Hanukkah is a spiritual holiday, it reminds us to see the light, and every day we see more and more light, and this reminds me of photography. Photography is actually the art of light. Its the capability and understanding of light, the amount of light, the lack of light and the direction that it flows.

happy Hanukkah, and all the love,


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Chicago, New york, Toronto, Sydney, Seattle - which city has the best skyline?

i’m always being asked by friends the same question: Which city in the world has the best and winning skyline ?…

From photography point of view, everyone would agree that Manhattan in New York has the most sexy and beautiful city skyline. It is beautiful as if one is entering a toy shop. On the hand, some modern cities like Seattle, Chicago, Toronto or even Sydney – all these cities have a very memorable eye candy skyline both in daylight or at night time.

My city, Tel Aviv is a rather new city, around 100 years old only. Its has a mix a new and old. A few skyscrapers mixed with houses of almost 100 years. The result is therefore not a super fashioned city, but rather a romantic one. It would never look like Manhattan, New York, but it is loved.

Tel Aviv skyline photos and more from Israe

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